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Rapper Mystikal didn't commit suicide over rape charges, surrenders to the police amidst new report that it was a sexual encounter gone wrong

It was reported yesterday that 46-year-old New Orleans-based rapper Mystikal - whose full name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, was wanted in Shreveport, Louisana, for first degree rape and if convicted, could face a life imprisonment sentence. His friends cried out to reporters after they couldn't locate him, stating that they think he disappered in fear of the sentence and might have commited suicide.
He has now turned himself in and bail is set at $2M. However, US gossip blog Fameolous
is reporting that what truly went down on the night of the alleged rape incident was actually a sexual encounter gone wrong and an investigator agrees with this.
"According to an investigator on Mystikal rape case, he believes it's not rape and the girl only claimed so because she has a boyfriend. The investigator is said to believe that it was a group of people having sex and everyone was on drugs. The alleged victim's boyfriend left her there and she had sex with Mystikal.  When the boyfriend returned, she said he raped her.
Mystikal was released from a Louisiana prison in 2010 after serving six years for sexual battery and extortion

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