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Pastor Adeboye's First Son Opens Up On Séx Before Marriage

Leke Adeboye, son of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, general overseer of Redeemed Church, and his wife Titilope, has finally opened up on their marriage and the "difficult" issue of abstaining from séx until wedding night. Below is the interesting chat that tell it all...

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this! It’s a delight to be able to hear your story and more importantly, share to bless people. Could we please start off with a brief introduction?
Leke: Introduction of his wife Titilope Adeboye... How do I introduce this fine hot lady?... Forget that she’s my wife, for any random girl – that is still amazing! Lol

What else, she runs me! She’s my Manager, I call her my CEO.. She’s my Account Manager, she runs my entity as a personality and then she runs a number of businesses – Oasis Suya Eatery and Sharwama and she’s also the owner of Mimi’s Confectionery.

My wife is multi-skilled and multi-talented and takes every advantage to improve herself. Whatever she sets

PHOTOS: Meet The Transgender Model Who Is Taking The World By Storm

New York-based transgender model, Inès-Loan Rau is gradually taking the world by storm. Only a few months into her career, she has already shot for Playboy, Vogue Italia and Candy Magazine.  The 24-year old model was born a boy before having a sex change and says she’s loving every bit of it. She also loves to flaunt her nudity; what she calls her best part in taking pictures. She has a word or two for people who are willing to have a change of sex insisting they must be ready for it, if they think they were born in the ‘wrong’ body. Her words and more pictures of her after the cut.

What advice would you give to young trans people who are dreaming of transitioning physically but maybe don't have the means yet?
I think you need to be sure you want to change your sex physically. If you aren't sure, I wouldn't recommend you go for it, because I think that doesn't make sense. But if you really know deep inside that you're born in

Once again, Fani Kayode denies leaving APC & getting presidential appointment

There were reports recently that the former minister & former staunch GEJ critic had been appointed Director of Publicity in GEJ's Presidential campaign team, but Mr Fani Kayode says this is not true. He also denied leaving APC though he's yet to disclose why he went to see the president on Tuesday April 8th for a closed-door meeting.

Afrocandy Explains Why She Is Begging For Funds

Controversial actress, Afrocandy who took to her facebook page some days ago to beg for funds to send her daughter to school in a recent interview revealed for her reason for publicly begging for money.

Here's what she said:

“Actually, my daughter got a scholarship from the Ivy League universities that accepted her, but we were preparing, her school mates that were supposed to go to the same school opted out because they said the school is too expensive and didn't get scholarship. So, because of that, my daughter said she did not want to go there alone because it’s far from where we live and more of a white neighborhood.

That was when it dawned on me.Yes, we opted for one of the schools that also accepted her, but the

President's Jonathan’s Advice To His Newly Married Daughter & Her Husband


President Goodluck Jonathan who gave out his daughter, Faith in marriage today advised the newly married couple.

He gave the advice while speaking at the wedding reception at the International Conference Centre, Abuja saying:

“ My advice is that, today is a very special day we are all smiling and dancing but also note that there will be periods when the relationship will not work smoothly. That is a part of the life of husband and wife.”
 “There is no couple that will not have some moments when their faces will not be too bright, but it depends on how you reach out and really find time to understand themselves. And we pray that you have a really happy married life and we will continue to pray for you as your parents.”
“Our duties as parents is to continue to pray for you, to encourage you and if there are some issues you feel we can solve, you can tell us. But don’t depent on your parents to solve your matrimonial

I am proud to be Nigerian — Hollywood actor, Chinwetel Ejiofor

In a new interview with reporters at the premiere of “Half of a Yellow Sun’’ movie in Lagos, London-born Nigerian Hollywood star, Chinwetel Ejiofor, says he is proud to be identified as a Nigerian. According to him, there is a wrong impression that he claimed not to be a Nigerian and he wants to set the records straight:
“During the period of publicising “Twelve Years a Slave”, I was asked where I was originally from. I suppose I was trying to give an honest answer about where I was born, and so, I said London, which is where I was born. And to me, it was a surprising reaction that people then concluded that I didn’t identify as Nigerian. Of course, I am Nigerian-British, but if they ask me where I was born, I can’t say Enugu, because I wasn’t born in Enugu, but, it doesn’t mean that I don’t identify as Nigerian. I am proud of being Nigerian that I am

