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Boko Haram mount deadly attacks despite alledged Nigeria cease-fire, scores killed

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram militants have killed dozens of people in five attacks on Nigerian villages that occurred after the government announced a cease-fire to enable 200 abducted girls to be freed, security sources and witnesses said on Saturday.
However, the government cast doubt on whether the attacks really were Boko Haram or one of several criminal groups that are exploiting the chaos of the insurgency. A spokesman said talks to free the girls would continue in Chad on Monday.
The fresh attacks dashed hopes for an easing of the northeast’s violence, although officials remained confident they can negotiate the release of girls whose abduction by the rebels in the remote northeastern town of Chibok in April caused international shock and outrage.
A presidency and another government source said they were aiming to do this by Tuesday.
Nigeria’s armed forces chief Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh announced the cease-fire on Friday. On Saturday, two senior government sources said it aims to secure the girls’ release as early as Monday or

2015 Election: Buhari Leads Jonathan In Poll Organized By Presidential

Polldaddy poll by Reno Omokri 

On October 15, the day former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, declared his intention to run for president in the 2015 election, news website, Sahara Reporters, activated an opinion poll asking Nigerians to indicate who they would vote for if the election were to hold that day between Mr. Buhari (as candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC) and President Goodluck Jonathan ( as candidate of the Peoples Democratic, PDP).
The poll lasted for only 24 hours, and out of a total of 15,435 persons that voted, Mr. Buhari got 12,246 votes, representing 79 percent of the total votes cast, while President Jonathan got 3189 votes, representing 21 percent of the total votes.
However, ostensibly to counter the poll conducted by Sahara Reporters, Mr. Jonathan’s Special Assistant on

Incredible Photos & Story of Hollywood Actress Who Lived With a Lion

Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren has revealed her embarrassment and regret that she let a fully grown lion live with her family in the 1970s, saying they were ‘stupid beyond belief’ to let the beast play with her daughter Melanie Griffth, then aged just 13.

In pictures taken for LIFE magazine, the Lion – named Neil – can be seen relaxing by the family’s pool, lounging in Melanie’s bed and becoming a distraction in the office. See more breathtaking photos below:

"I fell inlove with a president and he broke my heart" - Actress Ella Martins

Ella Martins is a Beninoise actress/ singer who claimed she once kissed Genevieve. She said it was alight playful kiss and since then she is traumatised because people think they are .In July,she said people thought her president boyfriend was Olusegun, she told Vanguard the unnamed president broke her heart ...
Yes, a president broke my heart. The relationship I had with the president is a long story. I fell in love with him because he was attentive and mature. In fact the relationship made me mature. It’s not easy dating a president. I am even working on a movie based on that experience. Since dating the president, I found it difficult to date an ordinary person.
On her major influence 
“My major influence is Rihanna; she inspires me. We have a lot in common; she has talents,

Toke Makinwa is a 'Princess" for Genevieve Pink ball (PHOTOS)

The Genevieve Pink Ball for breast cancer Awareness, is taking place this evening and Toke looks like a princess....
One of her most stunning looks yet!

Nurse 'murdered 38 patients for pleasure and as a challenge' (PHOTOS)

An Italian nurse has been arrested on suspicion of killing 38 patients and an investigator claims she treated murder as a challenge and a pleasure.
Daniela Poggiali, 41, was held after doctors at the hospital where she worked in Lugo, noticed that 38 patients had died during her night shifts over a three-month period. The average number of deaths for other nurses during the same period was ten.Ms Poggiali allegedly targeted patients she considered annoying, or who were visited by 'pushy relatives.' 
Police started the investigation following the death of Rosa Calderoni, 78, in April, who was recovering from a broken femur and was admitted to the hospital feeling dizzy.
According to NY Times, Investigators say that during a post-mortem examination doctors found high traces of potassium chloride, which vanishes after 48 hours, making it hard to detect. It was also found in a drip investigators believe the nurse was using.
She put pressure on one nurse to take photos of her standing over a patient who had just died. 'She appears

