Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Solange Knowles' 'Dream Catcher' hairstyle for her first televised show took 40 hours to make!!

It's hard enough for me sitting still for ordinary Ghana weaving that takes roughly four hours because of the thickness of my hair, but 40 hours is just unimaginable...

On Saturday night, Solange Knowles, Queen Bey's little sister gave her first televised performance of music from her latest studio album 'A Seat at the Table'. Appearing on Saturday Night Live, she made quite an impression on social media for the look she chose.

Onstage, Solange’s choice of attire was a beaded bodysuit and elaborate custom designed oversize earrings. Underneath the bodysuit,  Solange donned an all-white set from La Perla lingerie but what stole the show was her hairstyle aptly called the 'Dream catcher'.

The piece was 40-plus hours of work. Super talented hair stylist Shani Crowe not only braided Solange’s hair but also braided and beaded the elaborate piece especially for the performance.


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