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Man Losing Penis To Terminal Penile Cancer Wants Other Men To Go For Treatment

A young father with a baby on the way has revealed his brave battle after being diagnosed with terminal penile cancer. Dale Clarke, 25, discovered a lump on the tip of his penis in June and doctors originally thought it might have been because his foreskin is too tight.

His penis was circumcised, but after more tests and being referred to specialists, Dale was given the devastating news that he had penile cancer. It is so incredibly rare that only two men were diagnosed with it in 2016. Since then the former fitness fanatic has undergone five operations, nine rounds of radiotherapy and two rounds of chemotherapy, but the tumours keep coming back. He has been left with a gaping wound at the top of his groin area, while skin taken from his thigh has been grafted onto his penis.

In a courageous admission, Dale revealed he no longer has any sensation in his penis and that his sex life with his fiancée Paige King, 24, is ruined. But Dale, who has a six-year-old son, Cole, and a baby on the way, is determined to stay positive and focus on making happy memories with his family.

The joiner is sharing his story as a warning to other men with symptoms to seek medical attention straight away.

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