'What Heaven is Really Like' - Leading Brain Surgeon Claims He's Been There

A leading brain surgeon,Dr Eben Alexander claims he has been to heaven and tells his experience. According to him, it's not just a case of near death experience.He didn't believe in things like that till he was brain dead and experienced it himself .He has written a book map of heaven and his experience is mind blowing..(he says heaven looks like the illustration above)
Before I start, I should explain that I am a scientist, who has spent a lifetime studying the workings of the brain.My adoptive father was a neurosurgeon and I followed his path, becoming an neurosurgeon myself and an academic who taught brain science at Harvard Medical School.
Although nominally a Christian, I was sceptical when patients described spiritual experiences to meMy knowledge of the brain made me quite sure that out-of-body experiences, angelic encounters and the like were hallucinations, brought on when the brain suffered a trauma.And then, in the most dramatic circumstances possible, I discovered proof that I was wrong. Six years ago, I woke up one morning with a searing headache. Within a few hours, I went into a

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's daughter Rejects Him, Supports Mums on Divorce?

A decision is set to be announced on the divorce suit filed by Anita Oyakhilome against her husband Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, the President of Christ Embassy church.

Funny enough, the couple’s first daughter Sharon Oyakhilome has decided to take sides, supporting her mum against her father, Pastor Chris. She took to Twitter to post a cryptic message which seemingly appears to support her mother’s divorce decision.
Her tweets appear to be similar to the case Rev. Anita Oyakhilome cited in the divorce papers where she stated that her husband had been away for the most part of their marriage.

In Defence of Anita Oyakhilome the FRustrated Wife:
“Anita Oyakhilome, the frustrated wife of Nigeria’s most flamboyant preacher, Chris Oyakhilome has obviously passed through 15 years of adulterous endurance and what she needs is our prayers and

2015 Aso Rock Battle: How votes will go to Jonathan & Buhari

If you asked me years ago about Buhari being President, I would have said ‘NO’ 
but it is 2014 and I think he’s our best option…” [email protected] on Instagram

Fellow Nigerians, time changes everything indeed. In 2011, I would have said worse things about General Muhammadu Buhari. In truth, I actually wrote Buhari off completely, not without cogent reasons that I considered valid and relevant at that time. The first was that Buhari was too old to lead us. 
I was biased by the Obama Presidency and the emergence of David Cameron in Britain. I felt Buhari as a former dictator should be totally expunged from the race. I was also brainwashed by the relentless propaganda that he was a religious fundamentalist of the worst kind. If I was good in Fine Arts, I would have painted him in the lurid and monstrous image of Lucifer. That was how bad it was.

Trust me, I’m supposed to be one of the most liberal and tolerant human beings but it was just difficult for me to accept Buhari as a Presidential candidate at this time and age. I nearly clashed with my dear friend and

Pastor Adeboye Reveals WAEC Official Stalked & tried to Seduce Him

Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye is General Overseer of one of Nigeria’s biggest churches, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).
At a recent convention, he revealed a WAEC (West African Examinations Council) official tried to seduce him and followed him to London, where he reported her to the police.
He told his congregation,
“She said that God told her that I will be her husband. I rebuked and informed her that I am a happily married man with children. Undeterred even by the intervention of her husband and the Inspector General of Police (at that time), she stalked me to London. My threat to report her to London Police (when she phoned me) stopped her physical presence but she never stopped calling me.”
He attributed his resistance to the Holy Spirit,
“Holy Spirit is the only yoke destroyer. There are certain forces or challenges of life that human

Ayo Fayose Sacks All Ekiti Council Chairmen, Secretaries, Boards

Newly sworn-in Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose today announced the sack of the administrators of the 35 Local Government Areas in the state. The 35 local government areas involved are the original 16 and the 19 Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs, in the state according to Premium Times.
According to a statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the State Governor, Idowu Adelusi, all the 35 council chairmen along with their secretaries and other members of the caretaker committees have been relieved of their appointments.
The statement also ordered the immediate dissolution of all boards of parastatals, agencies and commissions.