Guests at GEJ's daughter's wedding received Gold Plated Customized iPhones (SEE PHOTOS)

Bigboy thangs! Tonto Dikeh's boyfriend Michael got the job to bling up the luxurious wedding gifts guests received at President Jonathan's daughter's wedding today. See pictures below...

Checkout Genevieve Nnaji's outfit to Half of a Yellow Sun Movie Lagos premiere

Genevieve showed up looking chic for the HOAYS premiere taking place now at Silverbird Galleria, Lagos
Who's feeling it....

Comedian Klint Da Drunk Finally Confirms His Love For Video Games Has No Bounds! Wants Friends To Leave Him Alone

Lol seriously when I first read on a particular website that the comedian’s friends were accusing him of playing too much video games and that was the main reason he has not gone far in his career. I thought the website owner was joking about the video game thing, because to me, it sounded very funny. So I investigated and it turned out to be true. Funny enough, Klint Da Drunk has also proved us right. He says he loves video games to a fault, and of course to him, it is better than smoking marijuana or Igbo. Lol *dead*. Below is what he told punch about his love for video games and also wants backbiters to leave him alone.

“Now they say I would have gone far in my career if not for my love for computer games. It is this same set of comedians that went around telling people that I live in Abuja so that I will not be getting Lagos shows. My colleagues want to run me down, let them feel free. It is because they are afraid of me; they feel that if

Nollywood Actress, Jennifer Eliogu gets Candid about the Skin Bleaching Trend


For Jennifer Eliogu, beauty has nothing to do with your complexion.
The Nollywood actress and singer shares her thoughts on the never ending topic – skin bleaching.
Yes you can roll your eyes, because every day, in every house, in every friend group, it is always being discussed.
In an interview with Punch, she shares that the trend may be because of insecurities.

“I cannot speak for others because it depends on the reason why they want to be light-skinned. For some people, it is because they have skin pigmentation or the skin colour is not uniform and they want to change it. I don’t know what their reasons are but I feel that for a dark-skinned person to want to tone their skin colour to be completely fair, it has to do with low self esteem.” she says.
Jennifer who recently premiered the video for her song Fantasy, continues by saying “If you are

Watch Comedian Bovi’s New Skit “The Bad Samaritan” starring Adunni


Oh Bovi when will you learn.
In preparation for his upcoming show – Man on Fire, the Nigerian comedian and rising actress Adunni Ade star in “The Bad Samaritan“.
If you loved Maga Don Pay, you don’t want to miss this one. It also features Odogwu, Kolo Man and Xsod. Watch!

Rihanna's message to her best friend, Mellissa Forde, will make you cry

Aww Rihanna took to Instagram to pour out her heart and let the world know how special her bestfriend Mellissa Forde is to her.She started
This could be y'all, but yo best friend ain't shit!!! M$$!!!
Nobody in de world could mek me laugh di$ ra$$hole hard, Nobody cud talk a$ much cunt a$ you, Nobody cud keep my dirty lil $ecret$ like you, Nobody el$e cud embara$$ my $tyle....You literally make bitche$ wi$h they had an M.Forde by their side! I will never take for granted the day you packed your $hit and left BIM to come hold me down, cuz God know$ I would never be able to $urvive thi$ and remain my$elf through it all! You are literally the $trongest, $exie$t, most perverted, humble, kind, intelligent, $hady a$ PHUCK human being I

@Ciaxon who tweeted live photos from the Bokoharam/SSS jail break finally released (Photos & Video)

 After he tweeted live pictures from the Bokoharam/SSS gun battle on the 30th of March,32year old engineer, Yusuf Journo Onimisi was  picked up from his office .After media pressure, he has been released today..Yesterday,Amnesty International ,BBC and other international organizations lent their voices demanding the government release him..
Social media activists who went to his house to see him today were told he has travelled to see his mum...but

Co-pilot of missing plane tried to make call from his phone after plane vanished but 'was abruptly cut off'

The Malaysian plane has not been found 35 days after it went missing and according to new reports, the co-pilot of the missing flight tried to make a desperate call from his mobile phone after the aircraft went missing but was abruptly cut off...

