Saturday, 6 July 2013

WATCH: Reporter Shot In The Head In Egypt


BBC reporter Jeremy Bowen was shot in the head and leg on Friday while covering the violence in Egypt.
Bowen, the organization's Middle East editor, was at a demonstration which saw the Egyptian military kill a protester when it opened fire on the crowd.
Bowen was hit in the head, just above his left ear, and in his leg by some shotgun pellets. He said the wounds were superficial.
The BBC posted dramatic footage of Bowen wearing a gas mask with blood running down his face. "Democracy Now" correspondent Sharif Kouddous also tweeted the following image:
Bowen told the Daily Mirror, "I've been in a lot of hairy situations as a reporter over many years but I have

EGYPT ON EDGE: Coptic Christian Priest Shot Dead... Wave Of Violence Kills 36... ElBaradei Named Interim Prime Minister...

CAIRO, July 6 (Reuters) - Gunmen shot dead a Coptic Christian priest in Egypt's lawless Northern Sinai on Saturday in what could be the first sectarian attack since the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, security sources said.

The priest, Mina Aboud Sharween, was attacked in the early afternoon while walking in the Masaeed area in El Arish. The shooting in the coastal city was one of several attacks believed to be by Islamist insurgents that included firing at four military checkpoints in the region, the sources said.

Saturday's attacks on checkpoints took place in al-Mahajer and al-Safaa in Rafah, as well as Sheikh Zuwaid

Plane Crash Lands At San Francisco International Airport in the USA

SAN FRANCISCO — An Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea, crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, forcing passengers to jump down the emergency inflatable slides to safety. It was not immediately known whether there were any injuries.
Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown said Flight 214 crashed while landing on runway 28 left at 11:26 PDT.
A video clip posted to YouTube showed smoke coming from a jet on the tarmac. Passengers could be seen jumping down the emergency slides.
Television footage showed the top of the fuselage was burned away and the entire tail was gone. One engine appeared to have broken away. Pieces of the tail were strewn about the runway. Emergency responders

Brazilian Referee Beheaded By Fans For Killing Player!

There were absolutely horrific scenes at an amateur football match in Brazil when spectators lynched a referee and put his head on a stake after he had killed a player. The barely believable incident happened in Maranhao, Brazil, last Sunday.

According to reports in Brazil, referee Otavio Jordao da Silva (20) fatally stabbed footballer Josenir dos Santos Abreu (30) during a heated moment of a match.
Santos Abreu is believed to have argued and then struck the referee after being unhappy with a decision.
It is believed the referee was carrying a knife throughout the match and fatally stabbed the player in retaliation.
Santos Abreu was rushed to hospital but died from injuries on the way.
Outraged by the incident, some spectators then apparently decided to inflict a gruesome revenge on the

Placenta Buyers Offer Mothers As Much As N2.5million Per Placenta

“Madam, I can help you raise money to pay your hospital bill, if you can give me your placenta.” This was the statement of a middle aged man identified as Segun who specialises in buying and selling of placenta.

It was part of a conversation between Segun and a woman, Mrs. Chidera Okereke who was recently delivered of a bouncing baby boy in a hospital located in Mafoluku area of Lagos State.

Investigations by Saturday Sun reveal that the trend which has been going on as secret deals between sellers and buyers is however assumed an alarming

Gov. Amaechi Fulfills His Promise, Hands Over $100,000 To OJB Jezreel

OJB Jezreel
There are unconfirmed reports that the embattled governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has handed over his pledge of $100,000 to the treatment of popular music producer, OJB Jezreel who is suffering from a kidney condition.

According to reports from an online new platform, the publisher of MetroNews online, Femi Davies who started the initiative with artiste, Jazzman Olofin,

How I Smuggled Amaechi Into Abuja In The Night & Made Him Governor ––Nyesom Wike Speaks

For Governor Chibuike Amaechi and his former boy, Minister of State for Education Nyesom Wike, the die is cast at last. It is time to bare all and go for the kill.
As Wike spoke to Saturday Sun, he spared no word or effort in his vitriolic attack on his political boss who he has been in a running battle with him in the past months.

