Saturday, 20 September 2014

Too Pretty! See Actress Chacha Eke’s 1-Year Old Daugther (PHOTOS)

Actress Chacha Eke’s daughter, Kamara clocked one yesterday, 19th of Sept. and part of the activities lined up to celebrate her special day was a photoshoot her mom arranged for her. You just have to love this girl, she is such a cutie. See More photos below:

Photos from the collapsed church building in Edo state

Here are some photos from the one-storey church building belonging to Christ Chosen Church of God which collapsed yesterday September 19th. The building, which had been vacated recently by the church following its relocation to a bigger site, was being demolished by 8 workers when it caved in and fell on them. Three people have been confirmed dead while five were rescued from under the rubble. See more photos below:

EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe shares audio proof of T.B Joshua offering journalists N50k

Unbelievable. Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe this afternoon shared audio proof of T.B Joshua offering journalists (who are covering the building collapse) N50,000 to 'fuel' their cars after he met with them behind close doors at his church premises. After giving them the money, he asked them what they planned to write and some of them said whatever he wants them to write. He asked them to talk about the people who were rescued/survived and not focus on the people who died.

Listen to the audio below:

Funmi Iyanda talks about the time her T.B Joshua interview tape disappeared

Award-winning broadcaster Funmi Iyanda took to twitter this afternoon to share her weird encounter with T.B Joshua many years back and also talks about how the tape that recorded her two-hour interview with him mysteriously disappeared at her office. See more tweets below:

Keyshia Cole arrested for attacking love rival over Birdman

She dumped her husband Daniel Gibson because he was allegedly cheating on her but it looks like like her new man is not any better. R&B singer Keyshia Cole was arrested yesterday after attacking a woman she found with her boyfriend, Cash Money CEO, Birdman.
According to TMZ, Keyshia was arrested yesterday around 5am after gaining access to Birdman's West L.A. condo and finding him there with another woman who had spent the night with him.
"Our sources say for some reason security let her go up to Birdman's penthouse and when she got in she saw another woman and went nuts. We're told Keyshia attacked her leaving scratches all over her face. Cops were called and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant. She was just released on $46,000 bail." TMZ reports

Zimbabwean Politician Died Under Rubble Of Synagogue Church Collapse

Photo - Greenwich-Ndanga_synagogou_church_collapse

A Zimbabwean opposition politician is among at least 80 people who died when a church guesthouse of TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos collapsed a week ago.
Greenwich Ndanga was the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) provincial chairman for Mashonaland West.
Most of the victims were South Africans who were staying in the multi-storey guesthouse. The authorities say it it had more floors than its foundation could hold.
Over 130 people survived, including one South African woman who was pulled from the rubble on Monday – three days after the building collapsed.

Mr Ndanga’s death was confirmed by his family and party officials on Thursday.
According to Zimbabwe’s newspaper, MDC spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said he was a pastor and had

Still going strong! Mocheddah gushes about her Boo (PHOTOS)

Sultry singer,Mocheddah and her long time boyfriend Prince Bukunyi are inseparable...He has been her back bone even when she went under the radar. She gushed"This man right here..KING"

Boko Haram: Nigerian Troops Sent To Russia, China For Training

Nigeria turns to Russia and China for the training of its military as well as acquisition of military hardware to fight Boko Haram insurgents.
Nigeria, for years, enjoyed close ties with the West and was seen as a US ally. But the seeming snub or nonchalant attitude towards Nigeria, government decided to turn to the other two world military powers.
According to highly placed military and intelligence sources in Abuja, this decision was an interim measure to roll back the military advances made by the Boko Haram insurgents who have gained some grounds in seizing and controlling some towns and Villages in the north eastern states of Borno and Adamawa.
It was gathered that a group of Nigerian security personnel has been already dispatched to Russia for training as Special Forces to combat the Boko Haram insurgents who are mounting stiff challenge to the Nigerian security services. While another batch made up of the Army, Police, Department of State Services (DSS) billed to leave Nigeria next month to join the other three batches that are already in training.