UK Daily Mail reports
Investigators have learned the call was made from a mobile phone which belonged to Fariq Abdul Hamid (left) as the Boeing 777 flew low near the island of Penang, on the north of Malaysia's west coast. It was understood the aircraft, with 239 people on board, was flying low enough for the nearest telecommunications tower to pick up Fariq's signal. The call ended abruptly. However, contact was definitely established with a telecommunications sub-station in Penang state. Experts have said it is possible for a mobile phone to be connected to a telecommunications tower at an altitude of 7,000 feet - which is low for a large jet like the

PHOTO: Actress Chika Ike gets massive diamond ring from her boo

Chika Ike just got a massive diamond ring as a gift from her boo, who I hear is not Nigerian. She showed off the ring on her instagram page today. I hear it is not an engagement ring just a friendship ring. If this is just a friendship ring, imagine what an engagement ring will look like.

Exclusive Photos from President Jonathan's daughter's white wedding

President Jonathan's daughter Faith married her man Godswill today in Abuja. These are pics from the church wedding...will hopefully get pics from the reception later. See more pics below...

"Me & Beverly Osu will never be".. - Angelo sets the record straight

This morning, he tweeted about wedding rings and I don't know why he thought it necessary to open old wounds and say he & Beverly can never be ...
I think she's moved on too...

Gumsu Abacha Blast Haters On Twitter As Mohammed Abacha Is Charged With Receiving Stolen Money From His Father

The Federal Government, yesterday, entered fresh nine-count criminal charge against the eldest son of the late military dictator, Mohammed Abacha, following allegation that he unlawfully hid  about N446.3 billion allegedly stolen from the national treasury between 1995 and 1998. Mohammed was accused of receiving the stolen money from his late father, General Sani Abacha, and concealed same. His sister went on twitter and blasted their haters. See more tweets below:

WATCH: Babcock University Students Version Of Pharrell‘s Hit Song “Happy”


Wow! This is so cute. Enjoy!

Oscar Pistorius: I Didn’t Hear Reeva Scream

South African Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius (C) arrives for his trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on April 11

Oscar Pistorius has told his murder trial that girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp did not scream or shout as he grabbed a gun and fired shots that killed her. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said it was “improbable” that she would stand in the bathroom saying nothing while Mr Pistorius was just 3m (10ft) away shouting at her to call the police.
Mr Pistorius said he could not explain why she had not shouted out. The athlete, 27, denies murder saying the killing was a terrible accident.  He admits killing Ms Steenkamp but says he fired his gun after mistaking her for an intruder. He believed she had been in bed when he grabbed his gun, made his way to the bathroom and fired shots through the door.  The prosecution says he deliberately killed her after an argument. On the third day of his cross-examination, Mr Nel pressed the South African Olympic sprinter to explain the final moments leading up to the shooting.
He asked why he had not checked whether Ms Steenkamp had heard his calls for her to phone the police, or why he had not taken her to safety instead of going to confront the supposed intruder. Mr Pistorius said it

