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Police Shoot Okada Man Dead In Ebonyi Over N100 Bribe (Graphic Photo)

A very devastating report reaching Igbere TV news desk this night revealed that policemen are currently on the run after killing an innocent Ebonyian for refusing to give them 100 naira.

An eyewitness shared this with Igbere TV correspondent

"Ebonyi CP, Titus Larmode, is it not high time you dismantled the illegal night checkpoints you created upon your arrival in Ebonyi?".

"Your men of AK along Water works, precisely at Anan world shot this young man to death for allegedly refusing to offer them N100".

"They left his lifeless body and ran away. But how far can they run? The lifeless body of this young man may be swept away by the torrential rain falling in Abakaliki this night".

"I wish to reflect that your Predecessor, Madam Peace Ibekwe used to personally patrol the streets in the night with gallant officers and their duty was indeed to protect lives and property".

Buy you came and introduced the checkpoints that rather check the pockets of motorists. We are beginning to fear of they are not herdsmen militia?

"Time to put them on check and dismantle all road blocks or you quit"!

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