ISIS Fighters Terrified Of Being Killed By Female Troops


WASHINGTON — Kurdish fighters battling ISIS desperately want more guns and armor, but they already have a secret weapon: The fanatics they’re
fighting fear that if they get killed in combat by a woman, they won’t go to heaven. “They have many female battalions, as you know
who fought very bravely,” Rep. Ed Royce (R- Calif.), who chairs the House International Relations Committee, told The Post of the Kurds.
Royce, who met this week with the foreign
minister of Kurdistan, cited recent reports of young female Kurdish troops “laughing” at ISIS forces they had turned back.
“These ISIL soldiers apparently believed that if they were killed in battle, they went to paradise as long as they were killed by a man,” Royce explained, using another acronym for the terror group.
“And these female soldiers were communicating their satisfaction with the fact that they had taken the fight to ISIL and had stopped the advance,

South African Court Okays Seizure Of Nigeria’s $9.3m

South Africa has seized the $9.3 million Nigerian cash flown abroad a private jet into its capital, Johannesburg, from Abuja early this month. Two Nigerians and an Israeli were travelling with the plane’s crew at the time the cash, which was not declared, was found on the plane.South African security and Nigeria have launched an investigation into what transpired.The explanation from Nigeria that the money was meant for arms purchase for the Nigeria intelligence agencies, has been rejected by South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) and the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA).The NPA, in a statement, according to online publication Premium Times, said the manner in which the money was brought into the country breached the laws that deal with the transfer of foreign exchange of such proportion.
“The money was initially detained by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) as it was not disclosed or declared at customs, and was above the prescribed legal limit for the amount of cash that may be brought into the country,” it said in a statement.
The NPA, according to the medium, said its investigation showed that Tier One Services Group, the firm the Nigerian government claimed it wanted to procure the arms from, is not authorised to sell or rent military

Non-Ghanaian Retailers Ordered To Leave Ghana Markets In 30 Days

A Typical Ghanaian Market
The Ministry of Trade and Industry has issued a 30-day ultimatum to non-Ghanaians in retail trade to leave 48 markets across the country where they mostly operate.
In a public notice issued on Friday, the ministry stated that, “notwithstanding numerous interventions by the government to encourage non-Ghanaians engaged in retail trading in the market place to relocate, some non-Ghanaians have refused to comply with the directive.”

The ministry named 35 markets in Accra, 7 in Ashanti region and 2 each in the Brong Ahafo and Eastern regions. The rest are in the Northern and Upper East regions.
The Trade Ministry further warned that the “non-Ghanaians who further contravene the provisions of the Act 865 in the GIPC Law 2013 shall be prosecuted.”
In June, thousands of traders belonging to the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) in Accra and Kumasi closed down their shops in protest against government’s inability to eject the foreign traders from their markets.
Government at the time was unhappy with the traders because according to the then Deputy Minister, Nii

Oyedepo Speaks On Why Private Universities Are Expensive In Nigeria

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church has said private universities in Nigeria are expensive because the cost of maintaining and giving quality education is high. He also criticized Nigerians about believing in spending millions of naira on parties, but can’t spend such on their children’s education. Bishop Oyedepo addressed this issue while speaking to Journalists on Friday in Ota, Ogun State. His words;
“I’m sure we all agree that education is expensive. Education carries cost; nothing of value is free. Our mission for years long, before we started any university or secondary school, was a bursary awarding church and we have not stopped doing that till tomorrow.”
“Our problem most of the time is priority; an average Nigerian can spend N1m on burial but to spend N200,000 on education (is a problem), because of wrong priority. Continue below..

“On a yearly basis, we have N1.5trn that Nigerians spend to overseas universities, so people thrive on it. Nigerians spend N463bn a month on recharge cards, how much are they paying for schools fees? So it’s all

Falling In Love Is Stupid - Etcetera writes again...

