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Drunk man wakes up to find himself being rescued by police after getting stuck in a mud bank

A 25-year-old man from Peru identified as Jorge Luis Villanueva Anticona was so drunk he fell asleep on the edge of a river. He was coming from a relative's birthday party where he had too much to drink.

Shocked locals spotted him lying submerged in the mud and they believed he was dead. They alerted police, who arrived on the scene and acted quickly to pull him out of the river after which they hosed him down and took him to hospital.

 Footage shows him looking shocked as he wakes up to see the police officers, saying:
'I didn't do anything.'
He is believed to have been suffering from severe hypothermia. Local media say he wandered into the river for an unknown reason and after unsuccessfully trying to free himself, gave up and decided to sleep there.

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