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Delay In Sales Of TSTV Decoders Worries Nigerians

Some Nigerians on the social media has expressed worries over the inability of TSTV Africa, the latest pay TV service to start sales of decoders and services in Nigeria after it launched October 1, the delay has also created room for rumors with the latest smear campaign alleging a letter purported to have been sent to the Nigeria Copyrights Commission by beIN, a TV content provider, and titled “Illegal Pirating of beIN Content”, alleged that TSTV planned to offer its content illegally.

The purported letter was stamped to have been received on September 29, two days before the official launch of TSTV.

Although TSTV has disclaimed the letter and dismissed it as fake; “We are not unaware of the messages circulating the social media regarding a letter from Bein Sports and Turner. We inform Nigerians that the letters are FAKE and were prepared basically to bias Nigerians. Kindly disregard the documents because they are frivolous”.

FINANCIAL WATCH gathered the disclaimer has not done enough damage control as many prospective users have started second guessing the reality of their offerings and services. A Facebook user, Uwomano Ejeneha said “This is how failure begins. After all the hype and waiting for your October 1st launching all we could get was a shabbily put together ceremony that was transmitted live on AIT. And up till this moment, no information as to where to get your decoders. And even the few displayed dealers on their website can’t even say for sure when the decoders would be available. Confused people”!

Another disgruntled prospective TSTV user said; “Thought TSTV had everything in place before the initial July 25 2017 launch date was postponed to October 1st. Now that you have finally launched and unveiled TSTV after two months your prospective customers and accredited dealers that have patiently waited for TSTV decoders and accessories are yet to physically see what you decoders look like not to talk more of experiencing it. I have called some of your accredited dealers but have nothing tangible nor assuring to tell me”.

“You guys can launch and not unveil for tactical reasons but the moment your have unveiled the product at the launch, immediately it must be available for your prospective customers to buy without stress”.

“TSTV has been consistently inconsistent since I heard about them last June and I warn Nigerians to wait for more disappointments from TSTV”.

“TSTV promised July 25th but failed”

“TSTV promised over 200 channels to start with and now it’s 70 channels”

“TSTV was launched and unveiled but TSTV decoders are no where to buy even accredited dealers were told to wait endlessly”

“TSTV have refused to let us know TSTV-owned offices and outlets in different states in Nigeria (except the head office in Abuja) but rather they kept on updating the list of accredited dealers who can’t give reliable information about TSTV”

“I’m anxiously waiting for more TSTV disappointments because I’m convinced there’s an issue or problem going on and this put lots of question marks on their professionalism”.

“What I feel is the latest problem TSTV is battling is that their competition(s) have taken the fight (over the right to show some channels) to another height outside Nigeria or Africa and launching without those channels may kill TSTV on arrival”.

“TSTV themselves have given so much room for all the misinformation, misrepresentation and doubts about them. “A stitch in time saves nine.”

“I’ll wait for other people to use and comment on TSTV or for TSTV to exhibit their brand at the 2017 International Trade Fair before putting my money and time on TSTV.

“I wish TSTV the very best as they’ve come to send DSTV packing from Nigeria…”

The Pay-TV service which officially unveiled October 1st was expected to start immediately by Nigerians but the delay in sales of decoders has raised a lot of doubts as seen above.

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