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Stray bullets pierce ceiling of a residential building in Abuja (PHOTOS)

According to the Blog reader who sent in these photos, this happened on the 12th of September, 2016. Narrating what happened, the reader said it took place in a residential building in Abuja.
"Residents heard a sound coming from their living room. They ran to the place and found a bullet that had pierced the ceiling. Fortunately, no one was in the sitting room at the time it happened. Although the children that often play in there were home, they were thankfully with their nanny in another part of the house. Anything could have happened, but we thank God for his protection.
 This is really scary and weird as the bullet obviously must have been shot from someone above the roof considering the force.
However, nobody heard any gun shot. If this was a military drone or whatsoever we urge them to be more careful, and we also urge the government to look into this. This could have been anyone's house, if not for God what would we have been saying now? May God keep us all, God bless Nigeria."
More photos below...

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