Saturday, 18 March 2017

#BBNaija: "Old Mama Youngie; She Looks 78": Nigerians React To Photo Of Tboss As A Corper

The boss lady, Tboss was an Abuja corper in 2014, but her fans are finding it difficult to believe that she was below aged 30 by then... Read below:

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  1. Is it necessary?
    It just jealously that is our problem.
    That is why Nigeria is the way it is today.

    Alot of those talking wish they could be as half beautiful in their old age.
    How do you wish yourself pogress if all you do is to run one you dont even know down just because you want your person to win.
    We are a bunch of shameless people.
    We need to change our ways.
    Thereis too much hatredi Nigeria