Shocker! CBN makes money from dirty naira notes in circulation

Nigerians may continue to spend dirty and mutilated notes if findings by Saturday Punch are anything to go by.
Nigeria’s currency, the Naira, in all its denominations, has been severely mutilated, overused and over-circulated such that it has become an issue of luck to come across a clean note.
However, Saturday Punch learnt that the scarcity of the clean notes is due, in part, to the fact that the Central Bank of Nigeria has refused to recycle the old notes while it imposes charges on commercial banks that want to change the dirty notes to cleaner ones, thereby turning it into a money-making practice.
Access to clean notes is now by luck, special request with pleas and sometimes, financial inducement and purchase from sellers who have taken to the streets to sell the clean notes to legitimate customers who have no access to them.
Many Nigerians wonder why the CBN has refused to withdraw the bad notes from circulation and replace them with clean ones.
A cross section of bank workers who spoke to our correspondent alleged that the CBN has refused to

PHOTO OF THE DAY : Was the groom being forced into the marriage?

What do you think?

Rarely Seen Giant Oatfish Washes Up On Mexican Beach (SEE PHOTOS)

Giant Oarfish Washes Up On Mexican Beach

A giant 4,6 meters oarfish has washed up on a Mexican beach.

The massive oarfish, which is said to have inspired tales of sea serpents and monsters, was seen swimming in the waters of the Sea of Cortez in Baja California.
However 48 hours later the fish was found dead on the nearby Isla San Francisco.
Sightings of the rare fish are extremely scarce as they live deep in the world's tropical oceans.
It is the planet's longest bony fish and is hardly ever seen except when washed up dead on beaches.
Oarfish can grow up to17 metres long and have a distinctive dorsal fin that sticks up out of the water.
See more photos below:

PHOTOS: Dayo Adeneye and Wife Holiday In Dubai

Mrs Adeneye is still very much hot. See more photos below:

PHOTOS: Genevieve Nnaji’s Throw Back Pictures Are SEXY

The actress posted a throw back picture of herself few minutes ago on her instagram page. Wow! Genny has always been sexy. You like?

VIDEO: See What secondary school girls do with boys when they have no teacher

Watch this video to see what these secondary school girls are doing with boys when they had no teacher with them. If these are the leaders of tomorrow what will be our future? Click the link below to Watch the video:

After becoming Africa's Number 1 Economy, UK-Based Fitch Group Affirms Nigeria's Ratings At 'BB-' and 'B-'

Barely two weeks after Standard & Poor (S&P), revised Nigeria’s sovereign credit outlook negative, London-based Fitch Group has released its rating affirming Nigeria’s sovereign rating at ‘BB-‘ with a stable outlook.
Fitch said Nigeria’s sovereign and overall external balance sheets, current account surplus, debt service ratio, and external liquidity are all stronger than ‘BB’ category medians.
However, the current surplus has been declining at 4.1% of GDP in 2013, and may be overstated given large errors and omissions. Foreign direct investment, FDI is less than 1% of GDP, amongst the lowest in the region.
S&P listed the continued infighting in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which has heightened political tension and institutional risks, as one of the factors responsible for the revised outlook.
Besides, it noted the escalating incidence of crude oil theft and vandalism of oil production facilities In the Niger Delta, which resulted in frequent shutdowns and curtailment of oil production as another reason.
S&P said it decided to remove the long-term ratings on March 21, 2014, from CreditWatch Services, which

'Nigerian Celebrities Like Cheap, Free Things. The Way they Bargain will even Shock You' – Owolabi

Award-winning celebrity designer, Durojaiye Owolabi, is the owner of Mood’deo International. And in a chat with Punch Saturday Beats, he says most of the celebrities seen on television in Nigeria like wearing cheap clothes or clothes given to them for free. According to Owolabi, when he started his business, he expected that he would make it big being a celebrity designer but was shocked when he realized that some of the big names in the industry wanted free clothes and they always delayed in paying him for his services.
“I see entertainers as celebrities. They dictate what goes on in the fashion world. I see them as people that have made it, rich and affluent and whatever they put on has to be the best.  
When I started my outfit, being a celebrity designer is what I targeted because abroad, celebrities are the people that would help you showcase your work. I decided I would
work with a few of them but I was shocked because most of these celebrities like cheap things. I cannot mention names but you would be surprised that most of the big names do not pay on