Iyabo Ojo Talks About Her Fashion Weakness & Mistake

In an exclusive interview with Punch, Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo revealed her fashion weakness and her infamous ‘she-devil make-up’ she now admits is a mistake. Here’s what she told the newspaper;
What is your weakness when it comes to fashion?
I would say perfumes and shoes. I have over 50 bottles of perfumes and they are all designers while I have about 200 pairs of shoes; I have actually lost count of how many shoes I own. I know how it sounds but I am a shoe freak, it could be high or low, it could be slippers, sandals or sneakers depending on what I am wearing. I love shoes generally and I just can’t stop buying them. I also love my perfumes.
What is the most laughable fashion mistake you have ever made?
There was a period that I used to wear what was referred to as the ‘she-devil make-up’, it is when you have to draw a very long line on your eyebrow and you draw it up at the end. I used to do that type of make-up

My New Relationship Will Last Forever - Ibinabo Fiberesima

Newly re-elected AGN president and mother of four, Ibinabo Fiberesima who has had failed relationships in the past which ended with kids has said she is ready to make her present relationship which will be leading to marriage in December work.  Ibinabo says she is confident that her new found love will work and won’t end in divorce because her partner is her friend.

“I will not divorce my husband. I love him, and I know I will continue to love him because he is my friend,” she said.

19-year-old greedy bozo murders entire family to inherit fortune


A 19-year-old, Alan Hruby, has killed all the members of his family because he wanted to inherit the family fortune.
Hruby murdered his 48-year-old mother, Tinker Hruby, 17-year-old Katherine, and 50-year-old father, John Hruby, on 9 October, in their family home in Oklahoma, with a 9mm pistol he found in his father’s truck.
According to the court documents, the teenager needed $3,000 to pay a loan shark, and he thought he could inherit enough money to pay the loan, after killing his parents and sister.
The District Attorney Jason Hicks, of Stephens County, said, “He felt like if he murdered his mother, his father and his sister, he would be the only one, the only heir, to their estate.”

Nigerian football player Nnamdi Oduamadi shows off his abs

Nnamdi, also known by his shirt name Odu, plays for the Nigerian national team and is currently on loan from A.C Milan to Serie B club, Crotone. He turned 24 yesterday and shared the hot pic...

PHOTO: 4 Nigerians jailed 14 years total for dating scam

Four Nigerian men, Monty Emu, Adewunmi Nusi, Emmanuel Oko, and Chukwuka Ugwu (pictured above) have been jailed a total of 14 years for duping single women out of about $350,000.

According to the UK Mirror, the four men duped these women after they responded to a false profile of an "attractive middle-aged man" on popular dating site, Don't these women learn?

Confessions of an alleged Nigerian serial killer: says he's killed over 60 people

33yr old cultist, Alawunmi Oluwafemi claims to have killed over 60 people as the immortal assassin of the Aye Fraternity. The most wanted man in Ogun state, who evaded police for years, was finally captured last week in the ancient city of Ijebu Ode. He was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ogun State police command after a gun battle.

Now in police custody, Oluwafemi told The Sun the story of his life as an axe man in the underworld and how he killed more than 60 men and women. You won't believe his story. Read after the cut...

Story by Chioma Igbokwe for Saturday Sun

The hunt
Saturday Sun gathered that the inability to arrest the sus­pect led to the transfer of several police area commanders out of Ijebu Ode.
Disturbed by his exploits, the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye directed the SARS team to relocate to Ijebu-Ode and fish Oluwafemi out at all costs. As a result, the team led by SP

President Obama Credit Card Declined At A New York City Restaurant


AP President Barack Obama recently had the embarrassing experience of having his credit card declined when he went out to eat.

