Saturday, 12 August 2017

Does this tweet mean that Amir Khan and his estranged wife could get back together?

Amir Khan's estranged wife, Faryal Makhdoom tweeted a note some hours ago denying she cheated on the boxer. She explained that someone had sent a fake chat to her husband leading him to believe she was having an affair with Anthony Joshua.

Amir retweeted his wife's note and sent a message to Joshua saying he was glad all was cleared up, but he did not stop there. He proceeded to explain that he partied in Dubai with friends just to get Faryal angry.
He tweeted "I partied in Dubai with friends to get my wife angry. Shouldn't have. That's not like me and I'll prove that."

He promised in his tweet that he will prove that he is a better person than that. Does this mean he intends to make things right with his wife? He also tweeted that they would still go ahead with the split but took it down almost immediately.

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