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Daddy Freeze Tithe Against Poverty (TAP) Challenge: Lady Gives One Million Naira!

Recently DaddyFreeze started a new Campaign to eradicate Poverty by asking everyone regardless of your faith or Religion to take 10% of your Salary and Help someone.
This is called TAP #TitheAgainstPoverty.

He announced it couple of days ago and it's already picking up. This Lady is giving 100k each to poor women to start a little business and also paying school Fees of poor people. So instead of buying Jets for already rich Pastors and constructing Buildings while many are going to bed Hungry thinking you are Helping or giving to GOD, why not just follow the Simple commandment of God LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF..

I will be helping somebody too and might post mine when I do. This thing will take of 2018 by God's grace. The Pastors and their generations are more than rich enough from the money people has given to them. Now is the time to Help God's people. So why some are busy attacking and Insulting Freeze for asking a simple question, he is doing the will if Christ. (When I was Hungry you fed me, now come into the house of my father)

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