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Landlord Shoots Tenant For Having An Affair With His Wife


36-year-old, Waheed Oyatunde, recently escaped death after he was shot in the thigh by his landlord identified as Mr Latunji over his affair with the landlord's wife.
Latunji owns a block of flats at Ketu Adie Owe area of Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, which he let out to tenants. Oyatunde, a native of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, moved into Mr. Latunji’s house about three years ago after he completed his youth service and got employment with an Agbara, Ogun State-based multinational company.
The landlord is a member of the vigilance group in the area. Latunji’s wife, Ireti, runs a canteen in Agbara where Oyatunde works.
Oyatunde, a bachelor, always gave the landlord’s wife a ride in his car to Agbara every morning since his

Why I Like Exposing My Body - Singer, Emma Nyra


Iyanya‘s protege, Emma Nyra who is known for always dressing sexy explained her reason for showing off a little skin. “When it comes to fashion, I’m a person who isn’t scared to take risk. I tell people you won’t be young forever, so I don’t mind taking risk and showing off a little skin.
When I’m older and married I won’t even want to allow myself show off my husband property but right now, I’m single, I’m singing and I’m young so I want to be as comfortable and fashionable as possible. It’s 2013

Usher's Ex-Wife Loses Custody Battle For Sons After Pool Accident (PHOTOS)

Usher's Ex-Wife Loses Custody Battle For Sons After Pool Accident

Usher and his ex-wife appeared make peace in court on Friday after a bitter custody war over their two sons. The singer gave tearful Tameka Foster Raymond a consoling hug moments after she lost her bid to get temporary primary custody of Usher V, five, and Naviyd, four, in a hearing in Atlanta. She sought legal action after the pair's older child got caught in a pool drain while in the care of the Grammy winner's aunt on Monday. She alleged the children were in a 'dangerous environment'.
But the judge described the incident as an 'awful accident' and dismissed the case.
The courtroom showdown between the former couple took a surprising turn, with Usher extending the proverbial olive branch to a distraught Raymond by embracing her. The 34-year-old RnB star tentatively approached, before placing his hand on her shoulder.

This Mobile Phone App Tells you what nearby "Ghosts or Spirits" are thinking, Well, that's if you believe in them...

Technology is often the enemy of superstition, but a new iPhone app aims to convince you otherwise.
Spirit Story Box, a 99-cent iPhone app launched recently by Roger Pingelton and Jill Beitz, of Greenwood, Ind., claims to detect and message nearby ghosts and spirits by tracking "certain environmental elements" around your iPhone and "examining values within the device that a spirit should theoretically be able to manipulate."
(Story continues below.)

HILARIOUS VIDEO: "Who knows tomorrow" by Okey Bakassi and Basketmouth


Basket and Okey are back with another hilarious comedy. ”Who knows tomorrow?”.Enjoy!

PHOTOS: Creepy Lifelike Baby Dolls Made To Console Grieving Parents

PHOTOS: These Creepy Lifelike Baby Dolls Made To Console Grieving Parents

Belgium -- These incredibly life-like dolls are so realistic you could easily be forgiven for thinking they were real babies. Costing up to thousands of euros each, they are certainly no children's toys, but handcrafted one-off works of art that take dozens of hours to create.

‘I Slépt With Over 80 Women’ – HIV Positive Actor Confesses

To all those who always stay glued to the small screen, his face is familiar. He had a leading role in a popular drama series, Cobra, where he attained his claim to fame.

He rose from zero to hero and vice-versa in a turbulent lifestyle that has seen roses and thorns. He has had séx with more than EIGHTY women and at one time spent six months in remand prison. He was later acquitted and became a convert and strong Christian.

But like what Jesus said in Luke 7 verse 48, that “Your sins are forgiven”, he has since received Christ and regrets all that he did. The man, Jones Matanhire has finally opened up on his shattered life.