Sincerely, I really don’t care what all the love songs say and what the romantic movies and novels would have you believe. Falling in love is a waste of time and does no one any good. It wears off sooner than later and leaves you staring at your palms like an idiot.
I see a lot of romantically challenged people asking Cupid to shoot an arrow straight into their lover’s heart. How does anyone survive an arrow in the heart and love you right back? And again, can you be sure how good a shooter Mr. Cupid is? What if he misses and shoots her straight in the eye instead? I guess that won’t bother you too, isn’t love supposed to be blind after all?
One of the best things about being sane is knowing never to fall in love. I wonder how “falling head over heels” can be attempted by anyone other than a mad man. Well, go ahead Mr. Lover-man and fall head over heels if you must. Break your neck in the process if you think it is a great idea. But don’t just recommend it to me.
I have seen otherwise smart and self-respecting people felt and acted, ridiculously stupid and call it love. For those who have dated quite a few, is it possible to look back on your dating years without asking yourself

Female Breadwinners Speak On How They Run Their Homes, Hubby Cheats & Yet Can’t Divorce Him

A Punch reporter took out time to speak with some women who have been the breadwinners of their families for years. They narrated how their husbands lost their jobs, how some even got other jobs later on but claim they are too much to do such menial jobs, and so put all their financial pressures and that of the kids solely on them.
A particular one talked about how she established her husband twice and how he could not account for the money till date, but instead he cheats on her, connive with mechanics to dupe her and yet she can’t divorce him because of what the society will say. A Christian who also spoke on the matter said, it is unfortunate but the woman has no option than to stay in the marriage and carry her cross (her husband). Their story culled from Punch below:
Her wedding day was one of happiness and merry making. But that was a few years ago when Wunmi Oyediji was still in love. Fast forward eight years and you have a completely different story from the sweet romance that led Oyediji to the altar.
Her marriage to Damilare had so much promise, but her hope of a blissful union gradually faded into a living

I Gave Him All I Had…Yet He Walked Out On Me Without A Single Word - Keturah Explains Relationship With Jim Iyke

Though Keturah Hamilton has once said in an interview that Jim Iyke was and ingrate and she still finds it hard to believe he left her after 6years with all she has gone through with him. Keturah while narrating what she suffered in the hands of her lover boy, Jim Iyke, says he makes her now feel men are mean and heartless. Jim is wicked, she said.
He made me sound and acted like a jealous lover in his reality show, I acted crazy, I didn’t mind what people will say about me, I acted like I was a jealous lover, because that was the exact role he wanted me to play. I didn’t know he was setting me up. He set me up for the world to see. I gave him all I had, I supported him, and just when we were about planning our lives, he walked away without saying goodbye. 
Oh dear, we hear these stories almost every day, but not like 6years tho. These guys won’t ever fall in love with a poor girl, they are always in love with made girls! Bottom line, keep your money to yourselves ladies, keep your money!!! Buy your sisters cars, your brothers, make your mom happy. Oh do you still have

Joan Rangers!!! Fashion Police Will Indeed Continue despite Joan's River's passing away

Yes!! Joan Rangers,Fashion Police will indeed continue despite the death of Joan Rivers.Her daughter,Mellissa made this known during the "Fashion Police: Remembering Joan" special..
"Yes, Fashion Police will continue. We're going to hit pause for a little while, but Fashion Police will be back in January."I really want to thank all of the Joan Rangers for the outpouring of love and support, it has meant so much to Cooper and me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."
Radar online reports that Kelly Osborne doesn't want it to continue .According to their source  close to production..
“Kelly feels that it is pointless to continue on with the show. Kelly says that anyone that you try replace Joan Rivers with will fail miserably.”

"TB Joshua will suffer but not die" - Congolese Prophet reveals his own revelations...

Congolese prophet, Jean-Claude Kibondzi has been trying to see TB Joshua since 2012. He said that he is based in Sweden and has been trying to tell him his revelations..He had been to SCOAN seven times and has been unsuccessful.
Checkout excerpts from his interview with Vanguard
On What God Revealed to Him..
T.B Joshua is a messiah. He is not a real human being. He is a special creator from God and it is only God that knows why he chose to use that body. There is likely no man of God who is spiritually endowed. It is only those who are filled with the spirit of God that can understand him and that is why demons tremble when they come close to him....
Again, I want to say T.B Joshua is the fulfillment of the promise of God in Mathew 21 verse 42 to 44.
God has shown me many Prophecies like the fall of the Catholic church and the fall of the

"The Devil did it, please forgive me" - Herbalist who buried Customs officer & daughter alive

