Thursday, 3 November 2016

Office workers film naked couple having sex against the window of their hotel room (18+ photos)

Shocked office workers couldn't believe their eyes when they witnessed a couple having sex by the glass of their hotel room in broad daylight. The naked couple were filmed going at it while pressed up against the window of Motel One, a London hotel.

The video, obtained exclusively by The Sun Online, was captured by stunned office workers who couldn’t believe what they were seeing and kept laughing.

Despite being in full view of the public, the couple continued and the steamy session went on for 20
minutes before they finally moved away from the view.

A spokesman for the hotel laughed off the matter and denied any investigation into the incident. 'It's a hotel room, what should I say?. We do not give comments on guests' behaviour,' the hotel manager said. A spokeswoman for the City of London Police also said the incident had not been reported to them.

See photos below...


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