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Russian husband walks in on his wife and best friend having sex and murder was the case

A 35yr old Russian vet by the name of Vladimir Sidorov saw red when he walked in on his best friend and wife having sex. In a crazed frenzy, he pulled out a knife and stabbed his wife's 32yr old lover multiple times before castrating him, his wife wasn't spared either as he knifed her too, both lovers died of their injuries.
He then called police to report his actions and was promptly detained. A statement by the Investigative Committe in the Russian region of Tatarstan said that Sidorov who worked as a vet on a local farm had been home all day with the couple's children while his wife went to see a female friend
who had just given birth.

But Sidorov discovered his wife had not visited the female friend. His best friend was supposed to have driven her to the meeting, but was not answering the phone. "Sidorov walked to the house of his friend who was supposed to have driven his wife - and there he found both of them in an intimate situation," said the statement.

"The suspect took out his knife, stabbed the male victim several times." He then "cut off his genitals", said a source. "As a result of the injuries both victims died at the scene of the crime," said the statement. "
Having committed his crime, Sidorov called the local police office and reported the crime."

Source: Daily Mail

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