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Photos: "Ole! Ndi Wife Material! " Nigerian Chef Calls Out Woman Who Stole Her Food Pictures And Passed Them Off As Meals She Made For Her Brother-in-law On His Birthday

A Nigerian chef, Nsikak Effiong has called out a woman,Grace Anyadike who allegedly stole her food photos then passed them off as meals she made for her husband's brother on his birthday.
See Nsika's post below:

This lady stole my food pictures

She's not on my list.

I remember the day I made this food, for Itee. When she was still in Nigeria. I also remember she was sick that day and I forced myself to eat every grain of rice on this plate.

I hadn't started with watermarking my name on my food that time. I was advised by friends to.
I'm sure some of you can remember this picture.

One of the reasons why I keep using the same spot and also keep putting my hands in my pictures, is so that, God, will at least touch the heart of any thief. At least, so when they look at the pictures, and see my hand, it should be a reminder that it's not their hand and so, should never use the pic as theirs.

But when Devil wants to work. It throws caution to the wind.

My partner and manager, Chinwendu made a post on her wall last month advertising my work. She put 12 of my food pictures. Out of the 12, 4 didn't have my name. The rice and stew, the pepper soup, fried plantain and eggs and also noodles and suya.
The remaining 8 had Nsikak Effiong boldly written.

Fast-forward today, this woman used my pictures to wish her in law a Happy Birthday.
Who downloads other people's food pictures to wish one a happy birthday?

I'd say, maybe she liked the pictures that's why she used it. But why didn't she use the other 8 pictures that had my name on it? Why?

I've attached a photo of the plates and you can even see my  leaves. That's my signature. Babe, should come and tell me why she would steal my pic.

Is rice and stew so hard for you to do that you'd steal it?

Stop that rough play.

Madam, delete my pictures. You had 8 options to choose from. Better looking dishes that had my name on it but you allowed the Devil use you.

You can't download Cakes on Google. You had to download food.

Ndi wife material underdo.

Delete my pictures if you don't want juju to catch you.

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