You and Amaechi had been allies, how and when did things get this bad between you?
I had wanted and avoided in the past to comment on the matter between His Excellency, Governor Chibuike Amaechi and I. I never wanted to make it a press matter. But I have held on for long to the extent that facts

30 killed in school attack in Nigeria's Yobe State

Islamic extremists killed 29 students and an English teacher Mohammed Musa, who was shot in the chest.POTISKUM, Nigeria (AP) — Islamic militants attacked a boarding school in northeast Nigeria before dawn Saturday, killing 29 students and one teacher. Some of the pupils were burned alive in the latest school attack blamed on a radical terror group, survivors said.

Parents screamed in anguish as they tried to identify the charred and gunshot victims.
Farmer Malam Abdullahi found the bodies of two of his sons, a 10-year-old shot in the back as he apparently tried to run away, and a 12-year-old shot in the chest.
"That's it, I'm taking my other boys out of school," he told The Associated Press as he wept over the two

"How Is Your Díck Hanging" - 100-Years-Old Great-Grandmother Asked [Funny Video]

Watch as a great-grandmother talks about d¡cK with a presenter while giving interview on her 100th birthday. 

She opened the interview with "How is your d¡cK hanging", Watch the Video below:

52 Years Old Virgin, Susan Boyle Wants A Man

Famous singer, Susan Boyle, who shot to fame in 2009 when she displayed great musical gifts in Britain's Got Talent reality TV Show, has just finished filming her scenes in her first movie as an actress.

The Christmas Candle, where she played the role of a wife and had her first ever deep kiss. The 52yr old Boyle, who has been medically certified a virgin, told a reporter for The Sun Newspaper of Scotland a few hours ago that she

Pastor Chris Okotie Finds Love Again With A Young Damsel?

I hear Pastor Chris Okotie is set to give marriage another try, and in his usual style the handsome preacher has found love in another beautiful but much younger damsel, who is based in Lagos.

Sources say her name is Delphine but she is not a member of his church. She worships in "a popular church here in Lagos" and it appears Pastor Okotie just bought her a car as special gift. Or did he give her the car he collected back from his ex-wife, Stephanie Henshaw?

WE'LL TAKE HIM! Venezuela President, Nicolás Maduro Offers Edward Snowden Asylum

CARACAS, July 5 (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offered asylum to former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden on Friday in defiance of Washington, which is demanding his arrest for divulging details of secret U.S. spy programs.
"In the name of America's dignity ... I have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to Edward Snowden," Maduro told a military parade marking Venezuela's independence day.
"He is a young man who has told the truth, in the spirit of rebellion, about the United States spying on the whole world." The 30-year-old former National Security Agency contractor is believed to be holed up in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo international airport.
Russian officials have kept Snowden at arm's length since he landed from Hong Kong on June 23,

Mandela Family Feud: My Brother “Impregnated” My Wife

A grave-digging dispute has added to the bitter family feuding, over sex, money and power, among Nelson Mandela’s heirs which has set South Africans on edge as the anti-apartheid icon lies critically ill in hospital.
The Nobel peace laureate is famous the world over for spending 27 years in jail and then reconciling with his white oppressors after he became the nation’s first black president.
But as the 94-year-old Mandela fights for his life, a legal battle among feuding relatives over his eventual resting place has descended into a messy public soap opera.
Mandela’s three deceased children were reburied Thursday after 15 family members, including his three daughters and wife Graca Machel, won an urgent court order against Mandela’s oldest grandson, Mandla.
The family said the 39-year-old Mandla, who is the clan’s traditional chief had moved the remains from