WATCH: Woman Gives Birth And Delivers Baby By Herself While Standing (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT)

This is amazing, No doctor, no nurse, no midwife and this woman gives birth not even on her back, but standing.
They say women are strong but this woman is bold, brave and strong. Watch the video below (Warning: Explicit Content):

WATCH: This Magician Can Do Crazy Things to Your Brain


Over the last nine years since my 2004 TEDTalk "Brain Magic" I have been studying hacking into the brain and reprogramming its most basic functions. In 2010, I made a series of five one-hour TV shows with the Discovery Channel called "Deception with Keith Barry."

NGF: Governor Jang Faction Summons Meeting, Invites Amaechi


The factional Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum, who is also Governor of Plateau State, Mr. Jonah Jang, has summoned the meeting of the forum.
The meeting, which holds in Abuja on Sunday night, will be presided over by Jang.
Investigation shows that Jang also invited the Chairman of the Forum, who is also the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi.
Amaechi won the last chairmanship election of the Forum with 19 votes while Jang had 16 votes, but the governor of Plateau State insisted that he was nominated and endorsed by the majority of the governors and because of this, he has been claiming leadership of the Forum.
Since he opened his rival secretariat,  those in the camp of Amaechi which include all the 11 governors in the

Hot or Not? Media Personality Moet Abebe shows-off Cherry Foot Tattoo (PHOTO)

Moet Abebe - August 2013 - BellaNaija01

Moet Abebe sure knows how to make a statement.
After debuting her microphone tattoo in June, the vivacious Soundcity VJ shows-off her new Cherry foot tattoo.
The Nigerian media personality who is currently in Joburg, South Africa unveiled the new artwork via Instagram. She calls the Cherry tattoo “a symbol of desire, femininity and fertility”.

Check out the tattoo below:

DEPORTATION OF IGBOS: "Fashola Should Apologise Or We Will Ambush APC In 2015"


National Organising Secretary, Ohanaeze Youth Wing, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, speaks on the deportation of Igbos by the Lagos State Government in a recent interview:
Ohanaeze Ndigbo is yet to react officially to the deportation of some Igbos to Anambra State by the Lagos State Government. Could it be that the group is still in shock over the matter, or it has suddenly become feeble?
No, we have not become feeble. In fact, the Ohanaeze Youth Council condemns the action of the All Progressives Congress-led government of Lagos State. The Igbo people have made Lagos State their second home after Igbo land. It is very shameful that the APC-led government of the state has started to

Remembering Whitney Houston: Five Great Songs to Remember her For

Whitney Houston, the superstar vocalist whose hit tunes helped bridge the gap between pop and soul music, was born 50 years ago Friday, on Aug. 9, 1963, in Newark, N.J.
The birthday, of course, is one she didn't live to see: Houston died last year in Beverly Hills at the age of 48, plunging the music industry into turmoil the night before the Grammy Awards, which she so often dominated over the course of her nearly three-decade career.
Yet Houston's music lives on in recorded form -- Sirius XM is in the midst of a day-long tribute to the singer's work -- and in renditions by younger artists, including Beyoncé, whose Mrs. Carter Show tour has her tackling "I Will Always Love You," the Dolly Parton song Houston all but made her own.

Listen to that classics -- along with four of Houston's other finest moments -- below:

BUSTED: Army Raids Boko Haram Hideout in Sokoto

The Boko Haram shelter at Gidan-Igwai area of Sokoto was raided on Saturday, August 10, 2013, by the Nigerian Army. The operation was carried out in order to curb the influx of the extremist sect members from Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.
"The operation was conducted as part of the ongoing efforts to rid Sokoto state of the fleeing insurgents from the volatile states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa," Capt. Yahaya Musa, the Spokesperson of the 1 Brigade, Sokoto, has explained.
The operation, the authorities say, has been staged thanks to a hint given by the local residents, with Capt. Musa adding that the raid was "part of the routine operations of the Army to cleanse Nigeria of insurgency and other criminal activities."
"Sokoto is peaceful, unfortunately insurgents from other parts of the country are fast making it a safe haven

Don Jazzy Says He Used To Sell Akara, Agidi In Ajegunle, Tells His Story

According to Don Jazzy, he and brother Jay used to walk from Awodiora through Mba, through Orege to Boundary market to sell agidi, akamu, fried yam and plantain.

