Thursday, 13 October 2016

Refuse Dump At Douglas Road Owerri Kills Asthmatic Patient - Facebook User (PHOTO)

This was shared by Okpor who gave credit to Chibunze John.Below is what he wrote.....

'A Must Read...

How Douglas Road Refuse killed my Brother...!

On the 10th day of 0ctober brother and an asthmatic young man was stucked in traffic at douglas road, where d heavy refuse was dumped @ douglas road. He continously inhalled d toxic odour coming out from the refuse dump..after gasping for breath nd fighting for good ventilation, he slumped nd died before getting to hospital.. I really blame d Imo State goverment for d death of this young man !!!! God will surely see our family through this hard time...Amen !

Chibunze John'

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