The victims got missing on May 10 after which the family spent three weeks searching for them before eventually reporting to the po­lice on June 13. 
For five days, despite all kinds of rigorous interrogations he was subjected to, Olatunji maintained that he was innocent. Not deterred by his tears and call on the almighty God to de­liver him from what he described as injustice, Head of the SARS team, Abba Kyari insisted that the suspect’s confession was not coherent, hence the need for further interrogation.
On the sixth day, he cracked. Olatunji ad­mitted that he knew where the missing Angela and her daughter were and was ready to take the police to them in Ijebu Ode.
She was brought to my clinic by her friend who I assisted in the past. This was six years ago. She was very sick then. She had a spiritual attack also known as ofa in Yoruba. It is sent by evil people, in form of an evil arrow. Her body will turn black and will be itching her ceaselessly. People are very wicked.
“Then she had retired from the Customs service. I tried my best and God answered her prayer. She was very excited and decided to make me her spiritual father. She started pa­tronizing me,

Touching Story: How Armed Robbers Shattered NFL dream of US Based Nigerian Student (PHOTO)

This was not the life Okwara dreamt of when he transferred from Livingston College in South Carolina to Alabama State University, recruited as a line backer for the college football team, in 2012.Early this fall, as summer days were ending, his dreams of playing in the National Football League, America’s elite professional sports , shattered during a day time random robbery in his apartment complex. The 20-year-old athlete remembered how the robbery happened:
“It was very spontaneous. Three men deceived my roommate and I as we walked out of our apartment that afternoon, they said they had ipod gadgets to sell to us in our apartment complex. The guys asked us to meet at a designated area to check the ipods. As soon as we arrived, they pulled guns at us, took my bag. I was scared. I reacted by punching one of the robbers in his face. He was knocked unconscious: his gun fell from his hands. One of the robbers panicked and shot at me as I was about to run. Everything went down so fast. I was shot in my waist. I lay in a pool of blood, bullet lodged in my spine; I was in serious pain from

'I don't intend to marry any girl in the entertainment industry - Praiz

Singer Praiz says marriage is not in the cards for him right now and said when he's ready to settle down, it won't be with any girl in the entertainment industry..
"I don't intend to marry anyone in the industry. I want my love life to be different from what you see on the screen" he said
"Marriage is not something one just rushes into. I can't say because everyone is getting married, I should now rush into marriage. It's a deal forever. Basically, I am just focused on my musical career" he said
Speaking on his kind of woman, Praiz says women who like to work turn him on
"I like my woman to be ambitious. I like a lady who likes to work. It turns me on. I like a woman who would give me that challenge, she must be a good dresser. I like a lady who is

"You're too FAT for Runway" - Kendall Jenner slammed for cellulite on her thighs (PHOTOS)

An Austrialian Magazine called Famous has Kendall Jenner on it's cover with a screaming headline "'Model bosses blast Kendall "You're too FAT for runway:Devastated Kendall ordered to lose 8KG,' which would be 17.6lbs.Her bestie, Ireland Baldwin took to twitter to slam them 
'I just saw a magazine cover of Kendall Jenner where is (as usual) looks thin and beautiful and FAMOUS decided to photoshop some cottage cheese on the back of her thigh.'Uh. let me tell you. that girl has flawless legs. I’ve seen them in person plenty of times…'Im (sic) so beyond fucking sick of these photoshop jobs as well! are all of you completely incapable as it is?
Kendall acknowledged her friend saying  '@IrelandBBaldwin going off! Preach girl!!!'

However, the photo above proves it is indeed true and not photoshopped. See the cover below:

Security breached: Intruder gets into the US White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Secret Service is coming under intense scrutiny after a man who hopped the White House fence made it all the way through the front door before being apprehended.

President Barack Obama and his daughters had just departed the White House on Friday evening when an intruder scaled the north fence, darted across the lawn and into the presidential residence, where agents nabbed him. The security breach triggered a rare evacuation of much of the White House, with Secret Service officers drawing their guns as they rushed staffers and journalists out a side door.

