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"Millions Of Muslims In Nigeria Are Coming To Jesus" - Man Says (Photos)

Below is a narration from a Facebook user who says he successfully converted a man from Islam to Christianity. According to him, the new convert spoke of how many Muslims in Northern Nigeria are willing to come to Jesus but are scared due to some reasons.

Read his post below....
Millions of Muslims. Coming to Jesus

Today I hosted Usman a Hausa Muslim convert to Christianity in my house. If you remember I told you about him some few weeks ago

Usman is doing a lot for Jesus he is making real exploits in Northern Nigeria. On Facebook alone he just converted 5 Muslims in Kano 2 others and a Sheik said they are considering but they will make a decision after Ramadan. The 5 that converted just informed him their people have discovered they don’t fast and they are suspecting them, therefore we are taking them to a safe Haven next week in the same Kano.

Usman is a blessing to Christianity just explaining to them that Saratul Maryam mentioned two types of Jesus the first Jesus his name was mentioned 25x as the saviour of the world as the one that will Judge everybody etc. And the second type of Jesus who is the 26th name mentioned is not the same as the first Jesus and the Quran says he is fake , he has a form of Jesus and.he will imitate Jesus as the saviour of the world but it’s deception, according to Usman that’s Muhammed. .Usman also said he told them Christianity is not a religion and that divided into 7 he mentioned them in Hausa Izala, Darika, Bidia, Tijaniyya , Kalakato, Shia and lastly Christianity. You are surprise he mentioned Christianity as a part of Islam. Usman said true Islam is Christianity all the other 6 branches of Islam is Paganism practiced by the Arabs. …

According to Usman many Muslims don’t know this truth because they don’t read the Quran themselves. They always take what Mallam said. Usman said he told his converts why not what Muhammed or Allah said why is it always what Mallam said. According to him the Mallams always lie to their followers. ………

Things are really happening in the Islamic world . Usman told me alot. Pray for Muslims for God’s Grace to find millions of them.

According to Usman million of.Muslims want to come to Jesus but they are scared and we Christians are also scared to preach to them. Usman said we should not fear Muslims they want to know the truth . He said the aggressive ones are the illiterates who knows nothing about Islam. Only “Mallam yace”and this same Mallams send them on errand to kill.

Usman said so many Sheiks.and Mallams have called him and plead with him to stop exposing Islam..He said many.of.them know the truth but they prefer to.tell their followers lies

Azzaman Azzaman

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