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Bride-To-Be Develops Vitiligo (Skin Disorder) Months Before Her Wedding (Photos)

A beautiful young woman has narrated the battle she fought after developing vitiligo
months before her wedding. A bride was left in tears after developing vitiligo months before her wedding. The young woman revealed that the condition was triggered by the stress of planning her
big day, according to Dailymail. The woman identified as Kandice Benford, 32, 'freaked out' when white blotches began to spread over her body shortly before she was due to walk down the aisle.
The bride, of Terry, Mississippi, thinks the condition, which causes patches of skin lose their pigment, may have been triggered by the anxiety of fine-tuning the details of the wedding. Kandice first noticed white spots on her hands when she was at college in her late teens. 'I had a spot here and there and I had heard about vitiligo so I knew what it was but I didn't really care about it at the time,' she said. It was only when she hit 30 in 2015 — less than a year before she was due to tie the
knot with her partner, Elliott Benford — that the disease spread rapidly. Kandice's husband-to-be, who is now 30, was also sick at the time. The bride was juggling work and wedding planning while
worrying about his health. Vitiligo is widely believed to be an autoimmune disorder and though its exact cause isn't known, stress and emotional trauma can exacerbate the symptoms.

Over the course of a year, the white spots spread and now they cover her entire body. For her wedding day, the bride desperately tried to cover the spots with make-up at first.

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