Saturday, 15 August 2015

Boko Haram: Nigerian Air Force Begins Bombardment Of Sambisa Forest


Forty-eight hours after President Muhammadu Buhari directed the Military High Command to ensure the end of Boko Haram in the next three months, Nigerian Airforce fighter jets recently deployed to the North East, have commenced air bombardments of Sambisa forest to decapitate the remaining terrorist’s camps and bunkers of the group.

A statement signed by the Director of Airforce Public Relations, Air Commodore dele Alonge said, “The Nigerian Military in its resolution to incapacitate and further degrade the fighting spirit of Boko Haram Terrorist Group (BHT), has carried out several bombings and air strike missions in Sambisa Forest.

“The strike missions came after several weeks of tactical reconnaissance by the reconnaissance/

Curiosity Or Madness? Meet The Man Who Now Lives His Life Like A Goat (Photos)

Sometimes these oyibo people just baffle me. Which kind of experiment is this one doing now?

Thomas Thwaites, a man who was curious to know how it feels to live like a goat has now given up his human life to join his goat friends in eating grass and playing in the farm. Apparently, Thomas was even thinking about constructing an artificial goat stomach for himself that would digest grass.

See more photos + read what Thomas has to say below:

Out of Thomas' curiosity, he ordered special limb prosthetics which gave him hooves that would enable him to walk on all fours comfortably, and took to the farm to live among goats. Prior to getting

Nigerians Make Joke Out Of Zannah Mustapha's Death

Zannah Mustapha, the deputy governor of Borno State passed away this morning in Yola, Adamawa state during an official trip to the state. The governor died in his sleep at a government guest house in the state capital after he went to bed last night and failed to wake up this morning.

He was found unresponsive around 8am after his aides entered his room and noticed he hadn't woken up for early morning prayers. People are blaming the cause of death on cardiac arrest. The Borno state governor has also confirmed his death to reporters and sent out his condolences. We here at

Shocking Photos: Accident Involving Truck And Bus On Ore-Lagos Road, Today

A serious accident involving a truck and commuter buss occurred at Ore-Lagos road.A blog reader who happened to be en-route Lagos encountered it .
According to him. the Aghofure bus driver took one way to beat traffic , but collided with a trailer on high speed loaded with goods....
And though no lives were lost, the driver of the aghofure bus in a critical condition and has been rushed to a nearby hospital by concerned citizens. The driver of the trailer hasn't been found....

The Body Cream We Use Only Costs N550 + We Are Not In A Relationship At The Moment - Aneke Twins

The Aneke twins who are always attacked when they publish their photos online with fans asking them to stop bleaching, hence they become Michael Jackson in no time, have said they do not bleach and as a matter of fact, the cream they used before they became famous is the same cream they use till date. The only difference is that the cream was sold for N350 before, but it is now N550, we do not use anything special, one of the sisters said. They however said they do everything in their power also not to walk under the sun as that might contribute to them getting darker on time. On MARRIAGE, the girls said it is against their religion to look for a suitor and as a matter of fact, they are both single at the moment. Below is what they told a Punch reporter.

Delved “My sister and I still use the same cream, we have not changed it at all. It is just that we do

'I Don’t Have A Facebook Account, Stop Letting Them Defraud You' - Mercy Aigbe Warns Fans

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has cried out saying she does not have a Facebook account and people should stop letting her impersonators defraud them. Below is what Mercy has to say after people cried out to her that they have been duped.
In her words “I have received calls from different sections of the public that I run a film school and a modeling agency where people have to pay to be part of. Some unsuspecting members of the public have paid large amount of money to these fraudsters who are only bent of swindling them of their

This Wedding Of These Young Stars, 17 & 18 Will Make You Jealous (Photos)

You have to read first to understand what I mean. This was one big flash gypsy wedding, where guests gave the happy couple GOLD BARS as gifts. It is understood the lavish ceremony in Romania was bankrolled by Grado Carpaci, the grandfather of the groom dubbed The Finance Minister.
Guests from Britain, US, France, Italy, Spain and Germany turned up to see the nuptials of Iasmina, 17, and Samuel, 18. The bride is also the daughter of Serif Carpaci, known as The Sheriff.bShe arrived in a dress from Milan, covered in Swarovksi crystals while the groom wore a dashing parade