And he thanks God more when people hear his 'Back when' stories and don't believe him. See his tweets below:

'Racist moments' against Oprah Winfrey in Switzerland should bring outrage

Oprah Winfrey is not only the world’s most powerful celebrity, and one of the richest. She is a marketing genius who knows how to exploit a racist insult to her advantage in a completely uncynical way.
More power to her.
Earlier this week, while promoting her new movie, “The Butler,” she disclosed in an interview with Larry King that when she was in Zurich recently for Tina Turner's wedding, she had what she called a “racist moment” when a clerk refused to show her a handbag that costs more than some new cars.
Out shopping by herself, she’d gone into what she called a “name-brand” boutique, later identified in news reports as Trois Pommes.
“I say to the woman, ‘I would like to see that bag on the shelf, and she says, ‘No, that one’s too expensive,

Confessions Of A Former Boko Haram Member


His physique could hardly fit into the temperament of his persuasion. He is frail, he talks slowly and you would have no qualms passing him off as one naïve, harmless young man. But all that is a façade. Beneath it nestles a motivated terror. Nasir Isiaku, 27, has zealous hatred for Christians. Hear him: “If we asked our victim, ‘Will you become a Muslim or not and he or she refuses, we will slaughter him like a goat…” He talked of himself as an Islamic warrior who delights in chopping off people’s head with a stroke of his dagger.

However, all of that was, according to him, up until he made a turnaround in a most dramatic way. Nasir Isiaku is from Gusau in Zamfara State. He said while still in the group, he killed many Christians when he reigned as second-in-command to a terrorist group that wages war against non-Muslims in northern Nigeria.

Why I Asked Lola Omotayo To Marry Me - Peter of P-Square

Peter P-Square, last Tuesday, surprised everyone when he finally proposed to Lola Omotayo, his long time girlfriend and babymama with a diamond ring and a brand new white Range Rover Vogue worth N15 million.
Peter, I hear, didn’t give Lola prior notice of his plan.
He had visited her residence with the car, parked it inside her compound with the rose flower and a love card with the inscription, ‘Please say Yes.’
Speaking on why he decided to propose to Lola, Peter said:
"It is something I had always wanted to do and I knew I would definitely do this to Lola one

Woman Goes Mad After Seeing Her Baby Killed by Doctors

Woman Goes Mad After Seeing Her Baby Killed by Doctors

A woman in central China’s Hunan Province slid into madness after being forced into labor, at seven months of pregnancy, so that her baby could be killed. Her husband, Wu Yongyuan, has been seeking redress and compensation, to little effect. “She is afraid of going out and seeing strangers. She often bites me. She is also afraid of seeing doctors and needles,” Wu said.
The sight that triggered his wife’s descent was a doctor dropping her just-born baby into a plastic bag and paying a cleaning lady 80 yuan ($13) to bury it.
“The baby was still breathing and moving when the doctor put him into a plastic bag,” Wu said.
Later, his wife started having nightmares. She felt guilty for not having protected her child. She also became

World Athletics Championships 2013: All Eyes Still On Usain Bolt

The Olympic Games are for all International Olympic Committee accepted sports for the games. The games are not only known for great victories but also for large participation.
The more athletes and fans the grander. These make the difference between the games and the World Athletics Championships that begin today in the ancient city of Moscow in Russia. The World Championships are not for everybody. It is about the few best in athletics.
Today, the best in track and field begin to vie for honours in the 14th edition of the World Championships which promises a $100,000 bonus for any athlete that breaks a world record. Farah, Bolt and Okagbare look to shine Farah, Bolt and Okagbare look to shine Jamaica’s Usain bolt broke two in Berlin in 2009 and

SCARED STIFF? Yes, APC Can Defeat PDP But It'll Be Difficult ––Bukola Saraki

Former governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki has said it will take a lot of work for the new mega party, the APC, to dislodge the PDP, in 2015 elections. He however did not rule it out:
"Now we have a national opposition party. The registration of APC is a good development, by the APC’s registration, Nigeria now has a real opposition party. Before now all the parties claiming to be opposition parties are merely regional parties.  
"Elections will not be taken for granted again. APC is good for our democracy. It is a real alternative. It will make those of us in the Peoples Democratic Party to sit tight.”
Senator Bukola Saraki, representing Kwara Central in the National Assembly who spoke in Ilorin, Kwara

