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18 Solid Reasons Buhari Will Lost The 2019 Election (Take Note)

2019 would not have been a "challenge" if Buhari and his team had not played deadly politics with:

1. Herdsmen and farmers issues

2. Babachir corruption scandal

3. NNPC $24b contract scandal

4. Illegal recall, reinstatement and promotion of Maina

5. Illegal promotion and recall of Yusuf who is facing corruption charges.

6. Increasing fuel prices while still paying the same subsidy you claimed never existed.

7. Controversy surrounding MTN fines that are said to have been compromised by people in your administration in exchange for bribes.

8. Kidnap of Dapchi girls, something you gained political capital from when it happened in Chibok.

9. Playing politics and using propaganda in the fight against boko haram.

10. Not having the qualification to hold the office of the President (no certificate till date).

11. Shielding of corrupt politicians that defects to your party.

12. No notable infrastructure started and completed by your administration in the last 3yrs.

13. Your nepotism, resulting Nigeria being divided than it has ever been.

14. Trying to forcefully take over people's lands for use by the killer herdsmen in the name of cattle colonies.

15. Never taking responsibility but always blaming others for your incompetence.

16. Using military for internal and illegal activities in the south while neglecting the fight against boko haram in the north where they are most needed.

17. Denying all electoral promised made. What then is the basis in trusting anything you say in future (credibility deficient).

18. And remember the The N1 to $1 old geezer promise Buhari made? Oh Gosh, Let's not just go there.

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