Governor Amaechi is Free To Quit PDP –Presidency

The Presidency on Friday said Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, was free to resign from the Peoples Democratic Party, if he was no longer ready to respect President Goodluck Jonathan and the leadership of the party.
PDP leaders in Rivers State led by Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike, and a former governor of the state, Dr. Peter Odili, had met with President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa, where they tabled the governor’s alleged offences.
At the meeting, Jonathan said disregard for party rules by public officers elected on the party’s platform should not be tolerated.
The governor is currently under suspension for alleged disobedience of the Rivers State PDP’s directive to reinstate the chairman and executive of Obio/Akpor Local Government. He was also suspended for running

PHOTO: Conjoined Twins Born To Jobless Couple


What should have been a moment of joy for a jobless couple, Mr. Elisha Bassey and his wife, Patience, turned to sadness when a set of conjoined twins was born to the family on Tuesday. The 32-year-old resident of the Federal Capital Teritory, Abuja, who is from Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, and his 30-year-old wife, are currently at a loss.
The conjoined twins were delivered at about 7 pm on July 2, 3013 at LUNA Hospital in Gwarinpa, Abuja.
Bassey said, “The babies are joined from the stomach and chest down. They have three legs joined together, one liver, one kidney and one intestine.”
Ironically, the scan that was conducted didn’t reveal that it was conjoined twins.
When our correspondent visited the hospital on Friday evening, the issue was being discussed in hushed

Why I Did Not Promote Myself To General As Nigeria’s Head Of State — Buhari


A former Head of State, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) has given insight into why he remained a Major General rather than promote himself to the rank of full General while he reigned as Nigeria’s Head of State between December 31, 1983 and August 27, 1985. Speaking in Zaria on Friday at the presentation of the books, “Nigerian Military in Politics, 1966-2011″ and “Politics of Transition to Civil Rule In Nigeria”, Mr. Buhari said rather than promote himself after getting to power,  he was more concerned with how to rebuild Nigeria and enthrone a regime of justice , accountability and transparency.
He said he also believed the fact that his colleagues in the military asked him to lead the country did not make him the overall general of the armed forces.
“It was the conviction of our regime that, being the Head of State and Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, it does not mean that you are the overall General,” Mr. Buhari, who spoke on military incursion in

17-Year-Old Boy Rapes His 4-Year-Old Sister After Watching online Porn

A teenage boy who sexually abused his little sister while babysitting had been watching online porn.
The 17-year-old repeatedly seriously abused the four-year-old child until the victim eventually told their mother what he had been doing.

She reported her son to the police and when interviewed the boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted his behaviour had been 'disgusting and loathsome'.
Sentencing the youth, who is now 18, to three and a half years detention Judge Mark Brown described him as an intelligent young man who had known what he was doing was wrong.
He said: 'I am told you had been watching pornographic films.
'It is clear from what you said to police that you knew you had abused your sister and you appreciated that

FUNNY PHOTOS: See What This Girl Did To Herself Because Of Free Booze

Nothing is really free, especially when you consider its impact. This is a clear lesson! Another pix below:

How This Beautiful Yoruba Actress Begged For Food On The Streets Of London

Nigerian-born radio presenter at Sky UK and Ireland, Abike Ade, in this interview, speaks on issues relating to her acting career, broadcasting, her late husband and other personal issues that many don't know.

Although her situation is better now, below is what she told Punch about her sad past:

How has it been working as a broadcaster in the United Kingdom?
It’s been very very challenging.

How challenging? What kind of stress you go through?
The challenges vary. It starts from building one’s image, keeping it up and getting better and better on a daily

I Don't Use Charms On Ladies But I Handle Them Well In Bed ––Cripple Opens Up

Pedro Ken Ogbebor, alias New Yorker is a 46yrs old cripple, residing by the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium Benin City. He is one person that his disability had never hindered from embarking on any mission. Although he has not been to America before, his American accent gave him the name, New Yorker.

