Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Gospel musician, Okyere recounts how he used to masturbate 7 times daily for 7 years

Ghanaian gospel musician Eric Jeshurun Okyere has revealed that he masturbated for up to seven times a day before becoming a born-again Christian.

Okyere said he enjoyed the act, which was forced on him the first time, to the extent that he was doing it as much as seven times daily. He said he skipped lectures and other stuff just to get a chance to jerk off.

He recollected in an interview with Andy Favoured on Accra FM’s Gospel 360 on Sunday, September 11:
“In my second day at senior high school, I met my seniors at the bath house, and they asked me to stimulate my genitals. I enjoyed doing it so I continued for about seven to eight years,” he confessed.

“The devil wanted to kill me because it got to a time I became very weak. I did the thing for a very long time. I will eat, but I will feel so light. At times, there will be no sperms, but I try to do it just to make myself happy.”

According to him, he stopped all when he became born again and gave his life to Christ, God saved him from the influence of the devil.

He said following repentance, he used his experience to help over 200 young people get out of similar situations.

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