For the Secret Service, the incident was a devastating episode that prompted fresh questions about the storied agency and its ability to protect the president. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who chairs the House subpanel on national security oversight, called it "totally unacceptable" but said the incident was just one of a

PHOTOS: Mario Balotelli arrives to Liverpool training in £240k Ferrari

Mario Balotelli drove to Liverpool training on Thursday in his £240,000 (about N65million) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta which he shipped from Italy last week. The 24 year old footballer moved from AC Milan to Liverpool in a £16million switch last month. See the super car below:

'I don't bleach, what I have is sun burn'- Actress Ayo Adesanya says...

Actress Ayo Adesanya says contrary to popular reports, says she doesn't bleach her skin. In an interview published on Punch today, Ayo said what she has is sun burns which most people confuse for skin bleaching:
"No I do not bleach my skin. When you see somebody that bleaches, you will know. I have sun burns and it is not a hidden thing. I have tried a lot of things to make it fade away but it has refused and I have come to terms with it. I would never bleach my skin, a lot of people get confused about it but I don’t get bothered. I don’t owe anybody an explanation but when you meet me in person, you can always make up your mind"
What does she think of bleaching?
"Some people are naturally fair and the weather in Nigeria is terrible, it is just recently that we have been experiencing cool weather. The sun is usually very hot and it is bad for the skin. For someone like me, a lot of people are usually confused when they see my picture. They are

Man commits suicide in Ekiti state after two failed attempts

After two failed attempts to kill himself in the last three years, a man said to be in his 30s named Mundiu (pictured above) finally succeeded in killing himself yesterday September 19th.
According to Sun News, Mundiu killed himself in the hall way of his compound in Ayede-Ekiti community in Oye local government of Ekiti state around in the early hours of yesterday morning.

According to one of his neighbors, Muntiu had always complained of being poor and unsuccessful and was said to be very frustrated. A day before he killed himself, he mentioned to neighbours that they will be witnessing drama on Friday but no one knew he was talking about him killing himself...
 "He used to complain about the fact that he was very poor and living a wretched life, that he wasn’t making money to take care of himself. Two months ago, he had an okada (motor­cycle) accident that almost claimed his life. He was moved out of the community for treat­ment. Two weeks ago, we learnt that he was dead but just three days ago, we sighted him in the community. Yesterday (Thurs­day), people heard him saying that by today (Friday) the peo­ple

Video games: the overtime unknown religion + money maker

Rotimi Tewe

Mr Caino twice ended his relationship because he was put on the spot of choosing between love and game consoles, surprisingly, he chose gaming.
“I am an addict…they got to understand that you don’t make a brother choose between his toys and your touch,” were his words.
The love for video games has over the years evolved from generation to generations. From the years of Atari by Atari, Inc; Nintendo’s Famicom; Sega’s Sega Mega Drive; to Nintendo’s Game Cube; Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s XBox.
What started out as a device for the young in heart, has now become a leisure platform for those in their 20s, and sometimes 30s depending on individuals.

Gruesome murder: Grandfather kills daughter, her six children and himself


A grandfather has killed his daughter and her six children in Bell, Florida.
The 51-year-old gunman, Don Charles Spirit, shot his daughter and her children, whose ages range from 3-months to 10-years-old, after which he took his own life.
The police found seven bodies in the house, although there were other people there who were still alive.
According to the Florida Department of Corrections, the grandfather was once behind bars for a gun charge, and was released in February 2006.
Gilchrist County Sheriff, Robert Schultz said a colleague responded to reports of a shooting on the afternoon of Thursday, 7 September, and on arrival made contact with Spirit before he killed himself.
He said, “I haven’t seen anything like this at all. This county, this community is going to be devastated from this. It is a small county, we are all family here. We’re asking for prayers for this community and the families

Computer whiz Kid moves N6 billion from new generation bank, EFCC is looking for him...


