Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Could This Be A Spiritual Attack Or A Medical Condition?"

Someone sent this to my mail:

These things started on August, he said he woke up one night as he felt someone was looking at him. With eye sleep, he said he saw a dark animal shadow and kicked it but nothing really was there. He thought it was his mind playing games with him.

Some days later, he was in dream as this same animal like dark shadow was approaching him while he sleep. Unable to get up, he screamed. Each time, he screamed, the shadow will withdraw...But then it keep coming and suddenly his parents entered his room, he woke up. They told him he was

Another night, it was like someone was pressing his chest and he was shaking like one having epilepsy. He felt the force on top of his chest. He was also screaming. His parent entered his room. They thought it is fever. But he was advise to change sleeping position.

Another night, he said he felt someone turning him over to face up and started feeling shock. His body was intently hot and he was also sweating. His parent came to his room and then he stop screaming.

To cut the story short, he started sleeping face down. Initially he thought it was sleep paralysis. But this time, he was always feeling a force over his back, paralysing him, so he can't move but when he utter God's name repeatedly, the thing stopped.

Then each night, he realized that, he could no longer utter God's name. He only make noise so his parent could come and each time they are entering his room, the thing normally stop.

But one time, he opened his eyes the night he put on his phone torch light. He said he saw a shadow with claws while facing the wall. Another night he saw shadow snake. And the last night, which was terrible, he struggled shouting and no one was coming to rescue him. He almost gave up until his parent manage to hear. He noticed that when his parent were coming, the shadow breeze away.

He has done all tests and the results are okay. So he finally opened up to his parent that a friend has been telling him, her mother and brother are diabolical. That are always attack anyone who is supporting her. She said people she has once lived with, also experience night attack during sleep. And when they make inquiry, they are always told it is her mother.
So they always drive her away.

She even insisted that my friend tell his parents about her mum so they can know what to do. So my friend parent decided to try something. They slept in his room for 3 days with him and nothing happen.

They also allow him to sleep with them in their room and nothing happen. When he sleeps with people, that force doesn't attack him.

His sisters also slept in his room alone some nights, and nothing happened.

But then, the lady in question said he should stay far away from her so he can be safe. She sent an apology message that she is sorry for all what he put him through.

The guy is deeply depressed cos he doesn't know who is really attacking him, if it really the girl's mum or brother, if it is his mind, sleep paralysis or other people.

He got a lucrative job recently in petroleum sector but he didn't take it. Cos he will need to relocate and no one to stay with him. Also his currently business is down cos he has no motivation anymore. All he thinks about is his life and why is this happening to him. He is above 27yrs and he is the most intelligent, generous child of his parent. He always come to the family rescue in difficult times, he also does the same to others. Now he feel so sick, weak and tired to do anything.

What do you guys think? Could the lady be right? Or it just coincidental? Or is it another person attacking him?

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