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Fetty Wap pays $360 in traffic violation fines then flaunts $165K cash outside court (PHOTOS)

Rapper Fetty Wap was in court in New Jersey to pay up fines he racked up for a variety of traffic offences including driving with tinted glasses. According to TMZ he pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license, overly tinted windows and failure to replace lost or defaced license plates.

As if to show everyone the measly $360 fine didn't take anything off him, the 25yr old rapper happily played up for the cameras while posing with $165K in wads of cash.

Outside court he joked his problem was the fact he had been, 'driving while black and rich.'  He was joined in court by his lawyer, Navarro Gray.

He may end up keeping his tinted windows after all, his lawyer told the judge he needs them as he has glaucoma. His medical exemption application is still pending.

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