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Guy confesses to his Nigerian parents that he's impregnated a girl, their response is hilarious

This social media narrates the hilarious drama that ensued when his 21 year old cousin broke the news to his parents that he had gotten someone pregnant.

'Oti di okunrin ni yen'- You are now a man

After the news broke, things quickly escalated hilariously...

Ta ni daughter yin?: Who is your daughter?

"Te mi ba oh!!!!!!": (Loosely translated) 'I am finished!!!!!'

"Ba mi mu Iya yi lo soke, koto fowo keji gbami loju": "Take this mama upstairs so that she won't use her second hand slap me silly in the face" 

"gaan gb'oyun wale oh": Nobody said you should go and impregnate anybody o

"Else you will chop slap, o ma dun l'eti e bi church bell": The slap will ring in your ears like a church bell.

Lol. Don't you just love Nigerian parents??

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