How Nigerian Kimberly Conquered The World At 15! Becomes The First Black Teen To Fly Across The US

Read and be inspired…
Kimberly Anyadike is born to Nigerian parents and named the first African-American teen to fly across the United States breaking a stunning and exemplary record at the age of 15. Kimberly achieved this feat in 2009. She intends to become a cardiovascular surgeon after her college education but has a passion for flying aircrafts. A cardio-vascular surgeon with a pilot’s license, what an immense achievement that would be!
Born in Los Angeles in 1994, Kimberly’s dream of flying began when she was a pre-teen (12 years old). She was inspired by a group of airmen and the first African American female to travel in space among others. She had attended lessons from the Compton-based Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum

Teacher, 29, Who Admitted Having S3x With 15-Year Old Student On Dr Phil TV Show Jailed

A former teacher who admitted to having a s3xual relationship with a 15-year-old pupil has been jailed. Jennifer Caswell, 29, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to six counts of second-degree rape, child enticement and forcible sodomy in June. The mother-of-one will also have to sign the sex offenders register. However her lawyer said he was surprised by the severity of the penalty.

Divorced Caswell previously appeared on a daytime TV show to defend her relationship with the

Obasanjo Explains How He Escaped Death 12 Times

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has given insight into how he has escaped death atleast 12 times in his 78 years on earth. He explained how he survived infant mortality, biten by scorpion and how he survived, how he escaped death at Ogun River where he had gone to learn swimming and how he had accidents uncountable times.
“Being one of two of my mother’s surviving children (out of seven), I must have had the grace of God to cross the hurdle of infant mortality. The other five never lived up to age one. The vicissitudes of rural life and limited resources did not guarantee survival for children born in my time and in the place I was born. Growing up in the village I was bitten by a scorpion once, and I survived it. The

Adanna Ohakim-David & Husband Announce They Are Expecting Their First Child (Photo)

The daughter of former Governor of Imo State, Adanna Ohakim, now Adanna David announced on instagram this evening that she is expecting her first child with her husband, David. Adanna and David got married last year. We say big congrats to the couple.

Exclusive: Nigerian Women Turned To Sex Slaves In Dubai

Esther, Ann and Ebony
Sometime in 2014, a young beautiful girl, Ms Precious, completed her university education and the National Youth Service Corps programme in Edo State. Precious, as she identified herself while Unclad in a video, decided to seek better opportunity outside Nigeria. She chose a booming beautiful Arab city, Dubai, as her port of future success. Precious convinced her parents to finance her desire to travel. Her mother had no option than to support her by processing the needed travel documents to her dreamland.

On August 28, 2014, the naïve, young and pretty lady was ordered to stand Unclad in front of a camera by one of the most notorious Nigerian sex slave and human traffickers in Dubai, Esther Nicole Otubo. The video recordings of this innocent girl were to blackmail her and other girls under her “PROSTITUTION BUSINESS EMPIRE” in case they refused to pay their daily dividends to her.

Waitress pays for her customers meal...then she opened Facebook hours later and got a surprise!

This is one of those stories that restores your faith in humanity and teaches the importance of giving and being kind to others. Please read below...
Tim Young and Paul Hullings (pictured above) from New Jersey are hearty firefighters that live for their work. They once worked tirelessly for 12 hours to clear out a fire. After which, being completely exhausted, they went to a diner around 6 am to request the strongest cup of coffee the diner could muster.
Their waitress that day was Liz Woodward and she just happened to overhear the two firefighters discussing their tiresome battle. Eventually, when Tim and Paul went to pay, they were quite

Ini Edo steps out in lovely outfit at media event in Lagos

Ini Edo pictured at the Glo CNN African Voices Cocktail event last night...

20 Cultists Rape 16-Year-Old Girl During Initiation (Pictured)

■ ‘I was raped by every member of the cult on the day of my initiation’
■ She was lucky only 20 slept with her –Male student suspect

In recent times, the police have beamed their searchlight on cult activities across the country. This has led to several raids that have yielded results in Lagos, Anam­bra and Rivers states, as cultists were rounded up in their hundreds. Among those arrested was a 16-year-old girl, Ifechukwu Atunanya, who claimed that she was forced to sleep with every male member of the cult during her initiation. Recovered from them were guns, matchet and several wraps of Indian hemp.