Even as a cripple, he is popular and loved by many including women...
Saturday Vanguard spoke with this father of three whose wife abandoned few months ago on why he is a fan of beautiful ladies despite his disability. This encounter was quite revealing. Excerpts:

Why do you bear the name New Yorker when you’re not from New York?
I started answering New Yorker when a friend of mine bought me a new bike. Then, a plane was flying above us at the same time, so we just said this is our plane flying to New York. So when I left there, I wrote New Yorker at

Actor Desmond Elliot Goes Bald Overnight [PHOTOS]

Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot has joined the growing list of actors who have had their hairs scraped for a movie role. The handsome dude was turned into a papilo overnight to fit into a specific role.
See photos of how he used to look before the scraping and now below:

Photos from Nigeria's first Garden and Flower show..

Didn't get a chance to attend the first ever Garden and Flower Show in Nigeria? It held at the Banquet Hall of Oriental Hotel Lagos and had flower lovers and enthusiasts in attendance. Exhibitors had flowers and potted plants for sale and ornaments to match. It was a lovely laid back, fun and classy evening hosted by WJSeries and the Garden and Flower Club of Nigeria.

See more photos from the event below:

Edward Snowden Places 6 More Asylum Applications

Secret-spilling website WikiLeaks says NSA leaker Edward Snowden has put in asylum applications to six new countries as his effort to find refuge from American prosecution falters.
Snowden is believed to be stuck in a Moscow airport transit area and has already sought asylum from more than 20 countries, including Venezuela and Ecuador. Many have since turned him down.
President Barack Obama has publicly displayed a relaxed attitude toward the leaker's movements, but the drama surrounding the flight of Bolivian President Evo Morales — whose plane was abruptly rerouted to Austria over suspicions Snowden was aboard — suggests that pressure is being applied

Death by Facebook: Cynthia Osokogu Murderers' Trial Stalled

Fiday, July 5,2013 -- The abscense of the trial judge, Olabisi Akinlade, stalled the trial of Cynthia Osokogu's alleged murderers. Mrs Akinlade was "indisposed," according to the court registrar's words. The case was adjourned until September 20 for a 'trial-within-trial'. reminds that the late 24-year-old Ms. Osokogu 24 was drugged and subsequently murdered in a hotel room in July 2012 in Festac, Lagos. The suspects, Okwumo Nwabufor and Olisaeloka Ezike, are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, murder itself, and felony.
A post-mortem examination has shown that the deceased died from asphyxia (absence of oxygen supply to the body). Seven witnesses have testified in the ongoing trial.
Several others also stand trial for being involved in the events that led to tragedy. A pharmacist Osita

Rihanna once again shades the heck out of Chris Brown

On Thursday, Chris Brown Tweeted a list of artists who appear on his new album X and Rihanna's  name was on the list. Chris should probably have checked with Rihanna before he Tweeted @her cos Rihanna was having none of that. The following day, she posted something on instagram. Check on it after the cut...

We can’t continue to graduate unemployable students — ASUU

NATIONAL President of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Dr. Nasir Issa-Fagee, has said that the Nigerian universities will not continue to churn out unemployable graduates because of lack of training facilities in the institutions.

The ASUU President, who spoke to Saturday Vanguard in Abuja, said that though the strike affected both parents and students, there was the need for sacrifice by all the stakeholders in order to ensure that Nigerian graduates competed with their peers in other parts of the world.

He noted that the agreement which the union entered into with the federal government in 2009 was due for review in June 20th, 2012, regretting that many years after the agreement, it had not been substantially implemented. Declaring the indefinite strike as total, the ASUU President said that though the strike had

Cheating Signs: 10 Classic Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating on You

When it comes to your partner cheating, I don't believe there are any definitive clues. He could be working late, or he could be cheating late. He could be dressing up for you -- or his mistress. That's what makes this type of thing so confusing and hurtful. When you trust your spouse, you trust his explanations. But there are always certain things that get our antennae up. They don't seem to change much over the years, though with the advent of technology, those little hints now seem to involve a lot more cellphones and social media and a lot less lipstick on the collar (unless you're President Obama). Here are 10 classic signs your guy (or your woman) might be cheating.