Obama mentioned his credit-card issue on Friday when he spoke while signing an executive order aimed at protecting people from credit-card fraud.

He said his card was rejected when he was having a dinner date with his wife, Michelle Obama, in Manhattan during the UN General Assembly.
It turned out, I guess, I don't use it enough, to so they thought there was some fraud going on," said Obama. Fortunately, Michelle had hers." Obama and the first lady dined at New York City restaurant Estela on Sept. 24 while he attended the annual UN meeting. The White House did not respond to a request for comment about whether this was the meal where his card was rejected.
In July, a White House press pool report described Obama using his "JPMorgan card" at a barbecue

PHOTOS: Check out Dino Melaye's massive campaign truck

The former House of Reps member is going Senate and has started his campaign in Abuja...with this massive truck. See more pics below:

Etcetera comes for his colleagues in new article, 'Confessions of an entertainer'

Singer turned columnist Etcetera apparently has no love for most of his colleagues...he's shading the heck out of them in this new article. Lol. He called some of them liars for claiming to have what they don't and he went for Seyi Shay's jugular. Read for yourselves below...
Bless me father for I have sinned. My last confession was two days ago. Father, I am an entertainer and I have been lying to my fans for many years. Really? Tell me about these lies my son. Father, where do I start from? The lies are so many that I don’t know where to start. Go ahead son, you start from anywhere, the Lord is listening.
Father, I lied that I was signed by a foreign record label. I also lied that I am a brand ambassador of one of the telecommunication firms. Whereas I was only paid to make the jingle and later feature on the TV commercial. I also lied to the public that my album sold six million copies. My son, why all these lies? Father, I am not the only liar in the industry. We are all liars. Lying is part of the job’s description. Are you serious?

Photo: Singer Waconzy spotted with P.Diddy

Waconzy who is still on his American tour was recently spotted with music mogul, P Diddy

"I hardly Google myself to avoid heartbreak" - Chika Ike

Nollywood actress,Chika Ike has had her fair share of criticisms.However,she says she hardly reads things about her ..That's how she keeps herself from being hurt .She told the Tribune..
At this point in my life, I hardly Google myself, because if you do, you may get heartbroken. I have a publicist and this keeps me from the stress of reading so much about myself. I don’t want to be thinking about what someone has written about me.  I don’t want anything to keep me from my goals in life. At this point in my life, I want to be more focused. That is why I have a publicist to tell me what I should do or shouldn’t do. I try not to let all those things distract me. We all have feelings. People say we don’t care, but we do because we have blood running through our veins
On Criticisms over lodging in the most expensive hotel in Abu Dhabi ..she said:

Pastor Rapes 19-year old girl during spiritual cleansing (PHOTO)

A pastor who has been arrested for alleged rape claims the 19 year old victim is his girlfriend .
The tearful victim said the 29-year-old cleric identified as Anthony Arogunmasa, popular­ly known as pastor at Ikere-Eki­ti community in Ekiti State , lured her into his Araromi Street, Ikere-Ekiti residence under the pretence of giving her spiritual cleansing. She said
“I was just meeting the pastor for the first time in my life. He approached me and told me that I needed some spiritual cleansing.
He said that God instructed him to ensure that the spiritual cleansing was done for me. I fell for him because I saw people calling him pastor. He took me to his house and gave me a candle and soap and asked me to start praying. He also brought out certain ob­jects which he said were prayer items for the spiritual cleansing. In the course of the prayers, he asked me to remove my cloth­ing and just tie a wrapper and I obliged. It wasn’t long after that he suddenly jumped on me and eventually had carnal knowl­edge of me forcefully.”

