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Photo: Nigerian woman rescued from the Mediterranean with her children claimed they escaped from Boko Haram attack

Jane, a Nigerian woman rescued from the Mediterranean Sea along with her children and other African migrants yesterday, claimed she fled from Boko Haram attack.
"I fled because it was not safe there for my children anymore. Boko Haram keep spreading terror. When we fled, it took us more than eight months to get to Libya.
On the way we faced many problems. We were beaten by sticks, kicked, had little water. Then we arrived in Libya and men in police uniforms took us. I have my three children with me. It was so difficult to go on such a dangerous journey with them. Before we got on the rubber boat of course I was very afraid; but our lives are in the hand of God. If it is his will that we survive, we survive. My children got sick several times, especially while at sea. We dream about going to Germany. My biggest hope is to live a free life in Europe"

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