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Father kidnaps his own children to teach babysitter a lesson after finding her asleep on the job

A father was left feeling angry after he found his babysitter had fallen asleep on the sofa instead of doing her job, so he decided to teach her a lesson by kidnapping his own children
The man, named only as Christopher and believed to be based in the US, had left for work but realised that he'd forgotten some paperwork at home. He returned home to get the paperwork and found the babysitter, identified only as Sarah, taking a nap on the sofa.
The father took a photograph as evidence, then he took his children with him, in order to make it look
like they had been kidnapped. After she woke up she frantically started calling her boss and sending him messages, asking him to call her back.
The father refused to answer her calls saying that he had no signal. When the babysitter hinted that something had happened to his kids, he pretended he didn't know anything about it. He eventually fired her after he told her he was with the kids. He also said he was going to file a complaint against her with the police. Many people online think he over reacted.
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