Adorable! Photos From Bovi's Daughter's Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Bovi's beautiful  daughter, Elena turned 1 last month, and to mark it her parents threw a beautiful frozen themed princess party for her. (Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time)..
Just too cute..more below:

PHOTO: Nollywood Actor, Barr. Kenneth Okonkwo For House Of Reps 2015


Another Nollywood star goes into politics. This is becoming more dramatic,so who will entertain

I refer desperate female fans to my unmarried friends – Tuface


Legendary singer, Innocent Idibia popularly known as Tuface, has explained how he handles female fans who do not want to respect his marriage.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, the singer said that when a lady is trying to be too familiar with him, he introduces her to any of his single friends that is around at the time.
“When I meet a female fan who is being unnecessarily familiar with me, I just greet her and move on with my life. If she is still being persistent, I would tell her that what she is looking for she cannot have. Then I introduce her to any of my single friends that is around,” he said.
The singer hinted that three of his children are already showing signs of being singers. He also said that marriage has really brought a lot of changes into his life.
“Three of my children are already showing signs of being good singers without my interference. I would say I am a natural coach. Marriage has made me calm and helped balance my life. I don’t do some certain things anymore because I am married,” Tuface said.
Recalling the death of his father recently, he said that it was a painful period in his life and it was the last time

Ceasefire: Boko Haram to release 218 Chibok girls on Monday


There are strong indications that the 218 schoolgirls abducted six months ago in Chibok, Borno State, by the violent Boko Haram sect may be released on Monday following a ceasefire agreement between the sect and the Federal Government.
The Federal Government, through the Nigerian military, had on Friday said that it had agreed to a ceasefire with the violent sect and that the Chibok girls would soon be released.
The deal was announced by the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh.
The military has struggled to defeat Boko Haram sect which began attack against Nigeria since 2009.
The Islamist militant group sparked global outrage six months ago by abducting more than 200 girls from the town of Chibok.
Badeh said, “A ceasefire agreement has been concluded between the Federal Government and the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal Jihad (Boko Haram).”
The President’s Principal Secretary, Hassan Tukur, told BBC Focus on Africa that an agreement to end the Boko Haram hostilities had been reached after talks with the violent group.
He said the agreement was reached after one month of negotiations in Saudi Arabia. The negotiation was

Who rocked it better: Khloe Kardashian and Yvonne Jegede battle in white, greecian Dress (PHOTOS)

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede rocked the stunning white outfit by Didi Designs to the BON Awards last night, while Khloe rocked hers for her birthday party which held not too long ago.

Her white Greecian inspired dress was custom-made by Michael Costello. She paired it with a  Stuart Weitzman’s  Nudist sandals.
So we ask, who’s your fave?

Amazing! Missy Elliot shows of new look

Missy Elliot showed off her slim new look on Instagram.The 43 year old looks better than ever.Looks like she's aging in reverse..(the pic on the right was taken in 2010)...

'They Shaved Our Private Parts And Put It In A Pot' – Woman Recounts Her Ordeal In Ritualists Den (PHOTO)

A middle-aged woman, Mrs. Patience Igho, recently narrated how she escaped from kidnapper’s den in Agbara forests at the outskirts of Ogun State.The traumatized Igho said she could not believe what she saw inside the forest after she was drugged inside a commercial bus on her way to Boundary Market in Ajegunle, Lagos.
The distraught woman, who sells frozen fish told Crime Guard that she saw no fewer than 200 victims, who were held hostage.Consequently, she called on the relevant security agencies to quickly intervene and rescue the helpless people.
Narrating her ugly experience, she said:
“The incident happened in the early hours of the day. I left my house with N130, 000 to be deposited in the bank. I boarded a commercial bus with four women and two men already seated.
I cannot rightly recall the registration number. I later found myself in Agbara forest. It was after

I can’t exchange my body for a movie role - Moet Abebe


SoundCity VJ Laura Monyeazo Abebe popularly known as Moet Abebe who recently debuted in Nollywood after starring in Zik Zulu Okafor’s latest soap, “Oasis” presents the picture of someone who would not easily succumb to the unholy idea of exchanging her body for a movie role.

moet-abebeIn a recent chat with HVP, the rising actress said, inasmuch as she is not desperate to feature in movies, it would be difficult for anyone to harass her sexually. She expressed this view, following the prevailing trend in the industry where rising actresses are tempted to exchange their bodies for movie roles.

