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Tired Of Waiting For ‘Mr Right', Lady Sells Virginity To Hollywood Actor (Pics)

Student who put her virginity up for sale online claims to have accepted a final offer of $1.4MILLION from ‘Hollywood actor’

*Student Jasmin is apparently selling her virginity to the highest bidder
*The 26-year-old, who lives in London, said she's 'sick of waiting for the right man'
*Bids have reached £90,000 but Jasmin hopes the final price will be far higher
*In a video posted on an escort site she said she wanted to start her own business
*A 26-year-old student who vowed to sell her virginity to the highest bidder has received a final offer of €1.2million (£1,046,216).

Jasmin, who lives in London, hit headlines last year when she listed herself on Cinderella Escorts in the hope of raising cash to start her own business.

The German-based company claims the final bidder was a 'Hollywood actor' from Los Angeles who outbid a businessman from Munich and a Manchester United football player based in London.

The tryst is set to take place in a hotel in April, they added.

Jasmin, who did not reveal her last name, claimed to have gone for dinner with all three bidders beforehand and called the experience 'amazing'.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Jasmin said: 'My parents supported me from beginning. They know everything and agree.

'I am 26 and they know that I am adult enough for deciding alone what I do with my body. As I met the actor already and I was always a big fan of [his], I am more nervous as a fan than about losing my virginity.

'But who knows. Maybe I will get more nervous when we meet in the hotel.'

In an official statement published on the website, she added: 'I would never have dreamed to get that high price for my auction (sic.)

'But as more I am amazed who [bought] my auction. It is so amazing!'

Defending her decision to sell her virginity online, she added: 'I think every girl would do the same in my position rather than giving it to a man she later on nevertheless break up with.'

Website founder Jan Zakobielski, who runs the business from Dortmun, Germany, previously likened a woman's virginity to a 'very old wine' or a 'luxury car' and claimed Jasmin's offer was 'unique' to buyers because of her age.

Speaking to the Sun, Jasmin, who did not give her surname, revealed her parents agreed it was a good idea to sell her virginity rather than wait for the right person.

She said: 'I really respect ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex after marriage. I was one of them. I really wanted to wait for the right one. But I don't want to wait any longer.

Jasmin is just the latest in a series of young women who have flogged their virginity on the website, but is believed to be the first poster based in the UK.

Her listing on the controversial site reveals she is 176cm (5ft8in) and weighs 52kg (8st2oz).

It also tells potential buyers that her breasts are 'real'; that she is interested in 'travelling, reading, movies'; that her favourite flowers are roses and that her favourite perfume is Gucci or Versace.

A statement from Jasmin, written last year, reads: 'I would like to sell my virginity on Cinderella Escorts because I want to travel the world and visit America and various other places.

'My future plans include starting my own business and this is something that requires money. Doing this will allow me to move forward with my life. I will be able to have a future free of financial worries.

'Traditional views regarding virginity are so outdated. I believe that its my choice what I do with my body and I am sick and tired of waiting for the right person to come along.

'After 26 years I still haven’t found him so I decided a positive alternative would be selling my virginity.'

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