WATCH: Man Kisses Shark and gets More than what he Bargained For

A "shark whisperer" scuba guide in Key Largo loves to kiss nurse sharks until one bites his pursed lips.
Expert Jeff Kurr commented the accident: "A lot of attacks are silly, people doing dumb things. You just have to have a lot of respect for the animal. They have a lot of power. They're great predators."
For one week each year, the Discovery channel devotes its entire network to exploring humans' long-standing fascination with sharks.
Watch The video below:

President Jonathan Begs Al-Mustapha To Join PDP?

2015 is already here with us and the principal actors are not resting day or night, even mid-night, to strategize and re-strategize on our to get majority of votes from the core North and South-West states as it seems they will be the deciding factors in the general elections, KD BLOG observed.

Information reaching KD BLOG is that President Goodluck Jonathan was shocked at the large crowd of men and woman who turned out to welcome Major Hamza Al-Mustapha wherever he goes in the North after his release from prison custody last month.
Consequently, Jonathan has set in motion a high-powered lobby group:
And their mission, I hear, is to get Al-Mustapha to join the PDP at all cost before the opposition party APC

Deportation Row: Actor Jide Kosoko Weighs in, defends Lagos

 Jide Kosoko

Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, on Thursday said there was nothing wrong with the alleged deportation of the destitute to their home state by the Lagos State Government.
Kosoko, a Lagos prince, stated that the government deported people who constituted a nuisance in the state to their hometowns because the metropolis was becoming over populated.
He said, “I disagree with the people criticising the deportation. There are reasons for everything. Since there have been negotiations between Lagos and the state concerned and the government believes their home state would take better care of them, I think the action was appropriate.”
Kosoko said even though Nigerians were free to live anywhere in the country, people should not abuse the privilege by becoming a nuisance.
“We don’t need to shy away from the fact that Lagos is over-populated because of its commercial

Teenage boy drowns at Bar Beach during Eid-el-fitri celebrations

An unidentified teenager drowned at the Bar Beach, Lagos as revellers celebrated Eid-el-fitri in the area on Friday.
A fun seeker, who witnessed the incident and identified himself simply as Michael, said there was a heavy traffic of persons at the beach while there were only two live guards on duty.
It is usual in metropolitan cities like Lagos for residents to go to the beaches during important national celebrations, especially when holidays have been declared.
According to the witness, the teenage boy was spotted by a few people who were standing at the tip of the ocean.
He said three unidentified young men made frantic attempts to see if they could rescue the drowning boy, but they could not muster enough courage to move into the centre of the ocean.

Nigeria’s space programme sparks row in Britain

Nigeria’s space programme has sparked a huge controversy in an unlikely place: Britain.
Critics there are kicking against what they see as their country’s subsidisation of Nigeria’s space programme, especially for a nation where 70 per cent of people live below the poverty line.
Nigeria’s first astronauts are being trained to join Russian, Chinese or American missions within the next two years under the country’s space programme. It is believed to have already received £300m of the £1.14bn in foreign aid earmarked for it over the five years of the coalition government in the UK.
The aid to Nigeria will increase by 116 per cent under the Coalition from £141million in 2010/11 to £305million in 2014/15. The controversy in Britain followed a comment by Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom who said it was folly to give billions in aid to ‘Bongo Bongo land’.
Prime Minister David Cameron faulted the remarks as offensive and accused Mr Bloom of being guilty of a

Victim drowns in bid to escape from kidnappers, As five others, including four foreigners are kidnapped in Port Harcourt