According to her, “I can’t be sexually harrassed by any producer because I am not desperate to feature in movies. I am talented enough that a producer would want me to feature in his movie. I am not going to sell myself in order to feature in someone’s movie. I wouldn’t pose nude or sell myself in exchange for money.

He’s sick but not dying – Mohammed Ali’s daughter says boxing legend is alive


Mohammed Ali, the 72-year-old boxing legend, who has been battling debilitating Parkinson’s disease for years, is reportedly very sick and housebound.
After his absence at the premiere of his biopic, ‘I Am Ali’, last week in Hollywood, speculations emerged that he may be unwell, with rumours circling that he may have kicked the bucket.
At the movie screening, his 71-year-old brother, Rahman, told the ‘Sunday People’ that he had not been able to talk to his brother, because he is sick.
“He doesn’t speak too well. But he is proud that we are here for him. He has given this film his blessing,” he said.
However, in an interview with TMZ sports, Laila Ali, the 36-year-old daughter of Mohammed Ali says he’s

PHOTOS: This man spent 28 years in prison for a crime he did not commit

David-McCallum (2)

After new DNA evidence emerged, a man wrongly convicted of murder has regained his freedom after spending 28 years in prison.
David McCallum was 16-years-old, when he was jailed for the kidnap of murder of Nathan Blenner, in New York in 1985.

McCallum and his accomplice, Stuck­ey were arrested in 1985 , and they admitted to kidnapping and killing Queens resident Mr Blenner and taking his car for a joyride. They would later withdraw their confessions but they were convicted of murder and each sentenced to 25 years behind bars in 1986.
After McCallum’s lawyers wrote a letter to Mr Thompson in January arguing that neither DNA nor fingerprints found at the scene of the crime matched those of their client or Mr Stuckey, a new investigation

“We are cautiously optimistic…”: #BringBackOurGirls group reacts to Boko Haram ceasefire


The #BringBackOurGirls groyp which has agitated for the release of over 200 schoolgirls abducted from the Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State have reacted to news of a ceasefire agreed upon between the Boko Haram Islamic sect and the Federal Government.
Reports indicate the deal which was struck in the Gulf country of Saudi Arabia included an agreement which will see the Chibok girls back home safely with their family.
In a statement released today, the #BringBackOurGirls Abuja Movement welcomed the development but vowed to continue their agitation until the kidnapped girls return home safely.
It also called on the Federal Government to secure the release of others kidnapped by the deadly Islamic militant group after the Chibok girls were abducted.
Read the full statement signed by former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili and others below:
Local and International news media have been agog with news that the Federal

Arik Air Flight Delayed as Cleaning Crew Refuse to Work after Ebola Scare


An Arik Air flight was delayed for several hours yesterday, following the Ebola scare that occurred when a man traveling from Lagos to New York died on one of the airline’s aircrafts.
According to Sahara Reporters, the cleaning company that was hired to work on the aircraft “refused to go near the aircraft citing fears that the aircraft might be harboring Ebola virus.”
Officials reportedly had to find another cleaning company at the last minute to ensure that the flight left New York for its Lagos destination.

“Be Safe…Be Fashionable”, American Rapper Cam’ron Is Selling Dipset Ebola Masks

Camron Ebola Face Mask 

According to American rapper Cam’Ron, you have to be fashionable as well as safe when it comes to the Ebola Virus.
The rapper definitely got more than a few side-eyes when he showed off his new fashion statement on his Instagram page. He posted a picture of himself wearing one of the masks (that has his face on it) and commented “Ebola is no joking matter…So if u have to be safe…Be fashionable. #CamEbolamask…”
The picture has gotten over 14,000 comments since he posted it earlier in the day.
Cam’ron says the masks will be available from next week…will you be buying one?

