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Beautiful Lady Narrates What She Did After She Was Stood Up By Her Supposed Date

A beautiful lady on twitter @kaira_kaisha, took to the micro-blogging platform to narrate what she did after she was stood up by her date.

The plot twist is unexpected.

Read the lady's tweet below;
"So I was supposed to be going on a date last night with a boy that I’ve been talking to for 9 months.

We always spoke about having an evening breakfast so I found the diner - sells breakfast all day.

I got there first so I ordered our meals, he said he was 5 minutes away.

Our food came so I’m sitting there with both plates but no date.

5 more minutes go by and it’s been almost an hour since he said he’s 5 mins away so I call him - no answer

I called him again, FaceTimed him, texted him, snapped him, emailed him, my spaced him - no response

Eventually I realised he blocked me ☹️ and he was just messing around for 9 months cos men are trash

Went home with a full belly and a full takeaway box which I gave to my boyfriend"

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