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''You Are A Mom'' Fans Blast Kim For Posting Naked Photo Days After Welcoming 3rd Child

Sigh! But it's just about the money tho! Kim Kardashian is famed for shocking with her provocative photos and once famously declared: “Nude selfies until I die.”

But the 37-year old came under fire from fans after posting a steamy naked photo just days after welcoming her third child.

The mum of three can be seen laying on a bed topless - although her breasts have been pixelated.

Kim captioned the shot: “Night Cap.” She also posted a throwback shot of herself sat on a Rolls Royce in underwear.

But it wasn’t long before fans slammed her nude post. One wrote: “Really, this is not right... you are a mother.”

Another said: “Get some clothes on . You are mum.”

And one added: “I’m a Kim k supporter all the way, but wasn’t your baby just born? You have time for this?”

Other fans rushed to Kim’s defence, with one insisting: “love this she is so strong and inspirational.”

Another said: “what's the problem? She's a woman also, not just a mum.”

Lol, drama!!!

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