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"Leah Sheribu Has Shown That You Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists" - Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has reacted to the continued captivity of Leah Sheribu, the Christian girl who refused to denounce her faith after she was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists alongside 105 Dapchi schoolgirls who have since been released cos they are Muslims.

The senator commended Leah Sheribu concerning her faith in Jesus Christ and said she's shown that you don't negotiate with terrorists. He wrote on his twitter page:
''Leah has refused to negotiate her faith with terrorists. She has shown that you don’t negotiate with terrorists. Between Boko Haram and Leah, who has the power? It is Leah. Without guns and bombs, she has overpowered her captors. May God bring Leah, my hero, safely back home''.
Below are reactions to the tweet which some have mistaken to mean a religious incitement.

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