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See What Governor El-Rufai Did After A Man Accused Him Of Burning Kaduna SIECOM Office

Governor El-rufai of Kaduna state has threatened to sue a Twitter user Kefas who accused him of masterminding the burning of Kaduna state SIECOM office because of LG election.Below is what Kefas wrote....

'Breaking News: Kaduna state SIECOM office on fire, it will be recalled that LG elections were scheduled to hold on May 12, 2018.
This is a clear case of elrufai's desperation to ensure the elections don't hold'.

In response to the accusation,El-rufai wrote...

'Dear Mr Kefas: This irresponsible and defamatory statement will require a response. So I hope when you receive from court summons, you will be able to prove your defamation? We are tracing your address for service of court processes. Help the processes by providing it early'

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