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Check Out Taxify Driver's 8 Rules For Ladies Before Entering His Car

So this guy posted his Rules on Instagram for females who will board his Taxify car.
Do you agree to this guy’s rule on entering his car?

Hello Ladies, I’m your new Taxify driver in town. If you want to board my car, you must follow my rules. And here are my rules:
1. I don’t rape or kidnap people
2. I won’t take you to an unknown destination. And I don’t also go to unknown destinations
3. You must be of good conduct inside my car
4. There is dashboard mounted cameras in my car so you don’t have to fear. Everything is being recorded.
5. I have the right to end the journey if your inappropriate conduct is affecting and inconveniencing me.
6. You can come along with your pepper spray. Personally I also have tomato and garri spray. We will cook soup and make eba and chop, that’s if you don’t mind.
7. If you cause me wahala, I will end the journey and ask you to leave my car. If you refuse, I will drive you straight to the police station.
8. There is always refreshments for my passengers. I serve them kpuff-Kpuff and kpuff corn with zobo drink.
Hala at me today, you will never regret your ride with me ..

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