Ifechukwu was among 75 suspected cult members who were rounded up by Anambra

Borno State Deputy Governor, Zannah Mustapha Dies In His Sleep

The deputy governor of Borno State, Zannah Mustapha died in Yola, Adamawa state this morning during an official trip to the state. Mr Mustapha, who had gone to Yola yesterday to attend theconvocation ceremony at Moddibo Adama University, died in his sleep at a government guest house in the state capital.

He was found unresponsive around 8am after his aides entered his room when they noticed he hadn't woken up for early morning prayers.

He is believed to have died of cardiac arrest.

Meet the 22 yr old girl who makes money by eating junk food half-naked for men online

22yr old Caitlin makes up to £130 a week by eating 10,000 calories a day half-naked for men online.
"I love the way I look and I started actively putting on weight because it makes me feel sexy. My speciality is to rub and shake my belly for the camera.” she said
She dropped out of school at 18 to pursue this unusual career and it is now her full-time job. Her family, especially her mother, has been supportive. Caitlin has no plan of ever quitting as long as her health is not affected.
"My blood pressure is athletic perfection. But I do get out of breath going up the stairs or

Inside Tyga's insanely lavish life: $6.7m home, over 5 luxury cars & more..but he's worth about $5m!

If you're worth $5million & live in a rented mansion, would you buy a $300k car for your girlfriend? Naija man, no lie Below is a report from E! Online, who like many, were surprised he could afford the Ferrari he bought Kylie for her 18th birthday when he was owing his landlord rent money.
"OK, let's keep it real, shall we? When Tyga surprised Kylie Jenner with a Ferrari for her 18th birthday, a few thoughts quickly crossed our minds. Aside from what are we doing wrong that Kylie got a luxury car for her birthday and we can't even get a text back?,

Adamawa not using N200m for prayers against Boko Haram - Govt

There were reports yesterday that Adamawa State Government is planning to spend N200million to mobilize prayer warriors against Boko Haram. Reacting to the report, the government of the state said it's not true, that rather, the money is for 'strengthen existing community surveillance and intelligence gathering to check mate the operations of the insurgents.'
"One of the challenges inherited by the Government on assumption of office is the menace of Boko Haram insurgency. And as a serious and responsive government it deemed it fit to tackle it head on by evolving new security measures and sustaining the existing ones aimed at curbing the menace thereby enhancing security of lives and

Awww!!! See Photo of a bunch of cute school kids getting a tour at a tech site

This is so funny and so cute at the same time...:-)

Segun Arinze Mistakenly Sent N50,000 To Man, The Man Refused To Return Cash


Segun Arinze mistakenly paid money into someone's account and the guy has so far refused to return the money. Below is what Segun wrote;

"I mistakenly paid 50k into the account of one Okoli Chukwunon account number 0024438520 Access bank. When I realised my mistake I called my bank GT connect to report and I was asked to contact the bank of the beneficiary (Access bank) I went there and spoke with a lady staff Omolola (ogunlana branch) who was kind enough to contact the Nonso guy. He claimed he work with keystone bank mbaise branch. I identified myself and he asked that Access should send him a mail.

These Must See Photos will tell you how lucky we are to be alive...

Have you been through times when you’ve thought to yourself, “Man! I am one lucky person!”? Well, not to overshadow your awesome moments or anything, but you have got to watch how lucky THESE people were! They are certainly counting their lucky stars after these. See more photos below...

Nollywood Actor, Yemi Blaq Signs Endorsement With Gulder (PHOTO)

Absolutely scandal free star actor Yemi Blaq has just inked an amazing 40 million naira endorsement deal with Gulder- the eloquent speaking actor whom most single ladies obviously have got so much crush on is indeed smiling to the bank as we speak- CMB exclusively obtained the unvailling photo from the star actor him self- Yemi Blaq is one of the a list actors in nollywood who has never have a share of scandal; in a recent interview he revealed that a lady ones walked to his door stalk Unclad in

How Nigerian Governors Turn Government Houses To Sex Havens - Report

More than serving as a place to entertain and accommodate visitors of their respective state governments, many Government Guest Houses and Lodges have become grounds where all sorts of activities take place, especially epic lovemaking sessions, Saturday PUNCH’s investigations reveal.