1. He starts dressing better. According to divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe, this is still a sign you should look out for. Did he suddenly morph from flannel and dirty boots to smart suits and shiny loafers? I'd add in

FUNNY VIDEO: Mission Impossible, Now Starring Babies...........


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Enjoy these babies doing whatever it takes to escape the cribs and gates that hold them captive. But where are they trying to go? We couldn't say... Perhaps there are some sweets involved.

Egypt Clashes Turn Violent Days After Army Takes Over

CAIRO -- Enraged Islamists pushed back Friday against the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi, as tens of thousands of his supporters took to the streets vowing to win his reinstatement and clashed with their opponent in violence that killed 30 and wounded more than 200 nationwide.
In a battle on a bridge over the Nile River in Cairo, gunfire rang out and flames leaped from a burning car as the rival camps threw volleys of stones and fireworks at each other. Military armored vehicles raced across the bridge in a counterattack on Morsi's supporters.
The clashes accelerated after four supporters of the president were killed when troops opened fire on their rally – and after a dramatic appearance by the supreme leader of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. He defiantly proclaimed that his followers would not give up street action until the return of the president, swept out of

Friday, 5 July 2013

HISTORY: Oba Of Lagos Visits Oba Of Benin [Photos]

From Left: Oba, Erediauwa I, Oba Rilwan Akinlolu
The Oba of Lagos recently paid visit to the Oba of Benin, There is something great about to happen.See More Photos Below...

Meet 16-year-old Canadian-Nigerian Girl Who Created Beat for Jay-Z’s New Album

Ebony Oshunrinde, a 16-year old Canadian-Nigerian girl, known as WondaGurl, has been listed in the credits for Jay-Zs new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.
Ebony, who resides in Brampton, southern Ontario, was credited for the track ‘Crown’.
“It’s a really good feeling. I want to show young people that they can do it. Anybody can be successful. It doesn’t matter where you’re from” the elated beat maker expressed her delight on being featured by one of the greatest rapper in the world.
The teenage self-taught producer is reported to have started making her own beats after watching a video showing Jay-Z and mega producer Timbaland working in the studio together on the album.

Woman, 43, Tossed Out Of Swimming Pool Over Small Buttocks

Woman, 43, went to the Water Park with her niece and nephew, when two teenage employees approached her and told her to put on shorts because her bottoms were too small.
A supervisor of the Adventure Oasis Water Park ordered Madelyn Sheaffer to cover up or leave the park.
“I just felt like I was singled out,” Sheaffer told KSHB-TV. “I felt like it was both age and body discrimination and I felt like I could look around me and I could see a handful of other girls half my age, wearing the same size swimming suit and not being singled out and told to put on clothes or

10 Tips on How to Become More Attractive to Women

10 Tips on How to Become More Attractive to Women 
When it comes to dating, the odds are often stacked against you. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to even them and give yourself an edge. Be proactive and follow these 10 steps to make yourself more attractive to women.
1. Be a Gentleman
Make no mistake – it’s still important to be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead; it’s just on life support, with a few broken ribs and a bruised ego. But if you want to stand out to women and gain a good reputation in the process, there’s no better way than by being a gentleman.
2. Get a Girl Interested in You
Unfortunately, it takes more than a little manscaping and a lack of man boobs to pique a girl’s interest.

WATCH: US President Barrack Obama shows his dance Moves


President Obama visited Tanzania on the final leg of his Africa trip and couldn't help showing off a few moves at a welcoming festival. 