Gov Rotimi Amaechi insults Nollywood practitioners to their faces, says they are products of circumstances

This would have been funny if it wasn't pathetic. According to a few Nollywood practitioners who were present at the Best of Nollywood Awards, which held last night in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, the governor of the state Rotimi Amaechi practically insulted Nollywood practitioners to their faces.

According to a source who reached out to LIB, during his speech at the award after he gave veteran actress Liz Benson a Lifetime Achievement Award, Governor Rotimi said that people in Nollywood are products of circumstances/necessity. He said that the only reason they are in Nollywood is because they couldn't find other jobs, that if they had, they won't be actors. Rotimi said these actors studied sciences, law, medicine etc but because they couldn't find jobs, they embraced Nollywood.

Present when he said this were Nollywood veterans including Liz Benson, Kenneth Okonkwo, Shola Sobowale, Desmond Elliot, Moses Inwang, Dickson Iroegbu, Bob-manuel Udokwu, Patience Ozokwor, Elvis Chuks, AY, Iyabo Ojo, Emem Isong and many others.

Governor Rotimi also put two veteran actresses on blast. He told the crowd that he gives Joke Silva and

Lil Wayne disses all his baby mamas in new track

Guess it's the season for dissing ex-lovers. Days after Future and Wiz Khalifa dissed their exes in the song 'P***y Overrated', an ode to ex-girlfriends who mistakenly believe their 'p***y is the most important thing, Lil Wayne last night dropped a new track called Take Kare ft. Young Thug. And in the song, he gave an especially mean spirited shout-out to all his baby mamas. All four of them!

On the track Weezy spits,

They be hatin' on my girl, though/And they wish they was the b*tch they're hatin'/Salutations to my old hoes/And thank you for your participation/No chaser for my girl though/She go harder than me on occasion/Gettin' wasted with my girl/Then we 69 'til we need ventilation
/You don't know about it/Gotta open new accounts cause the others overcrowded/Gotta open up the stores when they're closed when we shopping'/For my girl, wear the clothes that ain't

Photo: EFCC arrest Kingpin of fraudsters in Ondo state

Find the EFCC press statement below...
A deadly syndicate of fraudsters who virtually opened an office for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Akure, the Ondo State capital, from where they dispatch fake invitation letters to unsuspecting heads of government agencies purporting to be carrying out investigation activities against them, has been uncovered.
The kingpin of the syndicate, one Olubunmo Olalekan, who is currently in EFCC custody in Abuja, was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Service, DSS, and handed over to the Commission.
At the point of arrest, Olalekan who parades himself as a Principal Detective Superintendent of the EFCC, had in his possession fake letter head papers of the Commission, 30 GSM sim cards, assorted complimentary cards, a laptop computer and printer from where he churns out the fraudulent invitation letters.
His modus operandi is to send out the bulk invitation letters to as many agencies as possible, via courier,

Photos: Alaafin of Oyo and his Oloris step out once again

Love seeing this family out and about...there's something regal about them. Oh, wait a minute, they are royal! They were photographed earlier today going to the mosque for Friday prayers. See more photos below:

Friday, 17 October 2014

Ray J & Girlfriend reconcile because of their 'heartbroken'

This is one funny breakup story...Ray J and girlfriend, Princess Love broke up last week, and while she was moving out of his apartment, she took a dog they bought together .Ray J stopped her from leaving with the dog and a scuffle ensued.His security had to forcefully take the pup from and her give to him.
She then promised to take him to court in a custody battle for the dog.She said her other dogs are crying and traumatized by the absence of the pup..
Well,according to TMZ, the couple are now back together for the sake of the dog..They don't want the dog to be brought up by a single parent so they are back as co-parents Lol.

