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Gay pastor Jide Macaulay says Nigerians should apologise to Bisi Alimi

Rev. Jide Macaulay, Nigeria's first openly gay pastor and the founder of House of Rainbow Fellowship, first gay church in Nigeria, has congratulated gay activist Bisi Alimi on his wedding to long time manfriend, Anthony Davis.

He also added that he is hoping the Nigerians will apologise to Bisi  for alleged discrimination and failing to support his decision to marry his fellow man.
Bisi Alimi, It is my hope that Nigeria will apologise to you and the millions of LGBTI people they have discriminated against.

You are a trail blazer and I am proud of you.
Congrats to you and your husband, Anthony Davis . With lots of love Jide Rebirth Macaulay
Quick question: If Bisi Alimi is the husband, then that means Anthony is the 'wife', right? Or are they both husbands??

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