Exclusive Photos From President Jonathan's Daughter, Faith Sakwe's Fun Filled Bridal Shower

President Jonathan’s daughter, Faith Elizabeth Sakwe had her bridal shower party last Thursday, April, 10th at House 7, in Aso Rock Villa. The event was well-attended by the bride's personal friends, family, and other well-wishers who came in droves and hugging gifts.  
Faith's wedding will be taking place later on today, Saturday 12th of April, 2014 at the National Ecumenical Centre, Phase 1, Abuja, while the reception will take place at the International Conference Centre, Herbert Macaulay Way, Abuja. Already preparations are in top gear. See more photos below:

Corruption: Nigeria Summons Zimbabwean Envoy Over Mugabe’s Comments

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe

The Federal Government on Thursday summoned the Zimbabwean Head of Chancery over remarks credited to President Robert Mugabe, which depicted Nigerians as very corrupt people.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Zimbabwean Head of Chancery, Stanley Kunjeku, in Abuja to formally lodge a protest.
The Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr Martin Uhomoibhi, described Mugabe’s comment as “vitriolic and denigrating on Nigeria and Nigerians’’.
“We were very concerned when we read that on the occasion of the 90th birthday of President Mugabe, he took off considerable time to vituperate about Nigeria.
He said Mugabe’s comments reflected “what we consider to be a strong aversion of our country, remarks which we consider denigrating and un-statesmanly on Nigeria and Nigerians in general”.
“He was reported to have said Nigerians are corrupt people when he hosted service chiefs on his 90th birthday.
“We want to present the strongest protest in that statement; not only does it not reflect the reality in our

2015: You Can’t Make Wike Rivers Governor, Asari-Dokubo Tells Patience Jonathan

Leadership reports :
The next governor of Rivers State will not be determined by First Lady Patience Jonathan, according to leader of outlawed Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari Dokubo.
An attempt to make supervising minister of education Mr Nyesom Wike the next governor of the state, Dokubo warned, would not only affect the political fortune of President Goodluck Jonathan but also the chances of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.
He said the plan by the first lady to impose Wike on the people was morally wrong in the light of the dominance of the political landscape of the state by the Ikwerre group, to which Wike belongs, in the past 16 years.
“To make Wike a governor in Rivers State in 2015 is not morally right. All the fellows endorsing him for whatever reason should know that it will injure PDP, it will injure Goodluck Jonathan. If Goodluck’s name is brought into it, that he is in support of the perpetuation of an Ikwerre hegemony in Rivers State, which is not right by population, which is not right under any calculation, it will injure him and PDP,” Dokubo stated in an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP friday yesterday.
Mrs Jonathan had ignited a controversy over the governorship ticket of the PDP in the next election

Over 30 Killed In Fresh Boko Haram Attack In Borno

Atleast 30 people are reported to have been killed after rampaging Boko Haram insurgents attacked 3 villages in Borno between Thursday evening and  Friday morning.
The attacks were said to have happened in Dikwa, Gwoza and Kalabalge council area of the state.
Vanguard reports:
Suspected Boko  Haram members launched attacks on troubled Borno villages and on highways, killing more than 30 people including residents, motorists and commuters.
The sect, in the latest attacks, Thursday evening and Friday morning, invaded three towns – Dikwa (in the central), Gwoza and Kalabalge council area and on Maiduguri-Biu road.
In the attack on Government Secondary school in Dikwa located along Gulumba road, some residents of the town who fled to Maiduguri revealed to journalists that the hoodlums came to the

Video Exclusive: Chiwetel Ejiofor Addresses Backlash From Not Claiming Nigerian Heritage

A few months ago Academy award nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor received backlash from Nigerians when he said during an interview on the Ellen show while promoting 12 Years A Slave that he was from London. This did not go down well with many Nigerians who felt the actor did not identify with his Nigerian heritage at all.