Atiku Abubakar reacts to FG/Boko Haram Ceasefire Agreement

Hours after the Federal government agreed to a ceasefire agreement with Boko Haram, APC presidential hopeful,Atiku Abubakar took to twitter to air his opinion.Though he said he would follow it up cautiously, he said it's a welcome development in the interest of the girls..
Many Nigerians have also welcomed the idea for the sake of peace and innocent lives being lost daily....

Ooops! Bruce Jenner is dating Kris Jenner's Best friend (PHOTO)

Payback ?Bruce Jenner has moved on and the shocking part is, he is dating one of Kris Jenner's best friends of 20 years and former assistant..TMZ reports that:
"Bruce has hooked up with Ronda Kamihira ... a 51-year-old mother of 2.
We're told Kris is "extremely upset" that Bruce is dating Ronda, and -- as one source puts it -- "It really stings because Ronda never told Kris she started seeing Bruce."
And get this ... for years Ronda and the Jenners have been neighbors in Hidden Hills, CA, even spending holidays at each others homes.
A Jenner source tells us the talk in family was that Ronda was weirdly becoming "Kris' single white female."  The source says Ronda mimicked Kris right down to her hair.
The pic was taken at Staples Center in L.A., when Bruce and Ronda went to Elton John's

Ebube Nwagbo shows off dangerous curves in backless dress

Kim K got nothing on her curves...Sexy

Girl Power! Toyin Aimakhu unveiled as AGN Vice President

Yoruba actress,Toyin Aimakhu revealed she was Ibinabo Fiberesima's running mate all along.After Ibinabo's re-election as AGN(Actors Guild of Nigeria) president, the actress took to her instagram page to break the news...
"I'm now the AGN vice president south west and Ibinabo is still our president, A big thanks to everyone for their love and support..AGN executives our president and all Agn chapters n my fans thanks for trusting and believing in me promise not to let u all down..long live AGN"

Sex in the sea: Young couple hospitalised after getting stuck together

Filed Photo: Metro News UK
File Photo: Metro News UK

According to Italian website, Il Mattino, young couple were hospitalised after getting stuck in the sea of Porto San Giorgio beach, while having sex in the sea.
After their wet session of lovemaking, the pair realized that they were unable to detach from each other, prompting them to drag themselves to shore, while still attached at their private parts.
A woman walking on the beach, came to their assistance by giving them a towel to cover up their nakedness.
A doctor was subsequently called, after which the daring lovers were taken to a nearby hospital.
A the hospital, the woman was given an injection which is used to make wider, the cervix of pregnant women, after which they were reportedly detached from one another.

Kate Henshaw to contest under PDP, as Rotimi Amaechi of APC says he advised her to join politics

Kate and Amaechi

The elections are nigh, the absurd as well.
Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw unveiled her campaign poster on Thursday, 16 October, in her bid to run for political office.
Kate yearns to represent the Calabar Municipal/Odukpani Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Meanwhile, reports claim that at the ‘Best of Nollywood’ Awards, held in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, on Thursday, Rotimi Amaechi, the host governor, apart from throwing jibes at several actresses, reportedly said he was the one who encouraged Henshaw to venture into politics.

“Wizkid Smokes Weed A Lot, It’s Affecting His Brain Seriously” – Samklef Blasts


Weeks back, Music Producer Samklef took a jab at Wizkid on Twitter with some very disturbing set of tweets. Wizkid did reply, but for Samklef that wasn’t going to be the end of everything. Samklef has also unfollowed wizkid on Twitter and Instagram.

Samklef recently had an interview with Notjustok and he revealed why he was upset with Wizkid.
Also Read Excerpts from the Interview below..

A couple of days ago, there was this uproar on Social Media about your tweets aimed at Wizkid. What happened? Why did you do that?

Okay, basically I have been faithful and loyal to Wizkid for so long. I’m gonna be 30 by next year and of which this guy is a kid and when he came to me, I didn’t look at his age, I was so humble to him because I love his talent and charisma. The only problem I have is that when the fame got to him, It was like we were