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Oba Of Benin, Eheneden Erediauwa's Coronation Program

(October 8th to October ctober23)

Saturday October 8th 1.00pm)

•The Edaiken escorted by Uselu people, leaves Eguae Edaiken(Uselu)for Oredo.

•The Edaiken stops at Sacred Palm Tree (udin) called Amamienson-Aimiuwa;journey continues after a brief ceromony by the tree.

•Edaiken arrives Iya-Akpan where Uselu Chiefs take leave of him and Oredo Chiefs take over

•Edaiken arrives at Eko-Ohae(he will stay here for three days). Private ceremonies.

Monday,October 10th 9.00am)

•Edaiken leaves Eko-Ohae for Usama Palace .

•Coronation rituals continue.

Tuesday,October 18th 9.00am)

The Edaiken goes to Use village for the major Ceremony of choosing a Name.

•Edaiken returns to Usama.

Wednesday, October 19th: Rest Day.

Thursday, October 20th

•Edaike leaves Usama for Benin

•Goes through Isekherhe to Urho-Okpota

•Coronation Ceremony at Urho-Okpota

Sunday, October 23rd

•Omo N'Oba's Thanksgiving Worship at Holy Aruosa

Source: Nairaland

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