The Amaechi Vs All Saga Continues: Odili Joins Jonathan To Fight Amaechi

It is clear that the BIG enemy that PDP wants to bring down at all cost is Governor Rotimi Amaechi.
But one man that observed is now part of the anti-Amaechi group of “hungry” politicians is Peter Odili, who lost his bid to become Nigeria’s President and also lost out in the battle of who to be made Vice President to late President Umaru Yar’Adua.
Odili is back! This time he is joining President Goodluck Jonathan to fight Amaech. But since he had once claimed to have reconciled with Amaechi many would have thought that he would at least remain neutral in the unfolding political battle between Rivers State and Abuja politicians.
Funny enough, Odili sat next to a man that was a local dude while he was governor Rivers State, when they visited President Jonathan in Aso Rock on Thursday, all in a bid to appear “loyal”. What a

Chika Ike rocks her short hair in new Photos (LOOK)

The Refugee ambassador, bussiness woman and actress rocked her new look in a photoshoot for fashion magazine, Fun & Fashion magazine. See more photos below:

Kanye West's Yeezus album makes the history books

Kanye West's new album Yeezus made history this week but not in a good least not in a way Kanye would have liked! :-)

The album holds the crown for the fourth biggest drop in second week sales for a #1 debut album since Sound Scan started keeping track in 1991.

Kanye released the new album with no pre-sales, no singles and no videos. And even though it debuted at No.1 with 327,000 in sales, it quickly slipped to No.3 the following week, falling by 80%. 

What is wrong with this Photo?

That is Burna Boy and Timaya...haha! Cute!

Former NFL Player Confronted By Son He Left Behind (VIDEO)

Photo - Former NFL Player Confronted By Son He Left Behind

Aveion Cason Sr. is a former NFL running back who spent nine seasons playing with the pros. Despite the rarity of his football success, Cason grew up experiencing a much more common epidemic faced by boys across the nation: He is a fatherless son. Yet when Cason had a son of his own, Aveion Jr., the former NFL player was absent in his child's life as well, continuing the fatherless-son cycle.
Scroll down for video...
Though Cason, whose NFL teams included the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, recently reentered Aveion Jr.'s life, both still harbor strong emotions about growing up fatherless, something they open up about on "Oprah's Lifeclass" with Iyanla Vanzant.
"I grew up without a father," Cason says. "I feel resentment with my father coming up because he's never

Paul Okoye finally accepts baby with 19 year old beauty queen, Elshama

He denied the baby at first  but he's accepted full responsibility for him now!
You will recall that in May, Paul Okoye, the other half of singing sensation P-Square, welcomed a baby with 19 year old MBGN 2012 contestant, Elshama Igbanoi. The boy was born April 7th in the UK, four days before Paul and his girlfriend Anita welcomed their son, Andre, in Atlanta.
Though Paul Okoye didn't exactly react to the story in the press to confirm or deny that he is indeed the little boy's father - it was widely speculated that he wasn't ready to take full responsible for the baby boy.
Paul at the time told the Igbanoi family that he's going to do a DNA test to ascertain paternity. It

Sexy or Not? Emma Nyra's cleavage Revealing Outfit [PHOTO]

Photo - Check Out Emma Nyra’s Sexy Decollete Photo

Emma Nyra is hot for days, she has recently posted this Instagram photo where she gives us a sneak peek of her decollete.
The Iyanya protege has been gaining some buzz in the music scene with three singles, two videos and an

African Union Suspends Egypt After Army Overthrow Of President

The African Union (AU) on Friday suspended Egypt from all its activities after the Egyptian military overthrew the elected president, Mohamed Mursi, a senior AU official said.
Suspension is the AU's usual response to any interruption of constitutional rule by a member state.
"As mandated by the relevant AU instruments, the African Union Peace and Security Council decides to suspend the participation of Egypt in AU activities until the restoration of constitutional order," Admore

Irishman Hacks Nigeria Govt Website, Gives FG 72 Hours To Renounce Anti-Gay Bill?