IG of Police, MD Abubakar

A kidnap victim yesterday drowned in Port Harcourt, minutes after his abduction   with five others-four Thais and one Nigerian.
The Nigerian got drowned  after jumping into a river in his bid to escape from his abductors.
The kidnapped persons and the deceased were on their way to work at the Rivers State Government-owned, Israeli-run Mega Fish Farm in Buguma, headquarters of Asari-Toru Local Government Area of the state when the kidnappers struck.
Time was about 7am.
As soon as the deceased jumped into the water,the kidnappers  quickly pushed the other Nigerian out of their get-away boat and sped away with the Thais.
The Rivers Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mrs. Angela Agabe, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), confirmed the kidnap, but was yet to get a formal situation report from the Divisional Police Officer

BROTHERS STILL AT WAR: 2face, Blackface And the African Queen Squabble

In a recent interview with Ebuka on television station Y! ‘s Rubbin’ Minds a few weeks ago’ The Raggae-dancehall artiste (who is the only Nigerian artiste with the most releases in his catalogue from 1999 till date) was asked about his role in writing the Nigerian classic African Queen – and for the first time, Blackface revealed, in detail, just about everything.
The dark-skinned singer, who sounded very enlightened about issues relating to music releasing and writing credits, revealed he was not given proper credit for co-writing the song for a very long time, until recently. He did disclose, as well, that he now owns 50 per cent of the credits to the song.
Signs that all is not well with the two friends emerged when Blackface was allegedly left out of the invitees’

Why We Chopped Off Female Corps Member’s Hand In Bayelsa — Suspects

The Victim, Folakemi Akinbode

Two suspected attackers of the female National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member posted to the Obuah community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Miss. Folakemi Akinbode, were yesterday arrested by the Police. They claimed she was attacked with a machete because she refused to hand over unspecified amount of money in her possession.
The two suspects, identified as Ebi Jatto and Weriye Aluwa, were arrested on Wednesday at the Koroama Community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of the State while attempting to sell the Mobile Handset belonging to the Youth Corps member.
A top police source told us that the suspects had confessed to the crime and claimed the 26year old Ondo State indigene and a Batch A Corps member and graduate of Nursing from the Madonna University, Elele in Rivers State, struggled with them while they were attempting to snatch her bag.

BRING IT ON: PDP will win if APC picks Buhari in 2015 – Presidency


The Presidency has said that if the newly registered All Progressives Congress picks a former Head of State, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, as its presidential candidate, the 2015 election will be a walkover for the Peoples Democratic Party.
The Presidency was apparently hitting back at the APC, which earlier said that it would be a disaster for any party to field President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 election.
The Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Ahmed Gulak, stated this in a telephone interview with one of correspondents in Abuja on Thursday.
He also commented on other APC leaders, including Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir El-Rufa’i.
He said, “As far as that merger is concerned, the calculation of the Congress for Progressive Change

MONEY LAUNDERING: GTBank UK fined $815,000 by regulator


Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, United Kingdom, has been fined £525,000 ($815,000) by the country’s markets regulator for failing to have controls in place to prevent money laundering.
Bloomberg said the lender failed to document risks posed by higher-risk customers when it set up a London office in 2008, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said.
“Banks are at the front line in ensuring the proceeds of crime do not enter the United Kingdom financial system,” Tracey McDermott, director of enforcement at the FCA, said in the statement. “GT Bank’s failures were serious and systemic and resulted in an unacceptable risk of handling the proceeds of crime.”
Guaranty Trust Bank opened a United Kingdom office in 2008 offering retail and wholesale banking to

Obama disses Russian President Vladimir Putin, describes him as 'like a bored kid'

 Obama describes Putin as `like a bored kid`

President Barack Obama on Friday denied he has poor relations with Vladimir Putin after cancelling their Moscow talks, but said the Russian president can sometimes appear "like a bored kid in the back of the classroom."

US-Russian relations plunged to one of their lowest points since the Cold War this week after Russia granted temporary asylum to fugitive former US spy contractor Edward Snowden. Obama retaliated by abruptly cancelling a Moscow summit with Putin planned for early next month. 

At a White House news conference on Friday, Obama insisted that he does not have bad personal relations with Putin. The two men had a testy meeting in June in Northern Ireland and from the photos of them at the time, it looked as if they would both rather have been somewhere else.

