Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Win Cash Prizes in the #Blackfriday Creative Contest

www.socialmediacreatives.com the new free do it yourself social media creative design website,is assisting small businesses to get the most benefit possible from the upcoming  black Friday (25th of November 2016)with a contest to promote early creative campaign start and good creative designs for black Friday sales.

Black Friday is a day when most big online businesses make the highest sale on a single day
while few small businesses take the advantage.

The main reason why most small businesses don’t make much sales taking advantage of the black friday, is because most small businesses start campaign late and don’t use professional social media designs to engage their audience daily long before black Friday. The late campaign start and poor social media creatives, results in low/ poor brand awareness and visibility ,leading to poor patronage for small businesses ,during the black Friday opportunity.

Total value of transactions on Alibaba's Singles' Day shopping festival on November 11 2015 was estimated at $14.32 billion, big Nigerian e-commerce brands also earned revenue in multiples of what they earn daily.

Speaking about the creative contest, one of the co –founders of www.socialmediacreatives.com Sobowale Temiloluwa said “We  want to create a level playing ground this year for small businesses to compete with the bigger businesses  come 2016 black Friday,so we have come up with a creative  design contest to reward the best  creative designer during  this two weeks contest starting from Today.  Our winner will be rewarded with  a $50 cash price.

Daily customer engagement is key so interested organizations have to create image  designs daily  using   www.socialmediacreatives.com (10 designs, is the minimum required to qualify) over the next 14days (Friday 11th November-Friday 25th )and engage their audience with such over the next weeks.

Contest guidelines
1)create design  on socialmediacreative.com
2)Download  your free design from www.socialmediacreatives.com
3)Use the #blackfridaycreativecontest   and  tweet your image design  numbering it appropriately by days  it (#blackfridaycreativecontest   #day1, (#blackfridaycreativecontest   #day2…………..,(#blackfridaycreativecontest   #day10).
4)Create 10 image designs over the 14 day period and tweet them all to qualify.

Our creative directors will choose the best design using the guidelines below:

Qualification and ratings criteria
Every  design submitted attracts 10 points and  total of 100 points will be  used for all contestant,  meaning if your designs are not up to 10 your chances of winning is limited as someone with 10 designs has better chance of winning.

Designs  will be rated on these five  creative criteria
  1. General creativity of  your copy  (text /content) 2 points
  2. Creative  positioning/alignment                                 2points
            3    Use of background  and images                                 2points
            4   Use of fonts,  and colours                                              2points
            5  Over-all blend of creative design                                 2points
Total                                                              Total per creative      (10points)     

The final winner of the $50 price will be announced on Monday 28th November  on our Twitter Handle @smediacreative .
Only  designs done on www.socialmediacreatives.com  qualify to be used  for contest submissions. Designs from other creative platforms will be disqualified.

Join now, start creating ,start engaging your audience take advantage of the black Friday sales and you may also win our best creative designer award.

You may start at anytime  but  note your 10 designs must be tweeted before the end of day 25th November 2016  using the #blackfridaycreativecontest and proper design labels #day1……………………. day 10

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