The Economic and Financial Crimes commission (EFCC), has declared wanted an IT staff of a new generation bank, which they did not name, for allegedly defrauding the bank of N6.28 billion.
In a press release on its website, the EFCC said that the suspect, Godswill Onyegwa Uyoyou, was an IT staff of the bank he defrauded. He reportedly colluded with some scammers to hack into his bank’s database to steal the money.
The 38-year-old Godswill is from Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State. His last known address is No. 7 Balogun Akarutu Street, off Tijani Salako, Ile-epo Ashamu Estate, Ejigbo-Lagos.
The EFCC, in a bid to apprehend and try Uyoyou, has begged members of the public to report him if he is seen.
“The public is hereby notified that Godswill Oyegwa Uyoyou, whose photograph appears above is wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in connection with a case of Criminal

#Ebola: World Health Organization warns of booming blood black market


The World Health Organization has raised an alarm over the booming blood black market, as infected patients of the Ebola virus disease scramble to purchase blood from Ebola survivors.
According to the WHO, blood from survivors(Convalescent serum) possess antibodies which have the ability to fight the virus. The apex world health body stated that despite the treatment being unproven, it has become a last resort for the infected patients.
The WHO said, “Studies suggest blood transfusions from survivors might prevent or treat Ebola virus infection in others, but the results of the studies are still difficult to interpret. It is not known whether antibodies in the plasma of survivors are sufficient to treat or prevent the disease. More research is needed.”
Convalescent serum was used to treat American aid worker Rick Sacra, after getting blood from Kent Brantly, an American doctor who survived Ebola.
The WHO says their treatment process was monitored, unlike patients in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, who get the blood through improper channels and black market.
Margaret Chan, the WHO’s director-general, said, “We need to work very closely with the affected countries to stem out black market trading of convalescent serum for two reasons. Because it is in the

You like? We present the new look Toke Makinwa (PHOTOS)

Toke long

On-Air-Personality, Toke Makinwa is apparently excited about her cute new look.
Makinwa who recently got married to fitness expert, Maje Ayida shared new photos of herself on Instagram rocking a pixie cut hairstyle as opposed to her usual long flowing mane everyone’s used to.
She, however, admitted that the new look makes it hard for her fans to recognize her. Here’s what she had to say about that: “#tokemakinwa #morningrose #newhair #pixiecut #black #boldlips. I’m out with my hubby and no one recognises me, people thinking I’m his side chic….. #toofunny. He is holding my hands and some girl is like errrr, how is Toke, she says that so loud just incase I’m the side chic. Loveeeeeit.”
Check her out below and tell us what you think:

Clemens Westerhof warns Nigeria about letting go of Stephen Keshi


Former manager of the Super Eagles, Clemens Westerhof, has called on the Nigerian Football Federation to renew Stephen Keshi’s contract.
Westerhof, who led Nigeria to the 1994 world cup in the USA, warned that failure to extend Keshi’s contract will spell doom for the team.
In an interview with sports newspaper, Complete Sports, Westerhof said, “I don’t know what’s happening, why have they not given Stephen Keshi a new contract, why, he did well in the first period and it’s okay for Nigeria for Keshi to continue his job.
“Keshi played under me when I was Super Eagles coach, he was a good team leader and he learned how to lead very well. He has put that in when he led the Super Eagles to win the Nations Cup last year and reach the World Cup second round.
“That was good enough; he has reached my record, but did not erase it, (laughs). So I don’t know what the

Oil workers call off their strike


The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), have suspended their five-day old strike. The industrial action was suspended after a meeting with petroleum minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke.
The oil workers had on Monday embarked on an indefinite strike because of the NNPC’s alleged refusal to address in-house pension issues concerning workers in the oil industry.
A communiqué which was jointly signed by PENGASSAN president, Francis Johnson and permanent secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Jamila Shu’ara, was read by NUPENG president, Achese Igwe, on Friday after the meeting, stating that the industrial action was suspended after the intervention of Mrs. Allison-Madueke.
The strike crippled power supply across Nigeria, with many states in the federation experiencing blackout for days.

For better, for worse has no meaning as husband wants to divorce wife who was raped

Law court rape

A man has told the Magistrate’s Court in Lagos that he can no longer continue his relationship with his wife after she was gang-raped.
The man, Andrew Sewanu, told the court that his tradition does not allow him to stay married to a woman who was raped adding that it is an abomination.
His wife, Cesi Sewanu, said she was raped by four men who deceived her into believing they had the intention of buying fish worth N4,000 from her.
Narrating her ordeal on the day she was raped, the 27-year-old mother of three said the four men told her to follow her to a particular location.
“Since I know the place quite well, I followed them. I entered their bus. The man driving suddenly drove past the agreed place, driving into an unfamiliar bush path. I started shouting, asking where they were taking me, but they ignored me. When the man driving stopped, they dragged me out. Three other men came out from

Photo of the Day: Guys, would you be caught dead in this outfit?


