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Right or Wrong: Nigerian man leaves his wife and baby in the village for slapping his younger brother

Right or Wrong:  Nigerian man leaves his wife and baby in the village for slapping his younger brother

A KDBLOG reader sent in a story to know if a relative of hers who travelled for the Christmas and New Year holiday with his young family was right or wrong to have returned to Lagos without them after learning that his wife slapped his younger brother during a quarrel.
Read the story below...
The happened to a relative... Kindly judge.
When the husband was younger, his three younger sisters and only brother lived with him in a one bedroom apartment in a Face-Me-I-Face-You compound at Olodi-Apapa. He was only a trader then but he managed to see them all through secondary school and
university. The family experienced it all: poverty, hunger, tribulation but they eventually triumphed.
Today, he is a rich and successful businessman, living in a nice area of Lagos. The sisters are all happily married now and doing well in their respective careers.
The younger brother has completed his NYSC and seeking for employment. He wanted to give him money to start his own business but the young man wants to work for a few years.
He got married early last year. The lady has always been unfriendly to his brother right from the day he introduced her to him. In fact,  she had asked him,  "So your brother lives with you? Why don't he go and stay with your sisters?"
That should have been the warning sign but he was very much in love to notice. However,  the man reportedly said that his brother will live with him until he gets a job. Only then will he rent an apartment for him.
To cut the long story short, since he got married, his quarrelsome wife made their home unbearable, always insulting, provoking the brother, for one reason or the other.
The last straw that broke the camel's back was when she slapped the brother few weeks ago over undisclosed issue that has to do with food and car. The young man, said to be good-natured, went into his bedroom, packed his stuff and left.
After the festivities in his village, the husband bought food items, baby things and drove the wife to her parents' village, gave her huge sum of money and told her parents that:
"The day your daughter comes to her senses,  call me and I will come and take her and our child back"
He then returned to Lagos without them.
Many people support what this man did while others said he took the matter rather too far by leaving his wife and baby in the village.
What do you think? Did this man do the right right?

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