Sunday, 11 September 2016

Photos: Two Boko Haram terrorists arrested in Maiduguri by CJTF confess to killing 35 people during the capture of Bama

Two Boko Haram members were captured by CJTF in Maiduguri. The suspects confessed to having killed 35 people during the capture of Bama in 2014.

The Islamist terror group seized Bama, the largest town in Borno State, after a fierce battle with the Nigerian Army. The Army initially repelled the attack but the group returned with reinforcements to seize the town. They travelled in armoured trucks and first took control of the military barracks.
Soldiers and residents reportedly fled on foot, many of them walking all the way to Maiduguri, the
state capital.

The overall Forum Assistant Secretary of CJTF, Muazu Alhaji Misiya posted the photos today, September 11 and wrote:
"Boko haram are dangerous see this two boko haram from nguro Soye under bama local government we arrest them in inside Maiduguri. When they capturing Bama they kill 35 people. Small one he kill 32 and big one he kill 3 people. Even in maiduguri we have to put eyes pls"
More photos below...

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