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Samsung Unveils Smart T.V That Mimics And Blends With Any Wall (Photos)

Samsung has figured out a way to almost make your TV magically disappear.

The Korean tech giant unveiled its new line of futuristic smart TVs on Wednesday and one model can blend in with your wall just like a chameleon.

Its next generation QLED TVs include a feature called Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to blend in to the background whenever it's turned off.

To turn on Ambient Mode, open Samsung's SmartThings app, which is its connected home hub.

From there, you take a picture of your wall even if it's patterned wallpaper, brick, wood or a plain white surface.

The feature attempts to make the TV look transparent by using a color and brightness matching process, displaying the same color or pattern shown on the wall behind it.

In short, Samsung's clever new Ambient Mode tries to prevent the TV from looking like an ugly black box.

The feature also displays information on the TV screen even when people aren't watching movies or TV.

It can play music and display the time, news headlines, traffic reports or weather updates.

Samsung released the new 5 QLED models on Wednesday, which range in size from 49 inches and 82 inches.

All the models have Ambient Mode.

Samsung says they'll become available for purchase in the next few weeks.

Price is undocumented.

Samsung's Ambient Mode tries to prevent the TV from looking like an ugly black box when is off or in sleep mode.

Users can upload their own photos and set them as the TV's background

The Samsung's new Ambient Mode also echoes many of the same features used in its Frame TV, which was released last year.

The Frame is meant to look like a picture frame, artwork that's hung on a wall when the T.V is off or in sleep mode.

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