The trend which has gone on for several years under different administrations usually involves young ladies being brought into such government facilities to ‘entertain’ guests sexually for a fee. While top aides of such state governors recruit such ladies directly for their guests, the job is given out to trusted middlemen in some places. Even though, it is an aberration in some states as governors frown at such practices, it is the norm across most parts of the federation.

In Rivers State for example, a source at the Government House in Port Harcourt told one of our

Mr & Mrs Okoye loved up in new photos

The husband and wife pictured loved up at the Dance with Peter audition last week...beautiful couple!

CNN boss travels to Kenya to personally apologize over 'terror hotbed' report

Tony Maddox, CNN’s global Executive Vice President and Managing Director on Thursday Aug 13th flew from Atlanta to Nairobi to personally apologize to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans over the undermining report.

A day before President Barrack Obama's arrival in Kenya, for his first official visit, the news channel had referred to Kenya as "terror hotbed” The comment sparked public outcry and angry reactions on social media. Kenyans called out CNN over the comment, hurling abuses and sarcastic humour under the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN.

Man injects himself with controversial drug, that makes skin darker (PHOTOS)

The before and after photos were posted on Reddit. The man claimed he injected himself daily for five months with controversial drug, Melanotan-II and the drug turned his skin color completely dark.

PHOTO: Iara Oshiomhole and Rochas Okorocha in Imo state

Hope we won't be seeing another billboard? Lol. #kidding. The Edo State First Lady was in Imo state yesterday for their annual August Meeting

BBA Dillish Mathews Is A Spitting Image Of Her Mom (PHOTO)

BBA The Chase winner, Dillish Mathews is celebrating her mom today as she clocks 43. And a lot of her fans can't help but talk about their resemblance.

Japanese Boxer Slices P*nis Of Lawyer Who Has Been Sleeping With His Wife, Then Flushed It Down A Toilet

Japanese police have arrested a man accused of bursting into a lawyer's office and cutting off his penis with garden shears before flushing it down a toilet.
Media reports said Ikki Kodukai, a 24-year-old Tokyo graduate student, may have carried out the horrifying act in revenge over his wife's romantic involvement with the 42-year-old victim.
Police said Kodukai, who was arrested shortly after the alleged attack, punched the unnamed lawyer several times before prying off his pants and then severing his 'lower body part' with the shears.
It is not the first time a penis has ended up down a toilet as a result of a sexual encounter. In Peru in

Happy Birthday To Aphrodija & Eva Alordiah

Girls changing the industry. Happy birthday ladies!!

Omotola Posts Throwback Photos Of Self, Calls It MAJOR

Let’s just say she didn’t change over the years…

14-Year Old Boy Remanded Over Missing Generator Alternator

An Ogudu Magistrates’ Court, Ogudu, Lagos State, today ordered that Saminu Garuba , 14, be remanded for allegedly being in possession of a stolen generator alternator, Pm News reports.
The Magistrate ordered that Garuba should be remanded at a Juvenile home in Ikorodu, Lagos, pending the perfection of his bail. She granted the accused bail in the sum of N20, 000 with a surety, whose address should be verified, and adjourned the case to Oct. 8, for mention.
Garuba, a handcart pusher with no fixed address, is facing a three-count-charge of entering a residence to commit felony, stealing and possession of stolen item.
Earlier, the prosecutor, Sgt. Lucky Ihiehie, told the court that the accused committed the offence on

Ever Wondered What Lady Gaga Looks Like Without All The Heavy Costume? SEE PHOTO

She stepped out in this Vivienne Westwood gown last night as she attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills, California where she presented an award. And we must say she looks every inch like a proper lady, not the usual ‘gaga’.

Etcetera Lists Annoying Things Naija Girls Do At Concerts...

Etcetera is at it again… read below…
I was watching entertainment news on TV with a couple of friends and it got to a part where Tuface was on stage performing and a girl who probably was as drunk as a skunk, dragged herself on the stage and started hugging him and even took off her shirt . What is actually wrong with Naija babes at concerts? How do you expect your boyfriend to feel watching his girlfriend on national TV jumping around Tuface on stage like a chimpanzee wearing just a bra and with boobs wobbling from side to side? Well, Tu-baba surely didn’t mind. He probably would have grabbed at those bouncy boobs if it wasn’t a concert. Twale Baba!!!

