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Basketmouth shares photo of himself and friends in Apapa 13 years ago

One of Nigeria's highest paid and arguably Africa's highest paid comedian, Basketmouth who is currently in London shared this throwback image of himself and his friends 13 years ago in one of his joint at Apapa, Lagos state. He wrote:  It was in Apapa, about 13yrs ago. Can't remember the name of the joint but I remember we were drinking beer with suya on the side, the days you can entertain a group of 10 peeps with less than N3,000. Met @kayodeariwayo in secondary school 26yrs ago, since then we've been 100%, been working won't him now for 10yrs....please give him a hug on my behalf when you bump into him. Finally.....WHAT WERE THEY LOOKING AT??!!!!  

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