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See The Rare SUV Tank American Star Actor, Jamie Foxx, Drove To A Club (Photos)

He's no stranger to the opulent, A-list lifestyle.

And Jamie Foxx demonstrated that again on Thursday night as he pulled up to a Hollywood club in a fancy new set of wheels.

The 50-year-old Ray actor definitely turned quite a few heads with his angular machine.


The unique SUV is known as the Tank, and is manufactured by a small firm called Rezvani in California.

With a sticker price starting at $155,000, the Tank boasts high performance off-road capabilities, thermal night vision and optional ballistic armor.

Interestingly, the Tank's frame is actually borrowed from the mass-market JK-series Jeep Wrangler according to Motor Authority, with Rezvani focusing on modifying the interior and exterior.

He also posted several glamour shots of the vehicle over the last week with fawning captions and hashtags such as '#lovemachine.'

At over 16 feet long, the lifted vehicle was no doubt somewhat difficult to maneuver as Jamie pulled up in front of the Delilah lounge in Hollywood on Thursday night.

The Oscar winner kept his wardrobe simple for his night out, opting for a black pullover, distressed jeans and white sneakers.

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