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Chinese man is publicly turned down by his love interest after staging elaborate proposal

A mam in China staged a public proposal for his best friend, Mumu, using a great number of her favorite fruit. He laid out 999 pomelos in the shape of a heart, the fruits are a bit larger than grapes and in Mandarin, the word pomelo means "you". He even accompanied it with a one man show and a bunch of flowers singing:

“She is my idol. She likes eating pomelos, so I’ve bought a lot of them for my proposal.” But Mumu rejected him. 
“I don’t like you", she allegedly told the lovestruck fellow. I have been treating you as my best friend. But I’ll keep the pomelos.”
To make matters worse, Mumu told local press that bystanders who'd witnessed the fruity exchange then proceeded to help themselves to the pomelos.
Love is cruel. Lol.
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