Here are some of the annoying things Naija babes do at concerts:
Taking pictures the entire show: I get it. You want to show all your friends on Facebook and Twitter

Drama At Ooni’s Palace As Wives, Children are Barred From Burial

The final burial rites of the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II, was performed on Friday, but his wives, children and family members were unable to pay their last respects as they were barred from the programme.
Some other people who had expected to see the body of the monarch lie in state were also disappointed as his remains were neither brought out for people to see nor was any casket displayed during the burial service.
The event was attended by the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Rear Admiral Akin Aduwo (retd.), Gen. Alani Akinriande (retd.), Senator Babajide Omoworare, Ondo State Governor Olusegun

Adeleke University Offers 18-Year Old Girl Raped By UNILAG Lecturer Admission

The management of Adeleke University, Ede in Osun State, has offered the 18-year old girl who was seeking admission in UNILAG but got raped by a part-time lecturer of the institution, Mr Akin Baruwa. The school management said they got touched that she wanted to further her education but got raped instead. We are willing to grant her admission, the VC said.

Ubi Franklin Goes Tough On Reporter over Lilian Esoro comeback, Uses The F Word

Eyah Ubi Franklin won’t take it from reporters anymore. The Ceo of Made Men Music Group who we smell is back in the arms of his former lover, Lilian Esoro went wild on a reporter when he was asked over the phone if he was truly back with the actress. Ubi said;

“No one should f**king ask me about my private life. You can ask me about my artiste or my company but don’t ever f**king ask me about my private life, it is not your business!” he said as he rudely cuts of the phone. Poor Ubi.

Old Photo Of General Babangida, Lt. Col Dimka And Their Coursemates As Cadets

When the Generals were boys. General Ibrahim Babangida (extreme left) pictured with his coursemates, they all went on to become historical figures. Lt Col. Dimka (the architect of the 1976 abortive coup that killed General Murtala) is third from left. Major General Vatsa (extreme right) was

Buhari’s Search For Saints As Ministers Will Fail – Senator Urhoghide

The jury is still out on whether Matthew Urhoghide has finished paying for his sins of radicalism. After years of unionist struggle that climaxed with his election as president of the Students Union in the University of Benin, his bid to enter mainstream politics in his native Edo State in 1999 was for 15 years laced with several disappointments.
In every election cycle he made all the waves, galvanised the electorate but when it mattered most, he was always left in the cold!

Urhoghide’s fate until his recent election to the Senate was essentially because of his own inclination to walk in the public arena. Many of his associates from his school days like the former journalist, Segun Babatope preferred to work behind the scenes. But not Urhoghide, a man who fought the

Exclusive: A Kidnapped Alhaja Falls In Love With One Of Her Kidnappers In Ekiti (PHOTO)


Sam Nwaoko of The Tribune reports how a female kidnap victim in Ekiti fell in love with one of her abductors, thereby bringing a division in the gang which subsequently exposed them to the long arm of the law.

For some months in early 2015, kidnapping took over the Ekiti socio-economic space and created fear and despair among the citizenry. Reports of abductions became commonplace then and reached what many regarded as its peak in the month of May. In that month alone, there were more than five abductions and the killing of two people in the process. On May 23, security agencies freed 11 kidnap victims from where they were kept in a vast forest spanning Esure, Eyio, Iropora and Awo serene communities in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area of the state.

Among the freed kidnap victims in the Esure operation was Dr. Kikelomo Adegun, wife of a former

New Music Video by Olamide - 'Lagos Boys'


Olamide Aka “Baddo Sneh” has just outdone himself with this “soon-to-be Chart-Bursting” video titled “Lagos Boys“.Amazing video, colourful scenery and very nice concept. The video portrays YBNL finest acts as well has the wave-making “Shakiti Bobo” dance moves. This one should definitely be on replay everytime as you can’t just get enough of it. Words alone can’t do this video the justice it deserves. Enjoy…

Singer Toni Tones stuns in new promo photos

Toni Tones, who recently signed to ‘Now Muzik’ has released these sexy promo pics in anticipation of her new single, titled ‘Hey boy!' set to drop on August 20th. In the photos, Toni Tones turns on sex appeal wearing a black long sleeve leotard while showing off her incredibly toned and banging body. See more hot photos below...