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''Klint Da Drunk Is The Father Of My Child', Facebook Girl Cries Out With Evidence

A Girl on facebook is claiming that popular comedian, Klint Da
Drunk is the father of her eight months old daughter.

She posted she had the child last july, and she is tired of keeping it
a secret as Klint has ran away from his responsibilities.

"Klint Da Drunk is the father of my child. I can't hide it anymore,
cause I'm tired of caring for this child alone. I want him to play the
role of a father to my child, Annora Uchechi Klint Igwemba." She
posted as I quote.

She explained that she's being trying to reach the comedian for the
catering of the child without luck, and posted screenshots of when
Klint sent her some money some months ago.
confirms that the name from the alert tallies with that of Klint. To
break the iceberg, she shared the child's birth certificate, and
Klint's full name is there as the father.

She added that for a long time Klint has being ignoring her and the
baby this is why she is crying out to the general public for help.

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