Exasperated by the way Nigeria handles the homosexuality matter, an Irish hacker -- who goes by the monicker Paddyhack -- has conducted a cyber attack on the official government of Nigeria's website. The 'assault' is apparently aimed at making President Jonathan to veto the bill according to which all homosexuals in Nigeria are subject to imprisonment. The website was attacked on Thursday night; though things were later restored, it remains unknown if it were the officials that took matters in their hands, or the attackers stepped back. reminds that, according to the anti-gay bill, recently passed by the National Assembly of Nigeria to the vigorous support of Nigerians, convicted homosexual persons are subject to 14-years imprisonment.
In his address to Nigerians, the Irish hacker said thus: "Nobody should live in fear of being jailed, when their

Late Pope John Paul II to be declared saint by Catholic Church, Vatican announces

(Reuters) - The late Pope John Paul II will be made a saint, the Vatican said on Friday, announcing that Pope Francis had approved a second miracle attributed to the Polish pontiff, who led the Roman Catholic Church from 1978 to 2005.
The Vatican said Pope John XXIII, who reigned from 1958 to 1963 and called the Second Vatican Council - which enacted sweeping reforms to modernize the Church - would also be made a saint.
No dates for the canonization ceremonies were immediately given but the Vatican said they were expected by the end of the year.
John Paul had already been credited with asking God to cure French nun Marie Simon-Pierre Normand of Parkinson's disease, which helped lead to his beatification in 2011, when he was declared a "blessed" of the

The Real Reason Men Give Women Oral Sex?

According to a recently published study, one of the reasons men perform oral sex on female partners may be to minimize the risk of infidelity.
The study, published late last month in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, sought to discover why men perform oral sex on women, since the act does not lead directly to reproduction.
After surveying 243 adult men in heterosexual relationships, the researchers deduced that cunnilingus is used to discourage women from cheating, a theory the authors refer to as a "mate-retention strategy."
The research suggests that men perform oral sex on their female partners in order "to minimize the risk of their partner’s infidelity by increasing her relationship satisfaction."
The study has garnered some negative reactions across the web: An article on The Gloss wondered why the

PHOTO: Beyonce, Jay-Z Dance Together at Star-Studded Release Party for Magna Carta Holy Grail

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z celebrate the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail at a Samsung party in Brooklyn on July 3.

Now this is Dancing With the Stars! Hip hop mogul Jay-Z and his superstar wife, Beyonce, showed off their best moves on Wednesday, July 3, at an exclusive, star-studded fete celebrating the release of the rapper's much-anticipated new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. (The record doesn't officially drop until July 9, but Samsung -- which hosted the Brooklyn bash -- released one million early downloads to owners of Galaxy devices on July 4.)

Beyonce, on a rare night off from her Mrs. Carter tour, flaunted her long, lean legs in super-short jean cutoffs, which she paired with a white lace jacket and stilettos. Her hubby, meanwhile, donned black pants, a

Landlord Chases Lady With Cutlass For Denying Him Sex [PHOTO]

At 37, Princess Izuchukwu Ajuobi, is a beautiful woman by all standards. Her beauty is such that attracts the attention of men, despite the fact that she’s a mother of two.

However, this beautiful lady is disabled in one leg and one hand. She was born with the deformity. Although Ajuobi is not bothered about her deformity, there’s one thing that takes away her happiness. It’s the fact that people take advantage of her condition to molest her...

One of such experiences is her raw deal with her landlord and his brother. She was molested and beaten blue and black. Her offence? She refused to have sex with the two men involved. Narrating her ordeal to Daily Sun, Ajuobi said: “I had vowed to remain a virgin till the day I would marry, until a man strolled into my

"My Wife Is A Whore" : "My Husband Is Adulterous" - Pastor And Wife Argue As Court Dissolves Marriage

An Orile-Agege Customary Court in Lagos, yesterday, dissolved the 20-year-old marriage of a pastor, who had accused his wife of infidelity and threat to his life.
Pastor Sunday Owonikoko, 51, had filed a petition at the court on May 27, saying he could no longer continue with his wife, Bolajoko, 47.
Ruling in the case, court president, Mr Joseph Adewusi, said the marriage has broken down irretrievably.
His words: “Starting from today, you cease to be addressed as husband and wife; you shall go your separate ways and maintain the peace.
“The custody of the under-aged among the children is referred to Ikeja Family Court for final decision, but in