Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Shocking Images Of A Russian Female Weightlifter, Began Body Building At 14

A female powerlifter showcased her incredible physique in a series of astonishing photographs.

Russian lifter Natalia Kuznetsova, from Chita, has shared the images as she prepares to make her return to the sport at an event in Moscow.

The 26-year-old, who started bodybuilding as a teenager, announced her 'retirement' last year but has decided she cannot stay away from the sport.

The athlete, who set multiple world records in bench press and deadlifting, said she will also be working as a coach to help others reach their potentia.

Natalia now has set three world records for bench press and three for deadlift.

Natalia now trains for several hours every day and abides by a strict diet, adding protein powder to her food rather than spices or sauces.

Natalia now documents her progress on her Instagram account where her impressive selfies have earned her more than 194,000 followers.

The sportswoman admits that she has faced some criticism and hateful comments on her photos but has learned to ignore them.

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