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Nick Cannon confirms he's expecting a child with ex-girlfriend, Brittany Bell

Father of two, Nick Cannon is expecting a new child with his ex girlfriend, Brittany Bell. He confirmed the news when he made a visit to the Breakfast Club today November 17th.

There were rumours he might not be the father of Brittany's unborn baby but he confirmed he was during the interview.  “Who said it wasn’t mine?” he joked, adding, “I got a baby on the way.

Nick and Brittany, 28, a former beauty pageant contestant, have been dating, 'on and off' since 2015.

He was also recently dating Chili of TLC... watch below...

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 via. @breakfastclubam _____________________________________ Recently we reported that Nick Cannon was expecting a new child with his ex girlfriend Brittany Bell. At first it was just a rumor, but Nick recently spoke on the situation. _____________________________________ This morning he made a visit to the Breakfast Club, and right out the gate they asked if he was expecting a baby with his ex Brittney Bell. _____________________________________ Nick first brushed the question off by stating that he didn’t have any ex’s. He said, “I don’t have any ex’s. Mariah is my last ex, everybody else is just people that I know, love, and care for.” _____________________________________ They continued with the interview where he talked about currently being a student at Howard University. The different artists he has worked with throughout the years and the new music he is planning to drop in the near future. _____________________________________ However, in the very end of the interview they revisited the same question and he did confirm that he and Brittany Bell are expecting a child together. He said, “I got a baby on the way.” _____________________________________ He continued, “God said be fruitful and multiply, I’m doing—read more at (link in bio)
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