Obasanjo to PDP govs •Don’t go to APC •Northern govs meet in S/Arabia


THERE are growing indications that former president Olusegun Obasnajo has directed the aggrieved governors of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to forget any plot to dump the ruling party, just as the opposition All Progressives Congress is said to be in shock over failure of its initial efforts to get some PDP governors to defect from the ruling party.

An impeccable source close to the Otta farmer revealed to the Saturday Tribune that the former president passed the message through one of the aggrieved governors during the recent birthday celebration of Chief Tony Anenih in Abuja, warning that the solution to their grievances is not in quitting the party.

The former Nigerian leader, whose presence at the birthday reportedly excited the presidential family, was quoted as telling one of the governors at the event that APC was not an option, urging them to “explore all

PHOTO: Tiwa Savage Also Pays Condolence Visit To Governor Fashola

The singer like many have done also paid a condolence visit to the Governor today on the death of his father.

Tina Turner's Wedding Photographed By Remote-Controlled Drone

When Tina Turner tied the knot with longtime partner Erwin Bach earlier this month, her guest list included Oprah Winfrey and Bryan Adams.

But there was one guest the singer didn't expect to see at her wedding -- a remote-controlled drone.

ONE TOO MANY: "I am a victim of domestic violence" - Actress Chika Ike opens up

Actress Chike Ike pens an open letter to her fans, opening up about the physical abuse she suffered in the hands of the man she called her husband for five years. Find her story below...
The past three years has been a very emotional period for me. I focused my energy on work and to build back my self esteem. its been really hard for me to come out straight and talk about this because sometimes I pinch myself to wake up and not believe that I was a victim of domestic violence. I've been through a lot in my life, faced a lot of challenges but this is one topic I've tried so hard to avoid and have been waiting for the right time but I have come to a resolve   that there's really no right time because every second of the day,lives are being lost

Civilian JTF Arrests Boko Haram Chief Bomb Maker, Bula Modu


*He just came back from Lagos where he is now working, carrying his travelling bag of new clothes, shoes and caps for Eid-el fitr Sallah celebration.
**It is Allah that brought him back to Maiduguri at this hot moment when things changed against the Boko Haram.

The members of the Borno Vigilance Youths Group, aka, Civilian JTF, have captured Mallam Bula Modu a member of the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram who specialises in coupling and planting of bombs.

Bula Modu was handed over to the Joint Task Force, JTF after he was apprehended the youths.
Hope For Nigeria was informed that Bula Modu ran away to Lagos, as the heat from the Military JTF on

Friday, 9 August 2013

Wild men found in jungle 40 years after Vietnam War

A father and son have been found living in the jungle more than 40 years after they fled US bombing during the Vietnam War. Ho Van Thanh left his home village with his baby son Ho Van Lang in 1971 after a mine blast killed his wife and two of his children.
The pair apparently survived by foraging for fruit, lived in a timber treehouse and wore loin cloths made from tree bark.
The authorities were alerted after locals searching for firewood spotted the men deep in the forest in Quang Ngai province's Tay Tra district.
A team was set up to look for the pair - now aged 82 and 41 - and found them after a five hour search.
When found, Ho Van Thanh was too weak to walk and had to be taken out of the jungle on a stretcher.

New Music: Omawumi - 'Somori'

New music from Omawumi...Enjoy below...

Style stars: Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic (PHOTOS)

Genny and Rita looking very stylish in their ensemble. Love Genny's purse

JTF, Youths Arrest 11 Boko Haram Terror Suspects In Borno


DESPITE a hitch-free Eid-el-Fitr Sallah celebration and a colourful Durbar in Borno State, the military Joint Task Force (JTF) and members of Borno Vigilance Youths Group (BVYG) have arrested 11 Boko Haram
terror suspects on the state.
  The arrests were made in three separate areas of Maiduguri metropolis, including the Shehu’s palace, in the early hours of Friday.
  The two suspects arrested at the Shehu’s palace had just returned from Gambouru Ngala in Shehuri ward of the metropolis where they went to celebrate the Sallah festivity with other members of the Islamist sect before they were nabbed by the youths.
  Speaking on the arrest of eight suspects at the Motor Park, Isa Ibrahim of Vigilance Youths said: “We