Today during the press conference of cast and crew of Half Of A Yellow Sun which took place at The Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos, the Oscar nominated actor addressed the incident, saying he is “Nigerian-British” and proud of Nigerian heritage.

Watch what he had to say below:

How my sister sold me with pregnancy for N100,000 — Victim

A 23-year-old pregnant woman,  Jennifer Ogbonna, raised the emotion of people recently at Zone 2, Police Headquarters, Abeokuta, Ogun State, when she narrated how her sister tricked her into slavery and sold her off with her 7-month old pregnancy.   She was then transported from Aba to Abeokuta after a couple who allegedly specialized  in buying human beings from all  parts of the country paid N100,000 to her sister.
She told Vanguard
“I was brought to Abeokuta by the woman’s husband. I don’t know that they had already paid money on my head. I only got to know in Abeokuta when I overheard the woman and her husband talking about child trafficking and I felt bad.   I decided not to eat any of their food. There is one lady
in that building, they call her Adeola, she would bring  food for me and I would not touch it to the extent that the woman’s husband  pleaded with me  to eat and still I  refused and said I am

WATCH: Drake wears disguise to ask strangers what they think of him


Some celebrities avoid social media because they don't want to read the nasty things people say about them. But rapper Drake really wanted to find out what people thought of him and decided the best way to find out was to go undercover and ask strangers on the streets.
In a hilarious sketch filmed for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Drake was described as a chicken head, a fake, childish and more, as he spoke with passers-by on the Hollywood Boulevard. It's hilarious. Watch..

Frank Edoho and new wife, sandra, welcome their first child together

Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra Onyenaucheya, gave birth to the couple's first child together in the US recently. Frank revealed the good news to friends. Not sure if it's a boy or a girl but big congrats to them. Frank already has three kids with ex-wife Katherine Obiang, while Sandra has a child from a previous relationship.

Friday, 11 April 2014

'Reeva was standing behind the toilet door talking to you when you shot her' - Prosecutors tell Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius' three-day cross-examination reached a dramatic climax today as the world-famous athlete was accused of deliberately shooting his girlfriend through a toilet door as the couple talked and argued in the early hours of Valentine's Day last year.
"You knew that Reeva went behind the door and you shot at her,' Mr Nel said. 'You shot at her knowing she was behind the door.'
Pistorius denied the charge as prosecutor Gerrie Nel pushed the Paralympic champion on his version of the exact events in the seconds before he killed Reeva Steenkamp by firing four times through the stall door in his bathroom with his 9mm pistol on February 14, 2013. 

 Mr Nel challenged the double-amputee sprinter repeatedly as to why Miss Steenkamp failed to scream when she was shot four times. Mr Nel, one of South Africa's top attorneys, said it was beyond belief that 29-year-old law graduate and model Miss Steenkamp would have remained silent in the tiny cubicle with an armed Pistorius shouting and screaming in the adjoining bathroom.

Mr Nel later followed up with his central accusation - that the couple had an argument and Steenkamp fled

Presh signs Multi million naira record deal that comes with 2 brand new cars

Presh of former music duo Kc Presh is now signed to Erik Manny Records. Erik Manny is owned by Mr Dilly, Chairman of Dilly Motors. Presh signed a multi million naira record deal with Erik Manny that comes with a a 2014 Prado Jeep and a 2013 Infiniti Qx 56 (pictured above).

The music star just released new promo photos and a brand new single titled Olegelege. Continue to see more pics and listen to his new single...

7 things to expect from Nigeria’s GDP Rebasing

Jide Ogunsanwo, a data and analysis guru, believes that a simple approach should be used to explain complex things.  I met with him and this is how he simply broke down the GDP rebasing saga.

1. A higher GDP means that Nigeria would get mentioned a lot of times on many international newspapers and television stations.  Certainly, this would attract more interest in Nigeria; especially from foreign businessmen.  The lesson here is that we should all get ready to see more Chinese looking men and of course Chinese restaurants. Continue...