Where is the fashion police when you desperately need them?
The picture above is a random one of a guy wearing an ill-fitting white top with a bikini-clad white lady printed on it – who does that?!
Guys, would you be caught dead in this outfit? Let’s have your say.

More darkness ahead Nigeria: Power supply is going to get worse, much worse. Here's Why......


In the past few days, Lagosians have decried the poor state of power supply in the state.
Many areas in the mega city have not seen light in the past two to three days, which has raised questions over the NOIPolls reports in the month of August which stated that Nigerians voted to have had an improvement in power supply.
YNaija paid a visit to a power station in Surulere to enquire the reason for shortage in power.
An official at the station, who chose to speak on the condition of anonymity said that the poor state of power supply wasn’t only a Lagos problem but national.
“The poor state of power supply in the past few days is not only a Lagos issue. It is felt nationwide because its from a major power station in the country,” he said.
The official who brought to our notice that they had no light and had resorted to using a generator set said that; “shortage of gas supply at the Egbin power plant is the reason why Nigerians are not seeing light”.

President Jonathan visits TB Joshua, promises to find out why Synagogue building collapsed


President Goodluck Jonathan has visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations, and made a promise to investigate the cause of the collapse of the Synagogue Church of All Nations six-storey building.
While expressing condolences to the families of the victims, President assured them that Nigeria will deploy every resource needed to ensure that investigations into the cause of the collapse are treated speedily.
The President promised that he will convene a meeting with state governors to discuss the need for advice or measures that will help check the illegal erection of high rise buildings.
The President was accompanied by the national chairman of the PDP, Adamu Muazu and the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, to the site of the collapsed structure.
The building, which was being raised from its original two storeys to six collapsed last Friday. Yesterday,

Nigeria’s foreign policy shows that even a giant can’t go too far

Nigeria 50th independent

Last week, Liberian president Ellen Sirleaf wrote to US President Barack Obama to implore the US to help Liberia fight Ebola. She told Obama in the letter, “Without more direct help from your government, we will lose this battle against Ebola.”
It’s been about nine months since Ebola broke out in West Africa. About 5,000 people have been infected and half of them have died. International health bodies have warned that the affected countries, which are all in West Africa, don’t have the means to manage this crisis. So some people think Nigeria should assume a stronger leadership role in this emergency, given its status as a superpower in West Africa and Africa in whole. But the Nigerian government seems to have other priorities.
Nigeria has traditionally stepped in and taken the lead to help fellow African countries whenever they’re in some crisis, similar to the role the United States plays on a global level.
From the 60s to the 80s, Africa was the centrepiece of Nigeria’s foreign policy. Nigeria prominently

Case to answer: U.S court declines to dismiss drug case against PDP chief, Buruj Kashamu


After filing an order of mandamus (motion for dismissal) on 18 August to dismiss the indictment instituted against him by a US court, for allegedly attempting to import heroin into the country 16 years ago, Prince Buruji Kashamu, Chairman of Mobilisation and Organisation Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has received an unfavourable judgement.
The Northern District of Illinois court has ruled that the politician should return to the U.S to face trial. The American court, in its judgement stated two possible relief avenues for Kashamu.
“One is to return to the United States to stand trial, and at trial (or in pretrial proceedings) renew his motion for dismissal on the basis of the speedy-trial clause; were the motion denied and he convicted, he could challenge the dismissal on appeal. His other possible recourse is to obtain from us, as he is trying to do, a writ of mandamus ordering the district court to dismiss the indictment.”
“As he won’t risk the first path to relief, which would require him to come to the United States and fall into the clutches of the federal judiciary, he must rely entirely on mandamus. In opposing the petition for mandamus the Justice Department tells us that ‘the prospects for extradition [from Nigeria] have recently

