Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bisi Alimi comes for Warri guy that threatened Bobrisky: 'You should be arrested'

Popular gay Nigerian Bisi Alimi has called for the arrest of the Warri guy that threatened to beat up Bobrisky if he ever shows up in Warri.

Agonga Oyintare Joseph had, in a video that went viral yesterday, warned Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky who is based in Lagos, not to ever step his foot in Warri, otherwise he will be badly beaten up.  Agonga threatened to restore the light-skinned Snapchat celebrity to his ‘default settings’ since according to him, Bobrisky has refused ‘get sense’.

Bisi thinks inasmuch as Nigerians are laughing over the video, Agonga should be reported to the
police and be locked up.
People can have a laugh about this and think it is funny. The reality is, this is a threat and this guy should be reported to the police and be locked up. The fact that you have the guts to make a video saying you will beat someone is a criminal offence and he should be arrested immediately. I hope @bobrisky222 stay safe and away from these animals in human flesh.

 What are your thoughts?

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