 2. Lesson 2: Now that we are No.1 in Africa, maybe some Presidents that had shunned us would have a re-think.  We could (may be o) soon sight Barrack Obama near Aso-Rock.
3.    Every parent wants their child to come first in school. As long as you are number one, you would get admired. If you disagree, ask Messi, Ronaldo or Tuface . Sadly, terrorists also prefer to operate in countries that are ranked number 1. Why? It makes their evil actions get more news coverage. Our national defense

"Me & my Niggas refuse to be broke, don't give a fuxx about your feelings" - Wizkid slams haters

He has been criticised for flaunting the fact that he is rich every time he has a run in with a fan..However Wizkid is making it clear, he knows where he came from so he doesn't care...
 "Me nd my Niggas Refuse to be broke!!! Did a lot to get out the streets nd we never going back!! Stay stunting on u fuck boys! Nd I really do not give 2 fuxx abt ur feelings...Ginger drops in a few days...Watch this space! #StarBoy! ������" 

Female teachers catch male colleague urinating in their tea (SEE RAW PHOTOS)

Four female nursery teachers who were suspicious about their strange-smelling tea trained a hidden camera on their thermos flasks - and discovered a cigarette-smoking colleague was urinating in them.
Chinese police arrested 54-year-old Gao Chao and took him to hospital where he was tested for infectious diseases.But they say the teacher committed no crime because he has a clean bill of health so his actions caused no harm.
According to Mailonline,.....
The man reportedly felt his female colleagues did not respect him enough, and was bitter at being passed over for the job of kindergarten boss.
But teacher Li Kao, 26, one of the four, said she was furious that police had simply given the man nothing more than a stern lecture and a warning not to do it again...She said..
'I first noticed there was a strange smell from my tea a few weeks ago after I returned to the

Nigeria's Biggest Problem Halts Hearing Of Sanusi's Law Suit

A Lagos Federal High Court on Friday postponed a hearing of the suit filed by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi when the temperature of the room became unbearable due to electricity blackout.

The suspended Central Bank governor filed a suit against the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN), asking the court to restrain the FRCN from investigating him.
Due to poor supply of electricity from the Eko Electricity Distribution Company, the court had to rely on generator-powered electricity.
Electricity, however, failed to come on throwing the sitting into darkness and heat as air conditioning stopped working.
Counsels were allowed to remove their wigs while some lawyers turned their papers to hand fans.
When the heat became unbearable, Justice James Tsoho ruled to postpone the hearing till next Thursday.
This is coming a day after the Lagos State government ended the 2014 Economic Summit focusing on power

YET AGAIN: Gunmen Kill 2, Abduct Pregnant Woman, burn Houses In Taraba


Two persons have been killed and two women, including a pregnant woman were kidnapped after gunmen attacked Kashimbilla community in Takum Local Government Area of Taraba on Friday.
This is coming barely three days after gunmen also attacked a community in Taraba killing 10 people and burning over 20 houses.
Confirming the attack to newsmen in Jalingo, a member of the Taraba House of Assembly, Mr Mark Useni, who represents Takum II Constituency said two women, including a pregnant lady, were taken hostage by the attackers and that efforts to find them has been futile.
However, the Public Relations Officer of the Taraba Police Command, Mr Joseph Kwaji, who also confirmed the incident,  said only one person was killed and that many houses were burnt.
Kwaji who alleged that the gunmen were from Benue said that the gunmen attacked

WATCH: These Three Naija Girls Are Mad At Davido For Singing 'Aye'

Photo - VIDEO: These Naija girls are mad At Davido for singing ‘Aye’

Nigerian comedian Emma OhMaGod makes parody for Davido's 'Aye' song as a reaction from Naija girls perspective.

In his song Davido says "She no want Ferrari, she say na my love." And apparently some Nigerian girls aren’t of that school of thought.
Emma OhMaGod with a couple of friends dress as girls, put makeup and then...
Just Watch the Video below: