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See what carrying a heavy school book bag allegedly did to child (disturbing photos)

Story as shared by Nigerian Facebook user Mofe:

This is an eye opener for parents whose children attends Primary School. 
The photos are images of my Nephew who attended Primary School and due to his heavy book bag he started walking with a bend and complained of back pain. 
On visiting the doctor, he had to undergo major surgery to rectify the problem. 
I plead with you don't allow your child to lift a heavy school bag on his/her back.its very common among us nigerians.where we will buy all the textbooks our kids need and expect them to take it to school each day. 
Please this can cause permanent disability to the child,to read is to be informed,don't read alone SHARE because everyone has someone that's has a child if you don't have yet. 

 I can't confirm the authenticity of this story.

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