Tuesday, 4 October 2016

PHOTOS: See Dramatic moment Female driver runs down two cyclists after one 'gave her the middle finger'

A female driver was caught on camera running down two cyclists, apparently on purpose, because one of them gave her the middle finger.

CCTV from the Russian city of Irkutsk shows the driver of a white Hyundai swerving across the road, hitting one cyclist on their side and ploughing straight into another.

The first cyclist, wearing a yellow cap, approaches the car as the driver, named by local media as 32-year-old Olga Khartoniuk, gets out with another passenger.

He is then approached by a shaven-headed man, said to be Khartoniuk's boyfriend, who throws a punch at his head followed by a karate kick.
The cyclist appears to argue with the boyfriend before he walks away and the Hyundai drives off.

The incident happened on Karl Marx Street, a long boulevard which runs through the centre of Irkutsk.

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