"Things will change by October" – President Jonathan says Boko Haram will be handled in a month’s time


President Goodluck Jonathan has promised that changes can be expected by October, regarding the constant terror attacks of the Boko Haram sect on the north-eastern part of Nigeria.
He said this on Thursday, 17 September, while speaking at the 66th National Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Jonathan said Nigeria’s greatest challenge was insecurity, saying that Nigeria has gone beyond mere terror attacks, as the Boko Haram sect plans to carve out a part of the country as a separate Islamic entity.
He said: “Nigeria is having an unfair share. Terror is a global problem, and Nigeria situation is going beyond terror. When terrorists think about holding ground, attempting to install leadership, it is no longer terrorism, it is almost like going into the line of succession. Between now and October, things will change.”
He also commiserated with victims of killings in Kaduna and Kano states.
Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army said another 60 insurgents were killed in the battle that ensued, when the Boko Haram insurgents attacked Konduga on Wednesday, 17 September.
The fire-fight lasted from 4 pm to 8 pm, after which several military hardware were recovered from the

Is Joseph Yobo the messiah for Arsenal? Here's What Arsene Wenger Says...


Former Nigerian international, Joseph Yobo, is on the radar of North London Club, Arsenal.
The club which is having some defensive lapses due to injury problems and sale of its defender without buying a replacement will are said to be looking at former Super Eagles player to salvage the situation.
Another player said to be on the radar of Arsenal is Uruguayan, Diego Lugano.
The Gunners sold Thomas Vermaelen to Barcelona over the summer and were not able to replace the Belgian international during the transfer window.
Yobo and Lugano both have Premier League experience – Yobo with Everton and Norwich; while Lugano with West Brom – and both have also played in Europe during their time at Turkish side Fenerbahce.
While no move is believed to be imminent, both players could represent a short-term solution to the north London side’s defensive crisis, at least until January when a more permanent solution can be sought.

Another Nigerian behaving badly in India, nabbed with large stash of 'ganja'


A Nigerian man has been arrested in Goa, India, for allegedly possessing marijuana worth Rs.55,000(N147,709).
According to a Goa Police spokesperson’s statement on Friday, 19 September, the 26-year-old man, Innocent Eneanya was arrested while selling the contraband drug near a petrol pump at the beach village of Arambol, 40 km from Panaji.
Eneanya has been booked under the relevant sections of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and the Indian Penal Code.
Subsequently, he was remanded in police custody for seven days by a local magistrate.
Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole.

Corps Member Donates N10,000 Allowy To President Jonathan’s Re-election

A serving corps member, Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi has donated N10,000 to President Jonathan's re-election bid. Patriotic or nah, guys?

In a press statement released by Mr. Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Media & Publicity, the young Nigerian sent the donation of Ten Thousand Naira as his humble contribution to the President’s  re-election. Reuben also disclosed that the donation was sent before the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) adopted the President as its sole candidate for the 2015 presidential elections.

In the letter forwarding his donation, Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi told President Goodluck Jonathan:

    “Nigerians are behind you. We see your good works in power, transportation, education, housing, ICT, sports, electoral reforms, observation of the principle of federal character and the creation of investment opportunities. The insurgents who are trying to destabilize your Administration are enemies of peace and progress. You will surely defeat them.”

Synagogue Building Collapse: Lagos Govt Moves against T. B Joshua

The Lagos State Government has moved against the popular Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, after one of its buildings collapsed last week killing over 70 people including a 10-year-old kid with many others critically injured.

The structure, which was under construction, was initially a two-storey building before the addition of four new floors which were under construction. As of Thursday, after NEMA announced that rescue work has ended, the death toll in the building collapse hit 80. Among the dead were 67 South Africans.

According to Punch, the Lagos State Building Control Agency has, therefore, marked the main building of the church, asking for relevant documents to prove its structural integrity.

The General Manager, Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mrs. Abimbola Animashaun-Odunayo, who confirmed that the building had been marked by the agency in a phone interview with Saturday PUNCH, said it had requested that the church provides some documents, adding that a structural integrity test would

Looks like someone stole Tonto Dikeh's man..See what she posted online

She posted these messages on her instagram page. Looks like someone stole her man abi what is she saying?