Don’t Lose the Lessons of Ramadan After Holy Month Is Over – Oritsejafor, CAN President

Don’t Lose the Lessons of Ramadan After Holy Month Is Over – Oritsejafor 

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) President addressed to Nigerians on August 8, 2013. He urged the nation to let the denials and sacrifices experienced by Muslim faithful in the month of Ramadan serve as the fulcrum of unity and peace in the country, irrespective of religious belief, language or tribe.
Mr. Kenny Ashaka, CAN Spokesman, made the Oritsejafor’s statement available to public.
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor greeted the Muslims across the country over the successful completion of the month-long Ramadan fast.
He also urged Nigerians irrespective of religious belief to let the fear of God be the basis of their thought and always strive to promote peaceful coexistence in their vicinity.
He said: “The lessons of Ramadan should not be lost on our Muslim brothers and sisters even as the Holy

High Heels Were Originally Made For Men?


It’s probably fair to say that any woman’s wardrobe simply wouldn’t be complete without a pair of striking killer heels. From kitten heel slip-ons, sensible court shoes, and sensational summer wedges, women today really are spoilt for choice when it comes to footwear.

Heels have been a part of fashion for many centuries but surprisingly enough, these elegant shoes which give extra height and posture were not solely reserved for women. Dukes and Monarchs alike (Louis XIV in particular) were well known for their extravagant shoes with elaborate decorations sometimes depicting scenes of battle. Back in those days, many shoes that were custom designed for Louis XIV boasted a heel of anywhere up to ten inches!

While heels are predominantly reserved for women, there have been occasions throughout history where

Nollywood Turns into Pornography?

Nollywood Turns Into Pornography?
One of the common scenes in today's Nollywood movies;Tonto Dike in a soft porno movy

About twenty years ago Nigerian movie industry otherwise known as Nollywood, kicked off themes of witchcraft, ritualism and greed that dominated some of the early movies. While today, the practice has shifted and lovers of the country’s films are helplessly being compelled to watch obscene movies which promotes immorality and cultures that are alien to us as Africans.
Indeed, recent survey has shown that pornographic movies are increasingly taking over Nollywood.
Ardent followers of the recent development in the industry would have noticed the disturbing increase in the degree of nudity portrayed in some of the recent Nollywood flicks.
Regrettably, Nollywood actors have thrown caution to the wind as they now venture into hard core pornographic roles.
The internet, and particularly YouTube, is not helping matters as it is one avenue frenquently used by these

2shotz' wife reacts to Beverly Osu's battery allegations

BBA Beverly Osu claimed a rapper ex-battered her while they were dating. One of her ex, 2shotz released a statement yesterday denying the allegations. His wife, Precious Jones, has also reacted, saying her husband is not a violent man. See more Tweets below:

Chris Brown Suffers A Seizure

Chris Brown had a seizure today at Record Plant recording studios in LA.
TMZ says the L.A. City Fire Department got a call around 1:09 A.M. to go to Record Planet, a recording studio in LA and the caller reportedly said Chris had a seizure.
But Chris reportedly refused treatment when medics arrived and that he didn’t want to go to the hospital.
Chris used to suffer from seizures as a child, TMZ reports.

This is happening three days after Chris tweeted that he was quitting music.

“Don’t worry mainstream America,” Chris tweeted. “After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album. … Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made

Kourtney Kardashian’s ex lover files paternity suit, demands DNA test for Mason


A male model who claims he had unprotected sex with Kourtney Kardashian in 2009 claims 3-year-old Mason is HIS son and he's now filed a paternity lawsuit asking for joint custody. According to TMZ, he met Kourtney during a photo shoot in August, 2008 (above).  Girgenti says they connected and began a texting relationship for 3 months. Girgenti says in legal doc things heated up by March, 2009, when Kourtney allegedly told him she and then boyfriend Scott Disick were "on the outs" and "she wanted to hang."  Girgenti's suit then describes an alleged sexual encounter in Glendale, where he says they had unprotected sex. Girgenti says 9 months later Kourtney gave birth to Mason.  He says he immediately saw a striking